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[Box] - Industry Ebook for Demand Gen

Learn how our partner Box supports customers in the Government industry.

Here’s how Box for Salesforce Government GOVERNMENT Cloud can help a government agency like yours. Industry Insider Drive productivity across the agency. Enable hybrid work and reduce friction for teams by empowering them to securely access and edit files, sign documents, and collaborate with internal colleagues, external partners, and constituents. Simplify your IT stack with a single content layer. Enhance the power of Salesforce and Slack and streamline case management with automated processes, instant insights with AI, and a single source of truth for content. Access content securely from anywhere. Serve the public efficiently while providing Enable a distributed workforce with secure and protected cloud-native security, intelligent governance, critical data when you apply your native security, and comprehensive compliance. Box for compliance, and governance to all content stored in Box. Salesforce Government Cloud is a single, secure platform that enables government agencies to collaborate with anyone, anywhere. From big-picture problems to the specific needs of a government caseworker, Box for Salesforce Government Cloud has you covered. Keep reading to learn how Box for Salesforce Government Cloud helps a caseworker simplify the delivery of government services across an agency, delivering personalized constituent experiences while keeping content secure and compliant.

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