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Dreamforce 2023 Watch Party Playbook

Dreamforce ‘23 Watch Party Playbook E R 1 2 - 1 B 4 • E M O T C PE S S I • S C A N A N F R

Calling all TrAIlblazers: Give Your Customers a Front-Row Seat to the AI Event of the Year AI-powered innovation. Faster data-driven decisions. Smarter CRM. Meet the future of business. And spread the magic of Dreamforce. If your customers can’t attend Dreamforce in person, dazzle them with an exclusive watch party! This playbook has everything you need to make it happen. Why Have a Watch Party? AI + Data + CRM. It all adds up to customer magic. You and your customers can catch all the best moments, all on your own schedule. Make Dreamforce your own and host a watch party to ensure your customers are tuning in to the sessions that matter most to them. How To Use this Playbook This playbook has everything you need to host a successful Dreamforce watch party—including tips, checklists, digital assets, email templates and more. Keep scrolling to get started! Copyright © 2023, inc. All rights reserved. For Partner’s internal use only. 2

Table of Contents 04 Watch Party Timeline and Checklist 06 Event Planning Resources 09 Additional Marketing Offerings 10 Streaming Guidelines 11 Regional Dreamforce Events 12 Frequently Asked Questions 13 Ethics and Legal Guidelines Copyright © 2022, inc. All rights reserved. For Partner’s internal use only. 3

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Countdown to Dreamforce: Watch Party Planning Checklist Recommended Timing (Aug. 21 - Aug. 25) • Register for Dreamforce on Salesforce+ R I N • Tuesday, August 22: Join us for a partner-exclusive webinar, Partner in Success at U G Dreamforce, and learn how to make the most of everything Dreamforce has to o昀昀er — D • W 1 • before, during, and after the big event. E E K • Select the session you'd like to stream using the Dreamforce Session Catalog. (Session times are subject to change, we recommend hosting watch parties the day after your selected session has aired) • Determine what type of event you’d like to host (E.g., stream in o昀케ce vs. virtual-only) • Identify key customers to invite • Select the date and time for your event Recommended Timing (Aug. 28 - Sept. 1) • Create your communications plan using the templates provided R I • Send out your customer invites U N G D • Plan how you will stream Dreamforce (Review the Streaming Guidelines) • W 2 • E E K • Optional: Order catering to make it a party! (If virtual, o昀昀er guests a gift card for food delivery) Recommended Timing (Sept. 5 - Sept. 8) • Ensure you have everything you need for video viewing (E.g. screen(s), internet connection, seating, Salesforce+ live stream link, audio, video) U R I N • Test the streaming system D G • W 3 • • Con昀椀rm attendee names and send event reminder emails to all customers attending E E K • If applicable, con昀椀rm catering service • Assign someone on your team to help with taking pictures (with customer permission) and post on social media during the event DREAMFORCE WEEK (Sept. 11 - Sept. 14) U R I N • Prepare event space D G • Be sure to take and share photos from your successful watch party on • W 4 • social media for a chance to be featured by our @partnerforce and E E K @appexchange accounts! Copyright © 2023, inc. All rights reserved. For Partner’s internal use only. 4

U R I N Sept. 12-14: Dreamforce — Learn, connect and have fun! D G • W 4 • • Check out the Dreamforce session catalog E E K • Connect with your customers! Post-Dreamforce — Keep that momentum! • Share your highlights • Send thank-yous • Maximize your post-Dreamforce campaigns and download the Dreamforce Go-To-Market Kit from Partner Marketing Center to access resources such as outreach templates, call scripts, customizable sale decks, and more CCopopyrighyright © 2022 Salesfort © 2022 Salesforccee..ccom, inc. All righom, inc. All rights rts resereservved. Fed. For Por Parartnertner’’s ins intternernal ual use onlyse only.. 5

Event Planning Resources: Communications, Graphic Assets and Templates We made it easy for you! This section provides all of the resources and pre-built content you need to make the most of your Dreamforce watch party. Watch Party Invite Email Copy To download the banner, visit the Partner Marketing Center and use the 昀椀lter panel to select ‘Dreamforce’ under Marketing Campaign OR type ‘Dreamforce’ into the Search Bar. Download directly onto your desktop. Subject: Don’t miss the AI event of the year. Join us (Insert Date) for an exclusive watch party! Body: Hi (Insert Customer Name), Let us bring the AI event of the year to you! Join us for an exclusive experience of Dreamforce 2023. We’re hosting a watch party on (Insert Date) to spread the AI magic, learn, connect, and have fun. Watch Party Details: (Bullet points describing your event) • Date and time • Address (Or include virtual meeting details if remote) • Mention food (Or “Order lunch on us” if remote) What we’re watching: (Use a brief description of the session you will stream taken from Dreamforce agenda) If you haven’t yet, be sure to register for Dreamforce on Salesforce+. We can’t wait to see you! (Add the call to action to get a speci昀椀c RSVP response) Sincerely, (Your Name) (Your Contact Info) Copyright © 2023, inc. All rights reserved. For Partner’s internal use only. 6

Thank You for Attending Email Copy Note: The thank-you should be personalized based on the individual. Include the next step they can take for their business, or something to discuss about their potential business, etc. To download the banner, visit the Partner Marketing Center and use the 昀椀lter panel to select ‘Dreamforce’ under Marketing Campaign OR type ‘Dreamforce’ into the Search Bar. Download directly onto your desktop. Subject: (Insert Customer First Name), Thanks so much for joining us! Body: Dear (Insert Customer Name), Thank you for taking the time to join us at our watch party for Dreamforce! I hope you enjoyed (Insert personalized line about the Dreamforce session you watched and connect it to their business) In case you missed it, here are a few more on-demand sessions from Dreamforce that I thought you might be interested in on Salesforce+: (Link recorded sessions that relate to your customer’s business needs and a brief sentence about why) If you have any questions or want to dive deeper into the topics we watched, just reply to this email and we can schedule a 1-on-1 meeting this week. Looking forward to speaking with you soon! Best, (Your Name) (Your Contact Info) Copyright © 2023, inc. All rights reserved. For Partner’s internal use only. 7

Social Copy Tuning in from (Insert Watch Party Location), our watch party is excited to experience the magic of AI + Data + CRM. We’re ready to learn, connect, and innovate while streaming the world’s largest software conference! #DF23 (Attach downloadable Dreamforce graphic along with picture(s) of your watch party) Social Images Instagram / LinkedIn Twitter To download the graphics, visit the Partner Marketing Center and use the 昀椀lter panel to select ‘Dreamforce’ under Marketing Campaign OR type ‘Dreamforce’ into the Search Bar. Download directly onto your desktop. Copyright © 2023, inc. All rights reserved. For Partner’s internal use only. 8

Event Copy Blocks Long Description Prepare for AI + Data + CRM magic. Join (Insert Your Company Name) for an exclusive watch party experience of Dreamforce. Catch luminary speakers, customer success, and groundbreaking innovation at the AI event of the year— without a trip to San Francisco! Be inspired, learn, and have fun during our watch party on (Insert Date). Short Description Experience the AI + Data + CRM magic without a trip to San Francisco! Join us for an exclusive watch party for Dreamforce—the AI event of the year—on (Insert Date). Additional Marketing O昀昀erings We’re sharing the latest on AI, our strategy, amplifying new tools, and highlighting major opportunities to partner in success with Salesforce and deliver the #1 AI CRM. • Partner Marketing Center (PMC): Jumpstart your post-Dreamforce campaigns using the library of free marketing and sales resources in the PMC. Install the app to explore content featuring the latest AI messaging, detailed buyer persona descriptions, complete marketing journeys and sales enablement tools. • AppExchange Marketing Program (AMP): AMP’s measurable white-glove service can help you maximize your Dreamforce customer engagement through co-branded videos and customer success stories. We can also keep your Dreamforce conversations 昀氀owing through AppExchange Chat. Copyright © 2023, inc. All rights reserved. For Partner’s internal use only. 9

Streaming Guidelines • Make sure you and your customers are registered for Dreamforce on Salesforce+ ° Use this same Salesforce+ link to 昀椀nd and stream sessions during your remote watch party ° Note: The Salesforce+ live schedule is subject to change. We recommend scheduling your watch party the day after your chosen session has aired to avoid streaming inconsistencies • If you aren’t meeting customers in person, use the following steps to host an all-virtual watch party via Google Meet or Zoom: ° Create a calendar invite with a Google Meet or Zoom link and send it to your customers ° As the host of your watch party, open the Salesforce+ video stream in a browser tab and have the session you plan to show loaded on the screen • Google Meet ° Present the tab in Google Meet to share the video and audio with your watch party attendees ° In presenter mode, present that tab (vs. entire screen) for the best experience ° Ensure the ‘Share audio’ box at the bottom left of the pop-up window is checked • Zoom ° Click on ‘Share Screen’ on the meeting toolbar ° Select browser window option with the Salesforce+ tab ° Check the ‘Share Sound’ and ‘Optimize for Video Clip’ boxes in the bottom-left corner of the share selection window • Ensure everyone on the call can hear and see the broadcast (Tip: For accessibility, turn on captions if needed) • Discuss topics with your customers via Slack or in the meeting chat! Copyright © 2023, inc. All rights reserved. For Partner’s internal use only. 10

Regional Dreamforce Events Tune in to access Dreamforce highlights tailored to your region! • Inside Dreamforce: The EMEA Edition - Get more information on the latest announcements in the main keynote. Access exclusive interviews with special guests. See brand-new demos showing exactly how to use new product releases. And because it’s streaming on Salesforce+, you get a front-row seat to in-depth discussions on the priorities for companies across EMEA. ° Wednesday 13 September at 1pm GMT / 2pm CET / 4pm GST ° Register Now • Dreamforce: The Asia Paci昀椀c Edition - Experience our action-packed Asia Paci昀椀c Edition broadcast of the Dreamforce Main Keynote featuring CEO Marc Benio昀昀. Be inspired by our region’s leaders and Trailblazers on Data, AI and Trust and discover what not to miss at Dreamforce 2023. ° Wednesday 13 September at 10:00am IST / 12:30pm SGT / 2:30pm AEST / 4:30pm NZT ° Register Now Copyright © 2023, inc. All rights reserved. For Partner’s internal use only. 11

Frequently Asked Questions How do I choose which sessions to watch with my customers? So much Dreamforce magic, so little time! Take a look at the agenda for each day and 昀椀nd sessions that align most with your customers’ priorities. During the event, try to make connections between the topics discussed and their business goals! Should I host an in-person watch party or all virtual? The power of in-person connections is unmatched—but both options can spread the Dreamforce magic! Consider event budget and travel expenses for you and your customers and decide which event type works best. How do I get featured on @partnerforce social media channels? That’s easy! Snap some pictures of your Dreamforce watch party in action and post it on your social channels using #DF23 and tag @partnerforce. We’ll be on the lookout for partner posts and would love to share them! Can I host a watch party for other Salesforce events? Absolutely! We’ve seen some great watch parties hosted during Connections, World Tour Events and TrailblazerDX. We love when our community comes together to enjoy broadcasted content & share in the fun. Copyright © 2023, inc. All rights reserved. For Partner’s internal use only. 12

Ethics and Legal Guidelines Trust is our #1 value; we hold our employees to a high standard and expect the same from our partner community. As you connect with current and prospective customers, including at Dreamforce watch parties, we want to remind you of a few rules around gifts, entertainment, and hospitality. • Don’t give anything of value to any current or prospective customer of such a size or nature that it would appear to have the purpose of causing them to make a decision that would improperly award business to your company or Salesforce or to give you nonpublic information about a procurement. • Government Customers ° Gifts, Entertainment, and Hospitality - There can be strict rules against giving anything of value to government personnel, including employees of state-owned enterprises like public hospitals, universities, and utilities. Providing even light refreshments for a government o昀케cial can be against these rules in certain situations! If you’re going to provide any gifts, meals, entertainment, or other hospitality to any prospective or current Salesforce customers, it’s your responsibility to understand whether any recipient is government personnel, and to stay in compliance with all applicable anti-corruption rules. ° Discussions - Certain topics are o昀昀-limits for discussion with government customers and prospects, such as open procurements, employment opportunities with a customer that has an open RFP, and con昀椀dential information. Further, government customers should not be asked to endorse Salesforce. You can review our policies regarding gifts and entertainment in Salesforce's Global Supplier Code of Conduct. If you have good faith concerns about conduct related to Salesforce business, we expect that you will notify us via EthicsPoint (anonymous reporting available in many countries) or via email to [email protected]. This applies to suspected misconduct within your organization, Salesforce, or any other third party. Copyright © 2023, inc. All rights reserved. For Partner’s internal use only. 13