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NEWS FROM OUR PARTNER THE EXCHANGE SparkPost FALL 2022 How big are your top competitors’ email audiences? Why it matters: What you can do: • Reveals number of potential customer • Perform subscriber acquisition impressions and list health audit • Exposes your underperformance • Focus on audience retention and compared to competitors of development opportunities comparable size and market footprint What type of campaigns are they running? Why it matters: What you can do: • Reveals extent, nature, and timing • Leverage insights in your event and of competitive email programming campaign planning • Provides visibility into strategic • Inform your send-time testing and customer journeys optimization strategies • Identifies program gaps and opportunities for you How targeted are their specific campaigns? Why it matters: What you can do: • Suggests degree of sophistication in • Draw inspiration for your email audience selection campaigns The Power of • Shows relatively large amount of • Reflect on your segmentation deployed campaigns versus relatively and ensure you are running enough small send volumes campaigns per segment Email Competitive • Create a compelling argument for Intelligence more resources for your email team How frequently are they running these campaigns? Why it matters: What you can do: Comprehensive visibility into competitor emails can help you take action across a wide range of • Reflects competitive contact • Use contact frequency testing and applications, including audience acquisition, message targeting and personalization, send times, strategies optimization to segment your database contact frequency, journey planning, and audience profiling. Successfully applied, competitive • Too large a number creates retention and try different send times and data can lead to strong lifts in email revenue from improvements to order value, along with open, risk, but too small a number suggests frequencies for each group click, and conversion rates. opportunities to enhance contact • Measure engagement for each group While understanding your customers is a central tenet of marketing management, so is understanding your competitors. Our partner SparkPost shares five essential insights about email Wish you had all this great data on your competitors’ emails? competitive intelligence. See why they matter and how you can act on them. Learn more about SparkPost on AppExchange. 17

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