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The Scenario Box for Salesforce Government Cloud solves Nancy’s challenges Let’s imagine how a caseworker at a by helping her to: government agency uses Box for Salesforce Government Cloud to simplify processes and keeps content Quickly move from application to approval. secure while delivering high-quality With Box for Salesforce Government Cloud, Nancy can truly service to the public. transform case management with easy uploading, editing, signing, and sharing information for the citizenry. Enable collaboration regardless of location. Thanks to Box for Salesforce Government Cloud, Nancy’s whole team has a central, secure platform to work on case Nancy Helpall files, day-to-day files, and more, enhancing collaboration Caseworker in Department between case managers, citizens, and other stakeholders. of Social Services Meet government mandates. Box for Salesforce Government Cloud maintains security As a caseworker for the SNAP and compliance for Nancy and her team — from HIPAA to program in the Department of PII — protecting sensitive employee and citizen files while Social Services, Nancy receives providing fast, frictionless online and mobile services. eligibility applications for the Her Goals: Her Challenges: SNAP program that allows • Get benefits to citizens quickly • Increasing cybersecurity risk citizens to receive nutrition and accurately and ever-evolving compliance program benefits. • Easily collaborate with the regulations applicants and with other agencies • Difficulty accessing documents, • Ensure content remains secure maintaining access control, and and compliant with governmental managing forms and documents regulations • Confusion and delays when collaborating with stakeholders Learn more about Box

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