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SHOPPING TIPS GGiveive GreeGreenn Go extra eco this holiday season. FFor the or the Gift-giving season is just around But you can go beyond the reusable the corner. As you probably know, tote bags and water bottles (don’t get FFor the or the kidskids sustainability is one of our core values us wrong, we still love those) and find at Salesforce. So this year, we’re having something truly special to delight them some fun and getting everyone on our all, whether they consider themselves TTrraailblazeilblazerr There are all sorts of fabulous toys out there made list something that’s good for them and an environmentalist or not. Here are just of everything from recycled milk jugs to fast- the planet. Join us! With so many items a few examples we’ll be wrapping up for growing bamboo that check all the earth-friendly made from sustainable and recycled our special someones this year. Think “sustainable swag” is an oxymoron? boxes. But this year, these plantable colored pencils products these days, it’s pretty easy. Think again. We’ve got your Salesforce super caught our eye. The best part? You can gift them to fans covered right here. artists big AND small. FFor the or the clothesclothes-- FFor the or the coocookk consconscciousious FFor the or the cocosmetics smetics Just about every fashion brand has a sustainable line these days, but A love of food and a love of natural resources go hand-in-hand so greenwashing is still a huge issue. So it’s always a good idea to check for connoisconnoissseeuurr chances are, the cook in your life is already pretty mindful about third-party certifications like GOTS, Oeko-Tex, Better Cotton Initiative, reducing waste. But do they have a super cool looking countertop Bluesign, Certified B-Corp, and Fair Trade. One of our current faves is Like clothing, a lot of makeup brands are making forays into worm composter? No? Well, clearly they need one. Allbirds. They had us at cute and comfortable. But sustainable too? environmentalism. While it’s easy to find vegan, all-natural products, Be still our beating hearts. the container they come in is often still problematic. So we want If creepy crawlies seem a bit much, get them started on the path to give a shout out to B-certified Elate. Check out We’re also loving these socks. Because everyone needs socks. And when this eyeshadow with a no-waste cookbook like this one. We can’t wait to see what palette made of sustainably-sourced bamboo that you simply refill they whip up. you buy a pair of these, part of the cost goes toward planting trees. with your favorite pressed powders. 25

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