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THIS MONTH THE EXTHE EXCHANGE CHANGE SPRING 2020SPRING 2020 7 THE ART OF 14/17 HOMEWARD UNPLUGGING BOUND For your own good, disconnect for a few How to make the best minutes and go outside. of working from home. 10 MANUFACTURING 22/23 BUILDING CHANGE INSPIRATION Making sustainable business One woman’s story of building decisions sustainable. four Labs apps in a single year. 12/13 THE 25 QUICK LIST GIVING TREES Five must-have apps for Can the One Trillion Tree growth marketers. Initiative save the world? 3

THIS MONTH THE EXCHANGE SPRING 2020 2020 APPY’S NOTE: This issue, EDITION IT’S TIME TO BE EVP & GM of AppExchange Woodson Martin would like to share a few words and OUR BEST SELVES thoughts with our readers. Since the last issue of The Exchange, the world has gone through a lot of change, and I’m certain we’ve all faced unexpected Built by Salesforce employees • Free • Recommended by our customers challenges. In a letter to Salesforce customers, CEO Marc Benioff said, “This moment reminds us that we’re all connected like never before. We’re called upon to be our best selves, with patience, understanding, and compassion.” WE’VE GOT While not planned, that’s precisely what In uncertain times, it’s so important this quarter’s issue ended up being to celebrate the little and big things. YOUR BACK about – people working to be their best Salesforce, our ecosystem, and our selves. The individuals featured in these amazing community continue to come pages are focusing on important together — albeit, a little differently than During these unprecedented times we want to make it easy aspects of their own lives, and also before — to commemorate things like coming together to do better for this Black History Month, Women’s History for you to find free solutions for your business challenges. planet we call home. I hope you’ll feel Month, innovation across industries inspired by these stories about steps to and technology, and always the Our latest Labs App Guide does exactly that. It features 35 sustainability, like the One Trillion Trees commitment to bettering the world initiative, and how people are learning we live in. free solutions. All built by Salesforce employees and to make meaningful, virtual Keep being your best selves. recommended by customers like you. connections. Woodson Martin VIEW GUIDE NOW 3

PEOPLE POWER THE EXTHE EXCHANGE CHANGE SPRING 2020SPRING 2020 ELEVATING EQUALITY Equality is a core value at Salesforce, and we believe that business is one of the most powerful platforms for social change. From our employee-led Equality Groups, to our Office of Equality, Salesforce knows that equality must DAILY TECH DETOX be integrated into every step of the employee experience. Recently, Salesforce employees BOLDforce groups hosted trivia nights, This spring, we invite you to join us in taking celebrated Black History Month and book readings, panels, and more. a few moments each day to disconnect from screens International Women’s Day with events Salesforce also hosted the second- throughout February and March. We annual Trailblazing Women Summit on and step outside. Setting aside work, social media, and highlighted key historical figures and March 5, featuring luminary business the news can help you keep your stress level down. hosted events to share knowledge and leaders, authors, equality advocates, ways to help with current issues. We and actors to “elevate the conversation Here are some ways to find solace in nature, in both rural held panels to learn from Trailblazers around gender equality.” and organized volunteer events. and urban landscapes. Below are a few images from events held across BOLDforce Atlanta Day of Action our Salesforce offices. Photo: BOLDforce Atlanta WHEN WORKING WHEN EXERCISING Every couple of hours, take a walk Stretch outside. around the block. Jog to a neighborhood park. Ensure your work space is in a naturally Pay attention to the sights and sounds lit area. of living things around you. Place a potted plant on your desk. WHEN ENJOYING YOUR FREE TIME WHEN GETTING READY FOR BED Eat meals outside when possible. Put down your phone. Learn the local bird species and note Turn off the TV. how many you spot each day. Shut off your computer. Molly Ford, Senior Director, Global Equality Pro- BOLD, Black & Limitless event in San Francisco Garden, even if it’s just a few potted And let the natural light from the moon grams, Salesforce speaking with Gabrielle Union, Photo: Lyra Lopez herbs in your kitchen. actress, entrepreneur, and activist. guide you to sleep. 7

NEWS FROM OUR PARTNER THE EXCHANGE CONGA SPRING 2020 SUPPORT YOUR SALES REPS There are several steps reps need to complete when closing a deal, and there are often multiple deals happening at the same time. With so many moving parts, having a reliable CLM software helps manage deals from outreach to signature. Manual contract management is time-consuming and risky. It often results in unintended human error. Without the ability to track a contract’s status, valuable updates to a contract can be lost. Fortunately, a central, shared repository of legal terms and language accessible from within Salesforce is an easy solution. This becomes a sales team’s source of truth, which they can come back to for visibility into every step in each contract’s lifecycle. THE AUTOMATED ANSWER Conga Contracts for Salesforce allows sales reps to create and manage intricate contract templates at SAVE TIME, the push of a button, freeing them from manually entering the same data, document after document, MONEY, AND ENERGY throughout negotiations. The best part? Reps can easily accept the changes in the agreement while With Contract Lifecycle Management. simultaneously updating the associated fields in Salesforce with True-Up. Wasted time is wasted dollars. Once implemented, it becomes an Organizations can’t afford not invaluable asset — and you might not to automate contracts and remember life without it. SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED documents. Effective contract Contracts are living documents, changing as often as Let’s dive into what AppExchange businesses do. With the help of an intelligent, lifecycle management (CLM) integrated solution, you will gain insight into all of your partner Conga sees as the critical contracts’ major and minor life milestones. This allows software seamlessly integrates with you to efficiently and accurately report across all of components to successfully your contracts, allowing you to gain insights across your organization, working behind contract types, teams, departments, and the the scenes to save time, money, managing your contracts from enterprise as a whole. and energy. within Salesforce. LEARN MORE ABOUT CONGA CONTRACTS FOR SALESFORCE ON APPEXCHANGE.

EARTH FRIENDLY THE EXCHANGE SPRING 2020 SUSTAINABILITY & INNOVATION Lessons from the Manufacturing Industry As the Fourth Industrial Revolution challenges like sustainability.” When it comes to sustainability, it’s also becomes more of a reality, companies important for businesses to keep current that leverage their data and build We also see this between suppliers and prospective employees in mind. As relationships will pave the path to and distributors. Historically, these two companies collaborate across industries, ecological, social, and economic parties didn’t place much emphasis Cindy asserts that “companies will be sustainability. At Salesforce, we strive on fostering healthy relationships. challenged to innovate, and the only to make mindful business decisions However, recently there has been way to do that is to think completely that maintain a focus on sustainability. an evolution of the manufacturing differently about their industry.” We believe we can create long-term ecosystem. It’s become much more More and more, we see that the next value by consciously considering how collaborative in order to better serve generation of workers wants to work for we operate in the ecological, social, customers. This, in turn, has positive companies that are socially responsible. and economic environment. financial implications. In order to support our Salesforce With this in mind, we sat down with Cindy shared an example from the Ohana with sustainability efforts, Cindy’s Cindy Bolt, Salesforce’s Senior Vice automotive space. When an automotive team is currently building Sustainability President and General Manager for the original equipment manufacturer Cloud, a trusted platform to achieve manufacturing, automotive, and energy (OEM) manufactures a product, it gets carbon neutrality. As this new product industries’ go-to market team. Her sold through a dealer, and the customer is developed, her team is beginning to industries have changed over the past views the product either online or at track metrics that revolve around data. few years, especially around business the dealership itself. The OEM relies For example, they can track how service practices that ensure responsible, on the customers’ feedback, obtained engineers can be more efficient with ethical, and ongoing success. directly from them or the dealership, customer calls, reduce emissions when to determine how they manufacture traveling, and measure the impact of Cindy leads with the knowledge that their product moving forward. This working remotely. There are infinite when companies take advantage of the multifaceted information exchange possibilities that arise from data, and data available in our world today, they influences everything from how the that data allows each subsequent These days it’s more important than ever to stay can make smart decisions that account product is priced, to what products are conversation to be smarter and smarter. for sustainability best practices. The key in the supply chain. This collaborative connected. Get updates on solutions to help with to fostering this sustainability is building ecosystem is based on customer As Cindy says, “when you do good, you relationships. As Cindy describes, we feedback. Cindy says this provides make money and you’re a successful current business challenges and see what’s going on see this when “a manufacturer pairs “opportunities for customers to benefit, company, so that’s how sustainability themselves up with a startup company the distribution channels to benefit, really has an effect. It has changed the in the AppExchange community. or somebody completely out of their and the OEMs to benefit.” conversations we’ve been able to have.” industry to do something good around SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER AT BIT.LY/APPEXNEWS 6

EARTH FRIENDLY THE EXCHANGE SPRING 2020 To understand the science around reforestation, Salesforce caught up with ecosystem ecologist Crowther Lab research Thomas Crowther, whose team at ETH Zürich helped write the original study that set the target of 1 trillion trees. ONE TRILLION SEEMS LIKE AN ALMOST INCONCEIVABLE NUMBER. HOW DID YOU ARRIVE AT THAT? Before the Agricultural Revolution there were almost 6 trillion trees on the planet. Today, we estimate there are about 3 trillion. We made a map to evaluate where trees would naturally exist. Obviously, we can’t plant in agricultural or urban areas, so when you eliminate those, you’re left with about 3.5 million square miles where there could be trees. ONE TRILLION TREES YOU ARGUE THIS ISN’T SO MUCH ABOUT PLANTING Understanding the reforestation battle against climate change TREES — IN MANY CASES, IT’S ABOUT LETTING NATURE TAKE ITS COURSE. Totally. Planting is great, because it gets people engaged. But most of this is natural. If we can allow forests to regenerate, they’ll do so much quicker than we can plant. HOW DO YOU INFLUENCE A FOREST The World Economic Forum has announced an audacious TO REGENERATE? In many cases, deforestation has occurred because humans have degraded the soil. Composting or spraying some fertilizer can really spur on natural regeneration. Sometimes, you can simply goal to combat climate change, the initiative manage livestock differently. There are so many ways that all vary around the world. . By conserving, restoring, and planting 1 trillion trees by YOU’VE MENTIONED THAT REFORESTATION ALONE 2030, we can slow the planet’s rising temperatures, as well ISN’T ENOUGH TO COMBAT CLIMATE CHANGE, THAT IT’S JUST ONE PIECE OF THE PUZZLE. BUT WHAT IMPACT as stimulate biodiversity and restore some of the planet’s DOES IT HAVE? To address climate change, we need to cut emissions and draw down the carbon in the atmosphere. We need thousands of solutions working together. But in terms of carbon drawdown, forests are ecosystem. The vision of is to create a platform to the largest tool we’ve got at the moment. bring together stakeholders who, collectively, have the SO IN ADDITION TO HELPING JUMPSTART NATURE TO capabilities to organize reforestation at a huge scale and TAKE ITS COURSE AGAIN, WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN TO GET TO THAT 1 The first step is to prevent deforestation which, at the moment, is still outweighing restoration. empower entrepreneurs and NGOs on the ground. TRILLION GOAL? Old forests store the most carbon and biodiversity. That can be done by incentivizing governments. The next step is mass engagement from corporations and people who can fund this. That’s starting to come. WHAT SORT OF ACTION IS REQUIRED FROM SALESFORCE IS PROUD TO SUPPORT 1T.ORG IN TWO WAYS: THE CORPORATE Building the tech backbone and enabling a restoration movement. It cannot be greenwashing. COMMUNITY? We need companies who can enable change, who can supply technology, who can rally others, who We will contribute our technology in We have set a goal to support and can influence policymakers. That’s what many are doing now, and it’s good. 1 the form of WEF’s UpLink, a new digital 2 mobilize the conservation and THE 2018 UN-COMMISSIONED STUDY SAYS IF THE TEMPERATURE GOES UP platform built to do just that: bring restoration of 100 million trees over AN AVERAGE OF 1.5 DEGREES CELSIUS BY 2030, together stakeholders of all sizes to the next decade. achieve the WE’LL BE PAST A POINT OF NO RETURN. IS THAT URGENCY United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, which include RESONATING WITH Totally. I keep saying it’s like a bubbling energy. People are getting engaged. Even if the scale is an taking on climate change. PEOPLE? enormous number, you say, “I can do my part towards the global goal.” In addition, when you plant a tree with the idea of climate in mind, you recycle more, even though that’s not necessarily a climate thing. When people physically engage with the earth, you often see a real mindset change, and that is exciting. 13

FEATURE STORY THE EXCHANGE SPRING 2020 BASK IN NATURAL LIGHT According to Future Workplace’s sleep. Set up your workspace in a room survey, over 1,600 employees ranked with windows, work outside during your “access to natural light and views of the lunch break, and take a break from outdoors” as their number one desire staring at your screen to gaze out the for a workplace environment. This window. If you don’t have windows, makes sense because natural light has or you just have a small window, add We all know that sitting at a desk all many health benefits, such as vitamin mirrors, or check out l ight therapy. day is not super healthy. Luckily, there D, boosting your mood, and better are lots of standing desk options out there these days. Some have wheels so you can move them around your home throughout the day if you need that flexibility. Some are adjustable WORK FROM HOME TRY A PRO TIP CONVERTIBLE Share Your Daily Schedule. If you have kids, platforms you simply place on top of an LIKE A CHAMP roommates, or a partner at home with you, it’s a DESK existing table or desk. Start by standing good idea to have an easy-to-access daily schedule. during meetings when you don’t have Kids love to participate by writing important activities down on a whiteboard or chalkboard. Let to do a lot of typing. Now that so many of us are working from home — many them add colors and drawings and make it a family activity after dinner or first thing every morning. sharing a home with a partner who’s also trying to work, Note important meetings when you need quiet time. All grown-ups in the house? Do it digitally with a shared Google calendar. Either way, be sure kids who are just trying to be kids, and fur babies who to block out time for exercise, outdoor time, and meals away from your desk. demand our attention — we’re realizing there’s more to it CHECK YOUR than pushing aside the pile of mail on the dining room B A N D W - table to make room for our laptop like we used to on the You’re on VPN, a Google Meet with 15 occasional Friday. It can be downright difficult to stay I DTH people, and everyone is on webcam. focused and be productive at home. Setting up GET A Your kids are on the PS4. You don’t have time for slow internet. Check out a dedicated home office really helps. We rounded up some GOOD this article for some tips on how much bandwidth you need, how to test it, and tips to help you get started. Don’t feel like you need to get CHAIR how to increase it if needed. them done all at once. Try focusing on just one or two a week until you have a home office that’s right for you. Sometimes, we just need to sit and and choose one that’s fully adjustable. work. While there are many types of If you’re working with a less-than-ideal wallet-busting office chairs, it’s worth it chair for the time being, consider to invest in one that fits your bum and adding a lumbar support pillow and budget. Since going to a showroom really pay attention to your posture. Your and trying lots of options might not back, muscles, various joints, and brain be an option, try to research carefully will thank you. 15

FEATURE STORY THE EXCHANGE USE AN SPRING 2020 EXTERNAL WORK SUSTAINABLY MONITOR When you work in an office, you have to depend on your employer to make It’s so much easier to view multiple monitor and making it your primary environmental decisions. Do they compost? windows with a big monitor. Amanda view results in a better overall Offer reusable silverware? When you work Nelson, Sr. Director of Community experience. “After testing lots of from home it’s all up to you, and it’s easy to make choices that are good for the planet. Marketing at Salesforce, has been external monitors through the years,” Here are a few ideas to get you started. working from home since 2011. She’s she shares, “I recommend the HP Envy.” discovered that using an external AVOID SINGLE-USE PLASTICS Use a refillable water bottle and washable utensils and It really helps to stay connected with serveware. You’re helping to co-workers when you can see each reduce the harmful chemicals LIGHTEN other clearly. Your light source should used to make plastics, lower the amount of waste in be facing you, rather than behind you. landfills, and protect animals’ UP Remember that light coming from UNPLUG YOUR natural habitats. windows changes throughout the day, ELECTRONICS so keep some movable light sources Any device that is plugged in draws nearby too. power and consumes energy, whether or not it is turned on. This wasted electricity emits carbon dioxide. Reduce your energy demand by using natural light, turning your screens off rather than using a screen saver, and unplugging your devices when they’re HEAR not in use. Always use headphones. They cut down on distracting background noise (kids playing video games in the next room), help you hear better in meetings, and prevent people from talking over each other. If you’re using wireless, consider keeping a spare set charging so you can swap out as needed. & BE BEAUTIFY HEARD Here’s where you can have some fun in a multiuse space like a bedroom or expressing your personality. Use the dining room no worries; we’ve got some space behind you to display favorite art, really fun Salesforce backgrounds for degrees, or trophies. If you’re working your next Zoom meeting. RECYCLE Follow local recycling guidelines. YOUR BACKDROP Separate recyclables correctly and make sure they’re clean and dry. You’re contributing to a more sustainable, effective recycling system. Together, we can make an impact from our own living rooms.

NEWS FROM OUR PARTNER THE EXCHANGE DUN & BRADSTREET SPRING 2020 PUTTING YOUR DATA TO WORK Today’s buyers expect on-demand, digital, and personalized experiences. Sales and marketing DATA’S TIME leaders must embrace precision with data and analytics to make quicker, more strategic TO SHINE decisions that positively impact the buying cycle. This includes asking the right questions. Data is the great equalizer. Organizations that use quality data in smart, innovative ways see positive results — regardless of size, location, or industry. STATS FROM DUN & BRADSTREET’S 7TH ANNUAL B2B SALES & MARKETING REPORT D&B surveyed 500 B2B decision makers in the U.S., U.K., and Canada across diverse industries to OPERATIONS MARKETING SALES uncover how data is being used in sales and marketing organizations. Here are a few highlights. How do I deliver the best “ How do I align with my sales “ How do I find the right “ data to sellers so they can teams on key markets and decision makers identify and engage the right top accounts to pursue and and engage in relevant “ “ “ demand centers? deliver quality leads to them? and timely dialogue to 94% 93% close business faster? recognize the value recognize the importance of data quality of high-quality data With A QUALITY With A SMART DATA With BETTER to their company’s for sales or marketing effectiveness effectiveness DATA FOUNDATION. STRATEGY. BUSINESS INSIGHTS. D&B Optimizer for Salesforce Data enrichment, segmentation, Knowledge is power and helps helps deliver fresh lead, contact, and analysis will help you better you build rapport. Use data on and account intelligence into understand size, coverage, and your accounts to spend less time Salesforce where your sellers attractiveness of customer searching and more time selling. 75% 90% 92% work every day. segments and new markets. expect to increase agree this investment of respondents who investment in data will improve sales and increased investment quality in 2020 marketing performance in data quality report It’s time to realize the value of your data and activate it. Organizations that prioritize targeting efforts improved data quality are able to drive sales and marketing initiatives with more confidence. TEST-DRIVE D&B OPTIMIZER ON APPEXCHANGE. 10

INSPIRED TOGETHER THE EXCHANGE SPRING 2020 VIEW & VOTE: PICK A VIRTUAL DEMO JAM WINNER We’re switching things up and bringing our ever-popular Easily fi Search demo jam competitions to you virtually. Our latest series Easily find an expert for your current will be all about Salesforce Labs — customizable, free business needs ... solutions created by Salesforce employees. For the first round we’ve got five Salesforce Labs reports and dashboard WITH the solutions going head to head: CONSULTANT One ballot per registered PRECONFIGURED voter. Violators will be . X prosecuted to full extent SALES CLOUD DASHBOARDS TE. O THEY GET 3 MINUTES O V of the paw. OU GET T Y FINDER. W CHAT (LIVE AGENT) DASHBOARD PAL - FLOW EDITION CH NO T A DASHBOARD W We’re here to support your continued business success. Consultants not only help you find the perfect solutions, they MOBILE LIGHTNING KNOWLEDGE DASHBOARD LIST DASHBOARD also help you implement them. Search by industry, location, ratings, and certifications. New Verified Project Reviews give you even more information to help you choose. We’ll tweet the winner on LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE. May 4th via @Salesforce_Labs. TRY THE CONSULTANT FINDER

INSPIRED TOGETHER THE EXTHE EXCHANGE CHANGE SPRING 2020SPRING 2020 Check out Jessie’s apps and more Salesforce Labs solutions on AppExchange. TELL US ABOUT YOUR SALESFORCE HISTORY AND JOURNEY. I started as a Salesforce also-admin at a small youth development nonprofit in 2011. I’ve consulted at a university, was an admin at a corporation, and I co-led the Seattle Nonprofit Trailblazer Community Group. About two years ago, I joined CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT THE LABS SOLUTIONS YOU BUILT? Process Automation Tracker helps administrators measure how frequently their automation is running, and measures their ROI on building automated solutions. Quick Close Opps is a flow template that loops through all open opportunities on an account and closes them so you don’t have to individually update them. Flow Error Handling helps admins quickly see where an error occurred in a flow. Unsubscribe Link gives you a way to unsubscribe from emails sent directly from Salesforce. WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO PUBLISH THESE ON I posted the first version of Process Automation Tracker on my blog, HOW 1 EMPLOYEE APPEXCHANGE? which was shared by the Admin Digest. Salesforce Labs Evangelist, Sharon Klardie, read about it and encouraged me to submit to BUILT 4 LABS APPS Salesforce Labs. I would never have thought of it myself, because I thought it was just for people who write code. In 2019, Jessie Rymph, a Success Content Specialist AND NOW YOU KNOW! IS THAT WHAT MADE YOU When I was working on my first app, a flow template contest started. on the Customer Adoption team at, built DEVELOP FOUR? I had to submit. So I created Flow Error Handling and Quick Close four of the 70 new Salesforce Labs solutions launched. Opps. Impressive! We sat down with her to get the full story. I had already created Unsubscribe Link as an unmanaged package when I gave a webinar on sending email through Salesforce ( watch the latest version here). SO, WHAT’S NEXT FOR YOU? RAD Women. I’m excited to make I am learning how to code, thanks to improvements to my existing apps, and have more flexibility for what I build in the future. 23

INSPIRED TOGETHER THE EXCHANGE SPRING 2020 BY Adi Erel, Director of Partnerships at Neura, Inc. 5 APPS EVERY GROWTH MARKETER NEEDS We always love to hear what tools people are using to enrich and expand THE TOWER the functionality of Salesforce. Recently, one of our partners, Neura, put ® together a quick list of five must-know AppExchange apps for growth IN LEGO BRICKS marketers. Neura helps brands with mobile apps deliver more personalized and contextual experiences using their users’ real-world behavior data. So if Jake Fabbri, CMO of Fonteva, “Just like a modern skyscraper, the you’re looking for some pro tips, this a great list to get you started. challenged his team to come up with model has an outer curtain wall a creative way to bring awareness of with the panels affixed to a central Salesforce to the association industry. supporting core. The panels were the 01 04 The result? A Salesforce Tower built with bulk of the assembly process. Once Formstack Pixlee LEGO® bricks. those were done, the building came Collect data from anywhere — email, Realize the power of user-generated together quickly,” said Paules. web, or mobile — and feed the results content (UGC) and turn real customer “LEGO® bricks have always been linked to limitless possibilities. Therefore, It took about 180 hours to build and directly into Salesforce to monitor and photos and videos into shoppable it’s no surprise that all it took was one perfect the model, standing at six feet analyze results in real time. marketing assets. Reduce shopping quick call to Richard [Paules] to turn tall and comprised of approximately cart abandonment and improve this fun idea into a full-blown reality,” 50,000 LEGO® pieces. The model 02 promotional campaigns with rich, said Fabbri. even includes its own version of the Neura curated galleries in your email Salesforce Park. Get powerful user behavioral insights marketing strategy. Richard Paules, a renowned LEGO® so you can reach customers when artist, jumped into action. “To nail down “The biggest challenge for the they’re most available and responsive. 05 the Tower’s intricate and recognizable Salesforce Park was figuring out how Craft smarter, customized user journeys Eventable features, [Richard] began by selecting a to mimic the undulating screen that based on their unique behavioral traits Integrate calendar marketing across storyboard with pictures of the building. surrounds the building,” said Paules. and lifestyles. channels and manage campaigns from We arranged a tour of the tower for “Eventually, I determined that the Marketing Cloud. Send custom calendar him, which included the top Ohana LEGO® square grates were the way to go.” 03 notifications to specific audiences by Floor. He then spent time choosing Blackthorn Events location, behavior, or interests, and use bricks that would best represent the Event management is time-consuming, advanced analytics to understand which Tower’s various elements and played Check out the full blog post yet essential. With Blackthorn’s native events and channels drove the most around with different combinations from Jake on this experience. Salesforce connection and robust engagement. until he nailed the unique shape and functionality you can keep everything in taper of the structure as it ascends into one place, from event registration and the sky,” Fabbri explained. payment, to following up with leads and Read the full blog post by Adi Erel, keeping attendees engaged. Director of Partnerships at Neura, Inc. 25

NEWS FROM OUR PARTNER THE EXCHANGE OWNBACKUP SPRING 2020 IDENTIFY YOUR RECOVERY POINT MAINTAIN DATA INTEGRITY. 1 OBJECTIVE (RPO) AND RECOVERY 2 It’s crucial to always have a complete TIME OBJECTIVE (RTO). backup of your entire Salesforce Lost data equals lost revenue. environment — all data, metadata, and The RPO is the amount of data your attachments. Depending on how often company can afford to lose before it you update your Salesforce data with begins to impact business operations. key information, it might be necessary This measurement helps determine to perform several backups a day. It’s the frequency at which your company important to have restore capabilities should back up its Salesforce data. for both full and granular restoration. The RTO is the time frame in which both applications and systems must be restored after data loss or corruption has occurred. This drives the calculation of how quickly your company must recover from this data loss. FOLLOW SECURITY PROTOCOL. ENSURE RELIABILITY. 3 The cloud offers far more secure storage 4 Your backup and recovery plan than a hard device. Data should be should include automated change 5 DATA BACKUP & accessible on an as-needed basis only identification, meaning it can to job-critical users. This helps prevent automatically detect changes that were RECOVERY PRO TIPS extraneous access points both internally made between backups. It should and externally, reducing the data’s also run on a set schedule that can vulnerability. be proactively monitored for unusual activity, such as when a backup fails. Data backup and recovery is key to running a successful and secure business. One of our partners, OwnBackup, PROMOTE ACCESSIBILITY. which provides a comprehensive backup and recovery 5 It’s a good idea to store data backups Data accessibility also supports GDPR solution, recommends five best practices on how to outside of Salesforce, so that if and CCPA regulations, which legally Salesforce becomes temporarily require you to have full transparency prepare for and respond to data loss. Take these steps and unavailable, you can still access your into where a data subject’s data lives information. This also allows data within backups, as well as have the you’ll be more likely to notice a data loss or corruption movement to occur securely and ability to erase that data. conveniently and enables you to access and be more prepared to recover. your data whenever and wherever you need. YOU CAN FIND OWNBACKUP FOR SALESFORCE ON APPEXCHANGE.

INSPIRED TOGETHER THE EXCHANGE SPRING 2020 HOW DID YOU GET INVOLVED OUR FAVORITE TRAILBLAZERS: WITH SALESFORCE? Mostly luck. I got a promotion at my first job, and it just happened to involve working with Salesforce. I immediately got hooked and never ADAM looked back! WHAT ARE FIVE WORDS TO DESCRIBE OLSHANSKY YOUR FEELINGS Career-building, exciting, evolving, passionate, life-changing. ABOUT SALESFORCE? DO YOU REMEMBER THE FIRST TIME YOU USED APPEXCHANGE? Probably from the very beginning of my experience with Salesforce, back in 2014. WHAT APPEXCHANGE APP DO YOU FIND Every time I get a new org, I love running YOURSELF USING TIME Field Trip to see where AND TIME AGAIN? I can immediately reduce clutter. WHERE’S YOUR FAVORITE PLACE YOU’VE TRAVELED TO? A couple of years ago, I spent about a week in Rome. Between the food, the architecture, and the history, it was incredible! LAST BOOK YOU READ? Origin by Dan Brown. FAVORITE SERIES TO WATCH ON NETFLIX? “The Office” or “Parks and Rec.” WHO DO YOU CONSIDER AS YOUR David Liu has been one of my biggest MENTOR OR IDOL? Ever since I got into Salesforce, mentors/idols! I’m honored to be able to call him a co-worker now. Salesforce MVP Since his first exposure to Salesforce in 2014, Salesforce MVP WHAT DOES BEING A TRAILBLAZER Salesforce Engineer at Google Adam Olshansky has been fueled by a passion for learning and MEAN TO YOU? It means building on the success of others to achieve your own sharing knowledge with others. Blazing his own trail to his success — and then ensuring that others are able to follow you as well #dreamjob at Google, Adam continues to be an active member to continue the cycle of success. When we all achieve together, the of the Salesforce community, and being 14x certified, follows collective group is even stronger. his own personal motto of “never stop learning.” ANY ADVICE FOR OTHER TRAILBLAZERS? Believe in yourself, learn from the mistakes of others, and once you’ve reached the top of the mountain (or even somewhere in the middle), don’t forget to grab the hand of the person behind you and lift them up to where you are. 29

coloring page FUN & GAMES THE EXCHANGE SPRING 2020 WHERE IN It’s Appy’s birthday. Celebrate with us by printing and coloring this page. THE WORLD Then, share it on social media and be sure to tag it with @appexchange. IS APPY? Tell us where she is at #AppyTravels and we’ll feature your answer in lots of social media. You’ll be a rock star. Got an idea for the next Where in the World Is Appy? Send us your photo of Appy in any destination at #AppyTravels and you might be featured in the next issue of The Exchange. 31

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