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Tableau Resell Partner Enablement Session

Get a FY24 Cloud Reseller Partner Program overview, including program framework, benefits, tiers, scorecard and minimum requirements, next steps, and more.

Salesforce Reseller Partner Program Partner Enablement August 29 for transitioning Tableau Resellers

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Agenda Today, we’ll cover: ● FY24 Cloud Reseller Partner Program Overview ○ Program Framework ○ Tiers, Scorecard & Minimum Requirements ○ Benefits ● What this means for transitioning Tableau Resellers ● Agreements, Transition Timeline & Call to Action ● Resources

FY24 Cloud Reseller Partner Program Overview Maggy McDaniel, Partner Program Strategy

Our Partner Program Framework Trailblazer Benefits Tiers Scorecard Benefits designated by Tier levels earned based on tiers and tailored to help a partner’s Trailblazer score Metrics used to evaluate grow partners’ businesses partner performance across four key pillars Crest Customer Technical Innovation Growth Impact Success Ridge Sales & Alliances Marketing Base

FY24 Cloud Reseller Tiers Crest 0 700-1,000 Ridge 500-699 Base +8 Sales Accreditations 0-499

FY24 Tier Upgrade and Downgrade Process The highest tier earned during any point of the current fiscal year will determine the tier for Ending FY1 Tier: the next fiscal year. Partner will be Crest upgraded and will maintain 750 Starting FY1 Tier: Crest tier for the Ridge entire next FY. 520 FY1 Crest 700-1,000 Ridge 500-699 FY1 Upgrading Base Partner earned highest score of 750 in Q4 0-499

FY24 Trailblazer Score Bonus: Impact Innovation Customer Success Growth Renewals Sales Accreditation Resell ACV Equality 300 pts 300 pts 300 pts 40 pts Annual renewal rate & total Number of Indirect Sales ACV compared to regional Diverse leadership, Talent dollars renewed Accreditation exams earned target Alliance & Equality Pledge New Logos Sustainable Development 100 pts 10 pts Number of new logos VTO, corporate policy & monetary donation

FY24 Trailblazer Score: Customer Success Pillar Renewals — 300 Points Points are allocated by evaluating a reseller's annual (Reseller Renewal Rate ÷ Renewal Rate Target) renewal rate and total amount of dollars renewed × Region Renewal Rate Target (TTM Renewal Amount Max. Points) Global 95% Renewal Amount* Max. Points $1 - $10K 50 $10K - $50K 75 $50K - $100K 150 $100K - $500K 200 Focus on Renewal $500K - $1M 225 Management $1M - $2M 250 $2M - $3M 275 $3M+ 300 *Tableau and Mulesoft products earn a 2x Renewal Amount accelerator

FY24 Trailblazer Score: Innovation Pillar Sales Accreditation — 300 Points Number of indirect sales accredited professionals earned by the company Approach for FY24 # of Accreditations Points 0 0 Provide a minimum score to Tab Resellers 1 - 2 50 based on TPN Tier 3 - 6 100 7 - 9 150 Member = 50 pts Select = 150 pts 10 - 12 200 Premier = 210 pts 13 - 15 250 16+ 300 List of Qualifying Accreditations ● Indirect Sales Accredited Professional ● Tableau Sales Accreditation ● Mulesoft GTM Champion

FY24 Trailblazer Score: Growth Pillar Resell ACV — 300 Points New Logos — 100 Points Evaluate reseller’s trailing twelve months of ACV Evaluate number of new logos reseller closes in past compared to the regional target rolling twelve months Region Target # of New Logos (TTM) Points Established - Core $3.5M 1 - 4 25 Established - Tableau $900K 5 - 8 50 Expanding $700K 9 - 12 65 Developing $500K 13 - 17 80 18 - 22 90 23+ 100 (TTM Resell ACV ÷ Regional Resell ACV Target) × 300 points Log your Leads *Tableau and Mulesoft products earn a 2x Renewal Amount accelerator

FY24 Trailblazer Score: Resell ACV Regions Expanding Developing Established ACV Target: $700K ACV Target: $500K Product ACV Target Bolivia Honduras Puerto Rico Austria Indonesia Romania Core $3.5M South Cambodia Iceland RO ASEAN Brazil Israel Tableau $900K Africa Caribbeans India Paraguay Bulgaria Malaysia Thailand Central America Vietnam RO LATAM Germany Italy Portugal Philippines Turkey Costa Rica Myanmar Sri Lanka Japan Spain Dominican Czech New Zealand Trinidad Singapore Poland Republic Republic South Korea UKI El Salvador Panama Uruguay Greece Netherlands Chile Hong Kong United States Guatemala Azerbaijan Armenia Taiwan Switzerland France Australia China Georgia Croatia Kuwait Malta Lebanon Lithuania Denmark Finland Norway Canada Jordan Tunisia Morocco Sweden Slovakia Pakistan Mongolia Belgium Egypt Estonia

FY24 Trailblazer Score: Impact Pillar (Bonus Points) Equality — 40 Points Sustainable Development — 10 Points Partner Impact Survey responses to their organization’s Partner Impact Survey responses to United Nations diversity and inclusion practices Sustainable Development (UNSD) Goals commitment Response Points Response Points Is greater than 25% of your leadership team classified as How does your organization align to one of the 17 UNSD diverse OR is your organization diverse owned (51%+ classified Goals? as diverse)? Volunteer Time 5 Yes 20 Corporate Policy 5 Is your organization in good standing with the Talent Alliance Monetary Donation 5 Program? Yes 10 Partners can select 2 of 3 to receive maximum of 10 points Is your organization making a Commitment to Equality? Yes 10 Take the FY24 Impact Survey

FY24 Minimum Program Requirements Minimum Requirements Timeline to Minimum Requirements Executed 3 months 6 months 9 months 12 months Full -Time Employees (FTE’s) Agreement Role Number 1 AE 1 AE 1 Account Executive (AE) 2 FTEs 1 Lead Gen 1 CSM 2 Consultants 1 SE 1 1 Marketing Lead Generation Resource 1 Marketing Manager 1 Accreditations 2 Sales 1 Sales 2 Consultant Customer Success/Renewal Manager (CSM) 1 & Certs Accreditations Accreditation Certs 2 Consultants 2 Sales Engineers (SE) 1 1. Accreditations & Certifications Type Number Reseller must earn Sales Accreditations 3 2 Qualifying Cloud Certifications 2 Tableau Cert or MuleSo Cert to receive standard Renewal Rate & Growth Score 3 reseller discount Metric Target Renewal Rate 75% Growth Score 55 pts 1. FTEs are required to be dedicated to selling just Salesforce licenses 2. For ONLY the Sales/Service & Marketing Cloud consultant FTE and consultant certification requirements, Cloud Resellers can meet the requirements through an affiliate, in aggregate across regions or a documented partnership with a Salesforce Consulting Partner 3. Cloud Reseller must obtain the Tableau Associate Architect or Consultant, Mulesoft Certified Architect or Developer to be able to unlock standard reseller discounts for those clouds

FY24 Calendar FY24Q1 FY24Q2 FY24Q3 FY24Q4 FY25Q1 May June July August Sept Oct Feb ‘24 March April Nov Dec Jan Feb ‘23 March April Quarterly Score Cutoff Date April 30 July 31 Oct 31 Jan 31 Quarterly Score Open Open Open Open Evaluation Period Communicate Dec 6 Scores March 5 June 6 Sept 6 FY24 Q4 FY24 Q3 FY24 Q1 FY24 Q2

FY24 Partner Program Benefits Sales & Technical Marketing Alliances Tech & tools to help you Support to drive your practice Resources to generate growth, profitability & nurture develop skills & drive brand awareness & build customer success your Salesforce relationships omnichannel marketing plans

FY24 Cloud Reseller Benefits Base Ridge Crest Technical ● ● ● Premier Success for Partners 5 5 5 Pre-Sales/Sales Assets 10 20 25 Trailhead & AP Exam Vouchers Sales & Alliances 1% 2% 2% Core Performance Incentive Applies when 10% 10% 10% Core Sourced Referrals selling Core ● ● ● Core Pricing Discount products ● ● ● Core Incumbent Pricing 3% 3% 3% Tableau Discount Fulfillment (Non-Deal Reg) Applies when 20% 23% 28% Tableau Discount (Deal Reg) selling Tableau 5% 5% 5% Tableau Non-Incumbent & Non-Certified Pricing Discount products 7% 7% 7% Tableau Multi-Year Discount 10% 10% 10% Mulesoft Discount Fulfilled (Non-Deal Reg or Non-Certified) Applies when selling 35% 35% 35% Mulesoft Discount Sourced (Deal Reg) MuleSoft 10 10 10 Sales & Service Cloud Enterprise Edition Licenses products Eligible Eligible Partner Advisory Board Eligible ● Alliances & Channels Point of Contact ● Salesforce Executive Sponsor Marketing ● ● ● Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Plus License Eligible Eligible Priority Partner Marketing Contact Eligible Eligible Priority Market Development Fund (MDF) Access ● ● ● Co-branded Advertising Assets ● ● Additional Tableau Benefits Google Ads ● 10% 15% Training Discounts 40% 40% 40% Certification Exam Discounts 5 10 25 eLearning Access Codes 10 25 35 NFR - Demo Licenses

FY24 Technical Benefits Description How to Access Benefit Name Premier Success for Partners Unlimited technical support access Partner Community Pre-Sales/Sales Assets Consensus licenses for sales/sales engineer roles Consensus, Contact CAM ier Eligible Trailhead & AP Exam Vouchers 10-25 certification vouchers for Trailhead & Accredited Professional exams Submit a Case Base T Tableau Benefits Training Discounts Discount provided for additional vouchers, licenses or training courses Certification Exam Discounts Discount off list price on certain Tableau Certification Exams TPN Portal eLearning Access Codes Specific number of codes for eLearning licenses or training courses

FY24 Sales & Alliances Benefits Benefit Name Description How to Access Applies when selling Core products 1% - 2% rebate on FY24 new contracts Salesforce will Notify Core Performance Incentive Core Sourced Referrals 10% referral on sourced deals Partner Community Core Pricing Discount Pricing discount provided on resale opportunities Salesforce will Notify Core Incumbent Pricing Varied pricing dependent on incumbency Salesforce will Notify Applies when selling Tableau products Pricing discount provided on fulfilled deals Salesforce will Notify Tableau Discount Fulfillment (Non-Deal Reg or Non-Certified) Tableau Discount (Deal Reg) Varied pricing discount provided on deals Salesforce will Notify ier Eligible Tableau Non-Incumbent Pricing Discount Pricing discount applied to non-incumbent reseller Salesforce will Notify Tableau Multi-Year Discount Pricing discount for multi-year opportunities Salesforce will Notify Base T Applies when selling Mulesoft products Pricing discount on non-deal reg opportunities Salesforce will Notify Muleso Discount Fulfilled (Non-Deal Reg on Non-Certified) Muleso Discount Sourced (Deal Reg) Pricing discount on sourced deals Salesforce will Notify Sales & Service Cloud Enterprise Edition Licenses Internal use production org with 10 user licenses with tools Submit a Case Partner Advisory Board Meet with Resell stakeholders & give feedback Salesforce will Notify Alliances & Channels Point of Contact Salesforce POC for reseller relationship (ie: PAM, CAM) Salesforce will Notify Salesforce Executive Sponsor Alignment with a Salesforce sales executive Salesforce will Notify Tableau Benefits NFR - Demo Licenses Not-For-Resale Licensed Soware TPN Portal

FY24 Marketing Benefits Benefit Name Description How to Access Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Plus License* Internal use license available for marketing lead generation Submit a Case Partner Marketing Contact Access to partner marketing team Salesforce will Notify ier Eligible Market Development Fund (MDF) Access Support demand gen and lead nurturing activities MDF Request Form Base T Co-branded Advertising Assets Salesforce branded assets with reseller logo Partner Marketing Contact Google Ads Leverage “Salesforce” in your Google Ads for promotion Submit a Case Additional Marketing Resources ● Resell Marketing Toolkit EMEA/LATAM and APAC ● Partner Communications ● Partner Learning Camp here ● Partner Marketing Center here *Formerly Pardot Plus

FY24 Marketing & Learning Resources Marketing Learning Badge for Market your company, show the tenure Partner Subscribe to partner emails & manage Partner Sign Up Designation of your Salesforce partnership Community preferences for news, announcements, & Communications Here updates Salesforce Market Development Fund MDF MDF Guidelines (MDF) Guidelines covering program Partner Learning Premier learning destination to expand Partner Guidelines eligibility, rules, & request process Camp capabilities to meet customer needs Community Partner Find Salesforce marketing assets & tools Partner Marketing to plan/execute campaigns & events Community Center View our branding guidelines & submit Press Release Partner content to our PR agency for approval for Guidelines Community any public mention of Salesforce Reseller Marketing library that centralizes the EMEA/LATAM Marketing benefits & toolkits that a reseller can Toolkit utilize APAC

Pages will reflect full Tableau changes in FY24 Partner Community September The source of truth for all things Salesforce Partner Program Learn Tab Trailblazer Scorecard Benefits *Example display page only *Example display page only Find Partner Program information in the Partner Community Learn Tab, including the program overview, scorecard, benefits & FAQ’s. Reference your quarterly score emails for a unique view of your Trailblazer Score performance.

Agreements, Transition Timeline & Call to Action

The Agreements SPPA + SRA + LTRA together will replace the legacy Tableau Partner Network agreement “SPPA” “SRA” “LTRA” Cloud Reseller Salesforce Partner Salesforce Reseller Limited Tableau Addendum Program Agreement Agreement Resale Addendum The Cloud Reseller The “SPPA” and The “SRA” grants a The “LTRA” addendum addendum supplements Salesforce Program reseller license and supplements the SRA the SRA and sets forth Policies governs right to market and and sets forth applicable terms to allow partner’s access to the distribute products applicable terms to resellers to resell Partner Community and services to allow resellers to resell Salesforce products in and participation in the customers on behalf of Tableau products in the Salesforce GTM Salesforce Partner Salesforce the current Tableau Program GTM To enroll, partners must have an approved GTM Business Plan

Tableau Reseller Transition Timeline Partner must adhere to the timeline to successfully transition to Salesforce in Q3 Starting September DocuSign Request to sign Kick off Partner Transition SRA + Addendum(s) Email Sent - Action to Execute SPPA July 2023 August 2023 September 2023 October 2023 Aug 8, Deadline to action Partner Transition Email October 25 Deadline to sign SRA + September 15 Addendum(s) Deadline to execute SPPA

Familiarize yourself with the Salesforce 1 Cloud Resell program Call to Action Be on the lookout for a follow up email 2 To successfully with Resources and Next Steps transition to Salesforce Review and Sign SRA + Addendum(s) 3 within 30 days of receiving DocuSign

Resources ept to ill be updated by mid S W ableau details include T FY24 Cloud Reseller Partner Program ● Program Policies ● Program Details (requires Partner Community login) Review the Partner Community Contact your Partner Manager for questions. Administrator User Guide for If you don’t have one assigned, email instructions on how to add users to [email protected] your account.

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