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The Agreements SPPA + SRA + LTRA together will replace the legacy Tableau Partner Network agreement “SPPA” “SRA” “LTRA” Cloud Reseller Salesforce Partner Salesforce Reseller Limited Tableau Addendum Program Agreement Agreement Resale Addendum The Cloud Reseller The “SPPA” and The “SRA” grants a The “LTRA” addendum addendum supplements Salesforce Program reseller license and supplements the SRA the SRA and sets forth Policies governs right to market and and sets forth applicable terms to allow partner’s access to the distribute products applicable terms to resellers to resell Partner Community and services to allow resellers to resell Salesforce products in and participation in the customers on behalf of Tableau products in the Salesforce GTM Salesforce Partner Salesforce the current Tableau Program GTM To enroll, partners must have an approved GTM Business Plan

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