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11 - KIM RACING Kim's motto is "Get up and get going, Kim was first introduced to Salesforce in ( ) TO THE because you're the only one who can 2011 and has grown into a big advocate. . ""' ,.. make things happen." Maybe that's why Now she makes the most of AppExchange - -)' FINISH LINE WARGO you'll often find her running outside by showing her peers what Salesforce and in Fort Myers, Florida. AppExchange can do, helping them map ASSOCIATE VP, out the process, and determining the best FINEMARK NATIONAL But she's agile and quick on her feet solution. BANK AND TRUST when she's not running, too, and "The growth is limitless in our Salesforce she tackles her work with the same ecosystem and the possibilities for my org attitude: Get to the finish line fast, - and me - are limitless," shares Kim. "With 32 but know that speed isn't the only Salesforce, I brought a level of automation, answer. process control , and audit capabilities that generated a whole bunch of aha moments ." Kim believes you have to keep your eye on the path, be on the lookout for Doing so has increased her level of pride obstacles, and use your energy efficiently and sense of accomplishment . "My 'I can FAVORITE APPEXCHANGE SOLUTIONS to go the distance. This outlook motivated do this' attitude has given me a level of "GET UP AND G T GOING, her to change the way her organization confidence I truly appreciate," says Kim. BECAUSE YOU'RE THE thinks by encouraging employees to engage in conversations to seek out DOCUSIGN DOCUSIGN ROLLUP HELPER ONLY ONE WHt. CAN sustainable solutions. ESIGNATURE CLM "The DocuSign apps enable us to provide MAKE THINGS APPEN." documentation to our clients in minutes for signature." READ MORE ABOUT KIM >

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