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Mogli - Industry Ebook [Higher Education]

Learn more about how Mogli support customers in the higher education industry.

See how our partner Mogli supercharges communications in higher education. When it comes to meeting students, alumni, and staff where they want to connect, Mogli has it covered. Here’s how Mogli can help educational institutions like yours. Mogli is a Salesforce-native SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp solution that allows educational institutions of all types to boost engagement efforts with students, recruits, alumni, donors, and staff. Keep reading to learn how Mogli could help a technology leader make it easy for multiple teams to use the same messaging tools, even though they all have different needs, goals, and objectives. Send messages from Salesforce. Send 1-to-1 and bulk messages via SMS, MMS, or WhatsApp directly from Salesforce. Improve data collection. Mogli’s intelligent messaging technology allows data from incoming messages to be used for creating or updating records in Salesforce. Increase engagement and conversion rates. Quick, easy-to-respond-to surveys and messages on their preferred channel get high response and engagement from all key stakeholders. Industry Insider HIGHER EDUCATION

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