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CUSTOMER THE EXCHANGE SUCESS FALL 2022 How A Rapidly The Nucleus Research report identified a number of key benefit Growing Ice areas that resulted from BBF leveraging Salesforce AppExchange technology, including increased employee and manager Cream Company productivity and avoided costs. The 769% ROI was driven by: Is Driving Success with Partners Increased Productivity Cost Savings Saved Time Upon implementation of Tableau and The availability of new tools for Since implementing Goldfinch, BBF has AppExchange apps inventory management enabled BBF experienced a 70% savings in staff time Goldfinch and Accounting Seed, BBF eliminated to retire its licenses with both Fishbowl to create reports and forecasts. manual errors and improved and Google Docs. The amount of warehousing processes, and automated expired and expiring inventory was also capabilities, ultimately increasing reduced, saving $200,000 per year on employee and manager productivity. packaged goods that would have been destroyed. AppExchange expert VRP Consulting also helped What’s next for Enlightened? create data sets and dashboards within Einstein so that sales, operations, and finance teams can create The next phase for us as a company dashboards and results to solve business challenges is to have our finger on the pulse of As a child growing up in lower Manhattan, faster. Enlightened CEO Michael Shoretz loved sweets Ice cream normally contains a lot of Today, with the continued help of Salesforce and where we are at any given moment and snacks. It wasn’t until his father was diagnosed sugar ... I started thinking to myself, AppExchange apps and experts, Enlightened now has on the sales side, the operational with type 2 diabetes, however, that he started ‘I can create something healthier the time to focus on thinking even more creatively and side, and then of course as it all thinking about nutrition. that everyone, including my dad, strategically about its products and the impact they are comes together on the finance side making on the world. In fact, this fall, Michael, Jen and Shoretz launched Enlightened ice cream in 2013, can enjoy.’ That’s what gave me the team released its first charity pint, ... Ultimately, with one dashboard With Salesforce technology and Bake the World a creating a new option in the dessert category. After AppExchange partner apps and idea to start a better-for-you treat Better Place. One-hundred percent of profits from this driven by this dynamic system, we many years of rapid growth, the company now has and dessert company. flavor are going to Diversify Dietetics, an organization can dedicate even more time to our products in 10,000 stores nationwide. But with this experts, we’ve been able to hone with a mission to increase racial and ethnic diversity in level of rapid growth and success have come several in on actual data analysis, which – Michael Shoretz, CEO, Enlightened the field of nutrition and dietetics. primary goal — ensuring our fans are growing pains. From disparate systems and manual enables us to take quicker action. ecstatic every time they take a bite processes, to an endless barrage of spreadsheets to out of our products. update, Enlightened need a partner who could scale – Jen Haberman, VP, Sales, Enlightened and grow with them. – Jen Haberman, VP, Sales, Enlightened The results have been monumental. In fact, according to a Nucleus Research report, Enlightened’s parent Watch the full behind-the-scenes story company, Beyond Better Foods (BBF), achieved a Learn more about apps that can help you increase of Enlightened’s journey and its creation 769% ROI within less than two months of deploying productivity and growth at of Bake the World a Better Place on solutions from Salesforce and AppExchange in 2019. Salesforce+ or Peacock. 19

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