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FY24 Sales & Alliances Benefits Benefit Name Description How to Access Applies when selling Core products 1% - 2% rebate on FY24 new contracts Salesforce will Notify Core Performance Incentive Core Sourced Referrals 10% referral on sourced deals Partner Community Core Pricing Discount Pricing discount provided on resale opportunities Salesforce will Notify Core Incumbent Pricing Varied pricing dependent on incumbency Salesforce will Notify Applies when selling Tableau products Pricing discount provided on fulfilled deals Salesforce will Notify Tableau Discount Fulfillment (Non-Deal Reg or Non-Certified) Tableau Discount (Deal Reg) Varied pricing discount provided on deals Salesforce will Notify ier Eligible Tableau Non-Incumbent Pricing Discount Pricing discount applied to non-incumbent reseller Salesforce will Notify Tableau Multi-Year Discount Pricing discount for multi-year opportunities Salesforce will Notify Base T Applies when selling Mulesoft products Pricing discount on non-deal reg opportunities Salesforce will Notify Muleso Discount Fulfilled (Non-Deal Reg on Non-Certified) Muleso Discount Sourced (Deal Reg) Pricing discount on sourced deals Salesforce will Notify Sales & Service Cloud Enterprise Edition Licenses Internal use production org with 10 user licenses with tools Submit a Case Partner Advisory Board Meet with Resell stakeholders & give feedback Salesforce will Notify Alliances & Channels Point of Contact Salesforce POC for reseller relationship (ie: PAM, CAM) Salesforce will Notify Salesforce Executive Sponsor Alignment with a Salesforce sales executive Salesforce will Notify Tableau Benefits NFR - Demo Licenses Not-For-Resale Licensed Soware TPN Portal

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