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The Premier Success Plan for Salesforce Partners

Premier Success Plan Unlimited developer support for Salesforce Partners January 2024

Partners Want to Create and Maintain Leading Apps High-Efficiency Apps Scaled Innovation Reduced Disruption Achieving Business Vision Value, Fast

New Support Offering! Premier Success Plan Deliver exceptional customer experiences with unlimited developer support Deliver Innovation with Confidence • Benefit from partner-focused support engineers with deep domain expertise Access Unlimited Developer Support • Tackle any challenge with access to unlimited technical support cases 1 Hr Drive Productivity with Leading Response Times Initial • Fast, 24/7 issue resolution to mitigate disruption no response for matter where you are in the world critical issues

Leading Response Times Direct access to support engineers 24/7 | 365 Days a Year 1 Hour Phone Global Coverage Initial Response for Critical Issues Target Initial Response Time by Case Severity Level: Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 1 hour 2 hr 4 hrs 8 hrs

Developer Support: Boost Efficiency & Avoid Disruption Analyze, debug and troubleshoot code with our team of experts How We Help Phone Support In-depth use-case help VPN /Private Link Setup Assistance Performance Analysis Heroku Connect Help

How to Access the Premier Success Plan Automatic Access! ● No additional action needed by partners ● Technical support cases routed through the Premier Success Plan Simply Log A Case ● Support cases via the Partner Community ● Phone Support Option

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