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Program Revenue Share — We Succeed When You Succeed Salesforce offers a standard revenue share pricing model – Economic Percentage Net Revenue (PNR) – that is dependent on the app distribution model a partner chooses. A partner participates in revenue sharing with Salesforce only after they have reported their Model revenue for the first time to AppExchange. This supports the mutual success of the AppExchange Partner and Salesforce and allows us to offer various benefits as the partnership grows. Each partner that plans to commercially distribute their app will need to accept or sign a partnership agreement that is relevant to their partner category. Marginal Royalty — A New Way to Expand Your Profitability in Our Program The AppExchange Marginal PNR Model, a partner program benefit, enables partners to expand their margins as their business scales. Enrolled partners become eligible for lower marginal royalty rates on future and add-on bookings when they achieve USD 1,000,000 or greater in AOV. Learn more about the Marginal Royalty Model. AppExchange Partner Program Overview 88

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