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SALESFORCE NEWS THE EXCHANGE FALL 2022 We were thrilled to catch up with Lesile and get the Sneak Peek at scoop on her exciting new project — Trailblazer Ranch. Here’s what she had to say. First, can you tell our readers a little about yourself and Finding ways to connect in person is the number Trailblazer Ranch your history with Salesforce? one thing Salesforce employees requested in our I started at Salesforce when there were about 1,000 employee survey. We needed to bring back the employees in December, 2005. Never in my wildest spontaneity, collaboration, and joy that comes from dreams did I expect that I would be at Salesforce 16 being together in person. years later, with nearly 80,000 employees now and Trailblazer Ranch is igniting our connection and 100,000 employees next year. Yet, Salesforce has collaboration at an exciting gathering place where infused a culture of purpose and meaning for myself employees can forge trusted relationships with and my teams at work. It is a place where we can: their colleagues, learn from one another, get • Bring our authentic selves to work — unfettered, inspired, grow in their career, get trained on the unafraid, wholly embracing who we are and not company, and give back to the community in a feeling that we need to be someone else, but fun and safe environment. It is a place where we that we are enough. can share and strengthen the Salesforce culture, • Do the best work of our careers through trusted built on our values of trust, customer success, relationships and feel confident in ourselves to be innovation, equality, and sustainability. where we are professionally, bravely and Our interim Trailblazer Ranch is a partnership with articulately. We will bring our challenges, 1440 Multiversity, located in 75 acres in the beautiful compassion, passion, and solutions to the table Redwoods of Scotts Valley, California. See our Lorem ipsum with confidence. Trailblazer Ranch video for a peek into the experience. • Be rewarded with a path to grow — to understand how we can grow, what we can ask for, and be in the driver’s seat for our growth and career advancement. • Give back by servicing our communities A VISIT TO TRAILBLAZER RANCH helping to make positive changes in ourselves, IS AN INVESTMENT IN YOURSELF, in individuals, and in our communities. your wellbeing, your reer Can you tell us about Trailblazer Ranch? eeloen , n your i The pandemic has been a defining moment that o ­e ouni y€ A ­e Rn­ has changed the very core of our lives. It’s challenged you’ll ƒorge ru„ e rel ion„­i„ us in how we work and how we connect. At ­roug­ ier„ie, e„„ible, Salesforce, we know that work flexibility is the n inlu„ie lerning path forward but we also are know that we need e…eriene„€ I ’„  le o We chat with Leslie Tom, SVP, Trailblazer Ranch Experience to connect our employees to one another in onne , ge in„ire, lign, (former SVP of AppExchange Marketing & Programs). person, safely. Since the pandemic started, we’ve gie b†, lie ­e lue„ oƒ onboarded tens of thousands of employees Sle„ƒore — n ­e ƒun€ remotely, with many employees who still have not met their manager or team members in person. 21 T­e ul ure oƒ onne ion begin„ wi ­ e­ oƒ u„€ Le„lie To

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