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Lorem ipsum SALESFORCE NEWS What is your role with TR? Tell us a bit about your day cooking classes, art journaling, and meditation. to day and plans for TR. Learning, wellness, and and giving back are As a 16.5 year Salesforce veteran, I’m so grateful for three important pillars to the Trailblazer Ranch the opportunity to pivot my years working with the experience and we are accomplishing this in a Dynamic Flow Progress AppExchange team and our partners to leading whole new way — surrounded by nature, with Get ready to level up your flow-based the Trailblazer Ranch Experience. What does this wellbeing, giving back, and fun at the center. processes. This solution lets users keep track of A VISIT TO TRAILBLAZER RANCH their flow progress through the use of several “experience” entail? At the Ranch, we strive to bring IS AN INVESTMENT IN YOURSELF, prepackaged flow elements. The Dynamic connection, collaboration, and community to every What have you learned in terms of connecting employee and, in the future, all Trailblazers. Today, your wellbeing, your reer Flow Progress solution provides you with an employees at TR that leaders at other companies can my core responsibilities include leading the Trailblazer learn from? eeloen , n your i easy way to further customize your flow Ranch experience in a way that is creative and o ­e ouni y€ A ­e Rn­ screens, and includes six different ways to uniquely Salesforce. This includes identifying ways to Our leadership team had a breakthrough at indicate end-user progress, such as a vertical Laulima this year and it truly hit home that our Dreamforce was a hit. We couldn’t be more activate and amplify the Ranch experience, building you’ll ƒorge ru„ e rel ion„­i„ navigation menu, progress ring, and a Salesforce culture is an outcome of connection excited to share the stage with our Salesforce technology into the overall end-to-end ­roug­ ier„ie, e„„ible, horizontal progress bar. Custom labels also Ranch experience, and delivering communication for and collaboration. Our culture differentiates and #AwesomeAdmin friends, our Trailblazer make this solution ready for translation, so n inlu„ie lerning all aspects of Ranch engagement. connects all of us, and defining moments, critical experts, and of course, Salesforce Labs. e…eriene„€ I ’„  le o users can utilize the solution from anywhere choices, and pivotal people help shape the person Salesforce Labs brings free, employee-built we are today. At TR, we give space to learn about in the world. onne , ge in„ire, lign, SALESFORCE LABS Has anyone been able to visit TR yet? What has their ourselves and one another. More importantly, solutions to AppExchange. This year, they experience looked like? gie b†, lie ­e lue„ oƒ participated in three sessions where they we share that we can be that pivotal person to shared some of their top apps for you to try. Time Warp Sle„ƒore — n ­e ƒun€ AT DREAMFORCE 2O22 Yes, we’ve hosted over 30 programs and over 2,000 influence critical choices and orchestrate defining Here are some of our faves. While Salesforce has a standard activity employees with onboarding, trainings, and talent moments for others. From that, we can create timeline that displays logged calls, emails, development, bringing our employees together community and the experience of belonging, and so on, it can be easy to get lost in all the to connect in person. It’s important for all of our knowing that we are among friends, making OrgCheck data in your org. The Time Warp component employees to experience the connection and human-to-human connections. Technical debt has an impact on your helps solve this challenge by providing a fully collaboration that the Trailblazer Ranch delivers. programs and projects, your budget, your collapsible timeline, so you can stretch or We’re exploring different ways to bring the Ranch to platform and applications, and ultimately your minimize to see any period of time. It’s also our Trailblazers around the world. business. We know how important it is to bring equipped with a magical filter button, so you Salesforce Labs new developments to your team fast, but this can choose to see records that are relevant to Will Salesforce customers have the opportunity to visit can have a high impact on long-term quality. you. What if you had a tool to monitor technical the Ranch? at Dreamforce 2022 debt in your org? Now you do. OrgCheck In the future, we will look at a long-term Trailblazer Hydrogen can help you reduce technical debt Salesforce Labs is always bringing new Ranch site to bring together all Trailblazers — our through comprehensive insights of your org’s innovations to AppExchange. Explore all of employees, families, customers, and partners — T­e ul ure oƒ onne ion these, and more by visiting Salesforce Labs. in a whole new way. begin„ wi ­ e­ oƒ u„€ discrepancies . For example, a thorough analysis of your Apex classes, custom What do you hope people learn/gain from their Le„lie To fields, and automations, to show you time at TR? exactly which areas need enhance- ments, and where each fallacy can We are igniting the next chapter for Salesforce be found. By eliminating unused with connection, collaboration, and community, features, profiles, fields, and so on, which make up our uniquely Salesforce culture. you can cut down on technical From the moment employees enter Trailblazer debt and bring your org to its Ranch, they become immersed in Salesforce’s maximum potential. culture with tactile experiences including guided nature walks, restorative yoga, garden tours, group 23

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