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Automations and GPT The Challenge: Students have a lot coming at them at all times and sometimes messages, particularly those sent via email, get missed. It’s also challenging for staff to keep track of every student who has not responded to a request. The Solution: When you add Mogli to Salesforce, you can leverage automations and GPT to deliver timely messages and intelligence that speed up the collection of data, drive decisions and responses, and create meaningful engagement. Quick Reminders The Challenge: Prospective students don’t always reply to email notifications about a missing document or piece of information. The Solution: Mogli, can work in conjunction with a marketing automation tool, such as Marketing Cloud, to either send simultaneous messages or send a notification if an email request has not been acted upon. Ways to Boost Engagement The Challenge: Staff need greater read and response rates when communicating with students, alumni, and other key stakeholders. The Solution: Text messaging delivers up to a 98% open rate and 45% response rate. With a transparent pricing model and unlimited users per org, institutions have flexibility to set permissions so that any or all staff members are enabled to send text messages directly from Salesforce. Simple and Effective Surveys The Challenge: Institutions need to determine the overall satisfaction level of students, identifying both potential ambassadors and those who might be at risk of leaving prior to graduation. The Solution: With Mogli, you can send a simple survey to students at regular intervals, which provides real-time snapshots of overall satisfaction. Mogli’s branching survey functionality also makes it possible to immediately deliver unique follow-up responses to certain score inputs. The Solution From admissions to alumni relations and every stage of the student lifecycle in between, Mogli helps educational institutions increase the speed of engagement through text messaging.

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