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The Solution Box for Salesforce Government Cloud makes it easy for your teams to securely access and edit files, sign documents, and collaborate with internal colleagues as well as the public. Case Management The Challenge: Government processes are often locked in silos and outdated systems, causing the workforce to spend a lot of time on manual tasks that can span across department Digital Government Services boundaries and jurisdictions. The Challenge: Citizens expect seamless The Solution: Manage case files from anywhere, send documents for e-signature right from government services that allow them to submit Salesforce, request information via file request, documents and applications, establish and automate workflows and approvals using identification, and sign documents digitally, in Box for Salesforce Government Cloud. addition to having real-time insights into the status of their request. The Solution: Deploy Box for Salesforce Government Cloud and create a digital portal to optimize citizen requests and engagement with easy uploading, editing, and sharing. Hybrid Workspaces and Mobile Field Work The Challenge: Employees are hindered when information for assignments flow across Security and Compliance different agencies and jurisdictions, from the office to home to the field, where it stays locked The Challenge: Government agencies are facing in silos across various systems, without easy, increasing cybersecurity threats and must adhere secure access. to new mandates to maintain compliance with The Solution: Use Box for Salesforce ever-changing rules and regulations. Government Cloud to create collaborative The Solution: Meet compliance requirements for workspaces across local, state, and federal FedRAMP, StateRAMP, CJIS, HIPAA, IRS-1075, agency lines, centralizing content, and ITAR, and others with Box for Salesforce providing mobile access that enables Government Cloud while also covering content employees to focus on the task at hand. governance, auto-classification, and malware detection.

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