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FY24 Minimum Program Requirements Minimum Requirements Timeline to Minimum Requirements Executed 3 months 6 months 9 months 12 months Full -Time Employees (FTE’s) Agreement Role Number 1 AE 1 AE 1 Account Executive (AE) 2 FTEs 1 Lead Gen 1 CSM 2 Consultants 1 SE 1 1 Marketing Lead Generation Resource 1 Marketing Manager 1 Accreditations 2 Sales 1 Sales 2 Consultant Customer Success/Renewal Manager (CSM) 1 & Certs Accreditations Accreditation Certs 2 Consultants 2 Sales Engineers (SE) 1 1. Accreditations & Certifications Type Number Reseller must earn Sales Accreditations 3 2 Qualifying Cloud Certifications 2 Tableau Cert or MuleSo Cert to receive standard Renewal Rate & Growth Score 3 reseller discount Metric Target Renewal Rate 75% Growth Score 55 pts 1. FTEs are required to be dedicated to selling just Salesforce licenses 2. For ONLY the Sales/Service & Marketing Cloud consultant FTE and consultant certification requirements, Cloud Resellers can meet the requirements through an affiliate, in aggregate across regions or a documented partnership with a Salesforce Consulting Partner 3. Cloud Reseller must obtain the Tableau Associate Architect or Consultant, Mulesoft Certified Architect or Developer to be able to unlock standard reseller discounts for those clouds

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