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NEWS FROM OUR PARTNER THE EXCHANGE Odaseva FALL 2022 N FIND THE RIGHT ENTERPRISE BACKUP-AND-RESTORE SOLUTION. , D O E T R A S ENTERPRISE BACKUP-AND-RESTORE CHALLENGES P C E A R R 1 2 3 4 P E D Lack of expertise Complex data Business continuity Rapid growth E Backup and restore becomes In the event of needing Because Salesforce data is Don’t let growth hinder . more important as data to fully recover data, no so critical, disruptions can performance. Try to predict B volume and velocity increase matter its complexity, cause material impact. Testing the velocity and impact and you want to maintain Odaseva encourages you to your disaster recovery plan of data growth with a performance. As your test if you are ready to start quarterly can help quantify proactive data strategy business scales, ensure to restore data within your your RTO and prove resilience that’s automated. you can restore data within recovery time objective (RTO). at scale. your recovery point objective (RPO). HOW TO IDENTIFY AN ENTERPRISE BACKUP-AND-RESTORE SOLUTION 1 2 3 4 Security Power Control Governance Ensuring the security of your The most effective backups No matter how complex your Managing Salesforce is hard, backups requires a solution should not impact or limit data model is or how large especially during rapid that offers immutability with other operations. To achieve your data volumes grow, growth. Look for solutions encryption in motion and at the most complete RPO and enhance your security with a that can keep track of trends rest. A solution that limits RTO, Odaseva recommends backup provider that allows in your data, predict usage Find the right enterprise backup and restore solution. where and when data is finding a backup provider that you to immediately access over time, and securely At the enterprise scale, Salesforce data is complex. Data volumes are large. Data models are accessed reduces the risk of enables you to scale without and run your backup and manage data lifecycle sophisticated. Integrations, regulations, and business processes are much more intricate. data breaches from internal experiencing a slowdown in initiate recovery. automation. Enterprises running on Salesforce can enhance their experience with a backup-and-restore actors and third parties. recovery performance or impacting governor limits. solution with the capabilities to protect their mission-critical data. Our partner Odaseva shares some of the key backup-and-restore challenges for enterprises, along with how to leverage technology to solve for them. Learn more about Odaseva on AppExchange. 11

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