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QUARTERLY MAGAZINE The Trust Issue 2024 WINTER MVP Clara Shih Salesforce Love Language Trusted AI Ben

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THIS MONTH THE EXCHANGE Winter 2024 5 Cross the Data 8 On Trusted AI Strategy Divide A note from Clara Shih, Customers share their stories and advice. EVP & GM, Salesforce AI. 0 1 101 0 1 10101 1 0 011010 1 0 1 0 01 101 0101010 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 010101 10 0 010 1 0 1 1 0 1 101 0 1 0 1 0 1101 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 01 1 1 0 1 0 101 0 1 0 101 01 1 0 1 010 6 01 0 10 11 0 10 101010101 1 0 1 MVP Love Shredding Barriers 1 Language Eight nonpro昀椀ts dedicated to making snow Trailblazers share the apps they love. sports more accessible. 7 Trust Is a Must 13 Salesforce Ben Trust and AI. Our latest “Ask More of AI” ads featuring Matthew McConaughey. 2

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LETTER FROM THE EXCHANGE The Editor Winter 2024 Salesforce AppExchange Trust positioned as a Leader Issues in SaaS Marketplaces Analyst Report. This time of year, love is in the air and it got me thinking ... AppExchange has been recognized as a Leader in The romance is pawsome but trust is what makes it last. Since Forrester Wave™: SaaS Marketplaces, Q4 2023 analyst report. trust is such a hot topic these days around technology (especially AI), my team and I thought this would be the perfect time to dig into it. We can call this the “trust issues” issue. Forrester’s evaluation of nine of the most significant providers in the category found that Salesforce is Read the latest from expert Salesforce free Salesforce Labs apps. As always, a Leader. We are recognized for the breadth we’ve packed in some fun and feel-good Ben and MVPs sharing the apps they love and scale of our SaaS solutions. treats, too. So cozy up and enjoy. It’ll be and trust. We also have an update from Salesforce EVP & GM of AI, Clara Shih, fun, trust us. and highlights of the latest and greatest Enjoy, Download the report Appy 3

NEWS FROM OUR PARTNER THE EXCHANGE OpenText Winter 2024 Smarter ways to capture information Intelligent information management (IIM) is for your Salesforce business. the practice of managing information in a way that optimizes its value to the organization. It Rapid automation of document and data ingestion involves using technology and automation to Automate the processing of all types of incoming capture, manage, and analyze information documents, and extract data to enrich and accelerate from various sources and turn it into actionable processes within Salesforce. Powerful AI-assisted machine learning intelligently captures, classi昀椀es, insights. “Most content systems (74%) are not and routes mission-critical documents to the people, connected to other lines of business systems.” processes, and places where they need to be to get the – AIIM 2023 state of the industry report. job done in the most e昀케cient way possible, freeing up more time to serve your customers. Turn to a global leader in document and Reduced manual document handling and data data capture for mission-critical documents entry errors that power your business. Remove human intervention, and digitize time- AI-Assisted Document consuming document handling and manual data Trusted by 90% of Fortune 1000 companies, OpenText has been solving the most complex document and entry, to decrease costs and reduce errors. E昀昀ective information management challenges for over 30 years. Capture Is Our Hero information capture empowers sales and service teams with the ingestion of key documents and data for Salesforce, transforming workloads and decreasing the Learn more about OpenText and how operational costs associated with processing the intake Transform sales and service operations faster than ever. this solution for Salesforce can transform of documents, and signi昀椀cantly reducing resources your business. required for manual data entry. than ever before. Sales and service teams Reading, understanding, and routing Check out our AppExchange listing, OpenText™ Core incoming business data and documents struggle with an increasing volume of Capture for Salesforce®, and our earlier article, “Make mismanaged inbound information and has traditionally been time-consuming. information your superpower. documents that need to be captured Extraction of valuable customer information and ” AI o昀昀ers an unprecedented opportunity insights as part of critical information 昀氀ows and to streamline and transform document connected sales and service processes. Securely capture and process sensitive customer handling. With massive amounts of digital documents, extracting and validating critical data inputs The manual intake of documents can often documents on the rise for businesses of for Salesforce data 昀椀elds that accelerate and enrich cause bottlenecks and costly errors, as well all sizes, capturing all types of incoming sales and service processes. Automate operational as delay sales opportunities and spawn customer information is more important Learn more work昀氀ows through tight integration to Salesforce Flow poor customer service experiences. to extract essential document data that populates % relevant information directly inside Salesforce data about OpenText on AppExchange % 昀椀elds. This dramatically improves information streams 72 8.8 across the business that fast-tracks time to value for the of a sales rep’s time is organization and customers. of a sales rep’s total time is spent on non-selling spent directly on manual entry of customer and admin tasks. sales information.

DATA STRATEGY THE EXCHANGE Winter 2024 Featuring If you’re really going to solve Trusted AppExchange Cross the “something long-term, you need to Partners Data Strategy Divide look for the root cause. TaroWorks Wealth Classy Engine Integration Abbie Noriega with AppExchange CHIEF IMPACT OFFICER Read the full story The road to a successful data strategy can be overwhelming. Read how six Trailblazers enhanced their data strategy to make more informed decisions and engage with customers in more Asking for help is not a weakness. Trusted AppExchange Partners meaningful ways. See how they used AppExchange apps to “Whether you are an experienced executive or looking for your first job, help guide their companies and how you can successfully help remember you don’t do anything your business make the data strategy journey, too. well, alone. LeanData LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lars Nilsson VP, GLOBAL SALES DEVELOPMENT Read the full story What are you trying to achieve? Trusted AppExchange “Start with that outcome first and Partners 01 1 0 1 then build back into it. 1 0 10101 1 0 011010 10 10 01 101 0101010 Brainshark Spinify 1 01 0 10 10 0 010101 10 Andrea Brugger 0 010 101 1 01 101 0 1 01 0 1101 0 10 10 1 01 0 0 DIRECTOR, SALESFORCE EFFECTIVENESS 0 10 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 01 1 1 01 0 101 0 10 101 01 10 1 010 01 010 010 101010101 1 01 Read the full story 1 Read the full e-book 55

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THIS MONTHDATA STRATEGY THE EXCHANGE Featuring Winter 2024 MVP Love Language There’s always more than one way Trusted AppExchange It’s that time of year again. “to get to the end. Partners Our regulars know we can’t resist sharing the love with our fabulous Jim Mitchell MVPs in our winter issue. It’s a sweet AppExchange tradition and, as Coveo Propel PLM GridBuddy always, they’ve got us feeling all sentimental. DIRECTOR, SALESFORCE APPLICATIONS Aw, shucks! Read the full story I wake up in the morning and I Trusted AppExchange “get excited because I’m doing Partners Rakesh Gupta Martin Humpolec something that I haven’t done before. I think if people don’t grow I love AppExchange I love AppExchange FormAssembly Demand Own because ... because ... they go backwards. Tools Recover “The Salesforce AppExchange “I love the diversity of applications Tal Frankfurt greatly aids in saving Gabie Caballero that can solve basically any problem, or from which I can take development time, enabling the FOUNDER & CEO inspiration about which area I quick delivery of exceptional I love AppExchange might want to cover next with my experiences in a cost- Read the full story because ... clients.” e昀昀ective manner. Importantly, “AppExchange fosters a vibrant the applications on the community of developers, users, Three apps I love AppExchange are user-friendly and experts. This allows for right now: and secure, adding signi昀椀cant knowledge-sharing, peer support, S-Docs, Distribution Engine, and value to the overall experience.” and collaborative problem-solving, Salesforce Labs apps Success is difficult because it Trusted AppExchange Three apps I love further enriching the platform’s Partners right now value.” “requires a level of effort that : is beyond your current level Copado, SharinPix, and S-Docs Three apps I love right now of comfort. : ClearMDM The Trade Desk Duplicate Management Sumo Scheduler, Titan, and Tyrone Davis by AI Revenue Grid FOUNDER & FUNCTIONAL CONSULTANT enthyco Read the full story 6

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TRUST AND AI THE EXCHANGE Winter 2024 When it comes to AI, trust is a must. It’s pretty clear at this point that a lot of us have major trust issues when it comes to AI. While some of it might be over-the-top Data may be the new gold, but that paranoia inspired by decades of sci-昀椀 昀椀lms, doesn’t mean it should be for sale. That’s a lot of it is grounded in serious concern why, alongside trusty partner Matthew about what’s going to happen to our data. McConaughey, we’re here to keep your While this is a serious issue, we admit, information safe from hackers, highwaymen, we’ve had a little fun with it. If you haven’t and other nefarious ne’er-do-wells. It’s just seen our latest spot, check it out. one of the ways we #AskMoreofAI. 7

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TRUST AND AI THE EXCHANGE Winter 2024 Our approach to building Data Cloud and the new Einstein Copilot Studio — which includes Prompt Builder, Action Builder, and Model Builder — is to provide a trusted, easy-to-use, cutting-edge AI and data platform to enable, de-risk, and accelerate your unique position as the trusted AI advisor to our customers. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey into the AI + Data + CRM + Trust future for our customers. Your expertise, feedback, and partnership are crucial as we build the future together. Clara Shih EVP & GM, Salesforce AI For Partners: Deepen Y A Note On Trusted AI our GenAI Understanding Her e ar e some brie f videos fea turing Su san E merson, S VP specializing in AI, an aly tics, and da ta. Her insigh ts highligh t the ne w oppor tunities the Einst ein C opilo t from Clara Shih, EVP & GM, Salesforce AI Pla tform can o 昀昀er y ou t o be tt er ser v e y our c u st omers. Dear P ar tners and C u st omers, • How do we deploy trusted generative AI to harness A s w e g e t deeper in t o 2024, I w an t t o undersc or e Your GenAI Opportunities Our GenAI Di昀昀erentiators GenAI Conversations the tr the bene昀椀ts without exposing our organization to emendou s opportunity ahead th a t g ener a tiv e with Customers data security and privacy risk? AI pr esen ts for the v alue and tr ansform a tion w e can deliv er t og e ther . • What are the business case and business outcomes to focus on 昀椀rst? AI and da ta ar e the founda tions o f our ne x t ne w er a o f gr o wth t og e ther . Only b y w orking with y ou can w e • What steps do we need to take to achieve data addr ess the four gaps / questions m y t eam and I hear readiness for AI, across both structured and fr om CEOs e v er y da y: unstructured data in a trusted, secure way? • How do we achieve organizational readiness and change management?

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INNOVATIONG THE EXCHANGE With Labs Winter 2024 Simplify creation of reactive screen 昀氀ows. Want to build dynamic screen 昀氀ows without the single-screened components can respond based on hassle? We have just the solution. Data Fetcher is here input from other components without ever leaving to revolutionize the way you build your screen 昀氀ows the screen. This opens up the opportunity to allow forever. This Labs o昀昀ering allows you to dynamically your end users to interact with record queries in one retrieve Salesforce records on a 昀氀ow screen using 4 simpli昀椀ed, uni昀椀ed experience. SOQL based on user input. In this digital age, users Add reactivity to guided work昀氀ows. expect a dynamic, tailored UX to their forms. With Free AppExchange Reactive Components (Beta) for screen 昀氀ows, your Extract key insights from customer Hacks to conversations with Einstein Voice Connectors. identi昀椀es competitor Get the most out of your customer conversations with mentions, and promts pricing Einstein Conversation insights. This AppExchange discussions for your sales Supercharge your o昀昀ering extracts key insights from your sales calls, agent’s reference. and equips sales and service managers with valuable information to drive deals forward. This powerful Get the most out o昀琀 your customer conversations. Workflows solution automatically generates call transcripts, Optimize your sales territories with automated territory assessment. AppExchange is full of solutions that can give your Sales is the lifeblood to your organization‘s success. projections for your territories based on maximizing team’s productivity a boost, and simplify some Improve your sales projections with a detailed analysis territory balance, account continuity, and geographic of your current territories. Your territories are only as compatibility. of the more challenging, time-consuming tasks. good as your ability to serve them, and this app can Improve your sales projections. Salesforce Labs is a great place to start if you’re support you in understanding territory imbalance. With the Territory Health Assessment app, you can see looking for some quick, free solutions to enhance your current procedures. Extend your dynamic forms. Here are the top newest, free apps from This solution can elevate your dynamic forms to and features, such as the ability to add HTML snippets Salesforce Labs that can optimize your a whole new level by bringing them to Experience to forms, build client-side validation, build surveys and Cloud. Extreme Dynamic Forms is fully compatible wizards using 昀氀ows, and more. Plus, it allows for quick business processes. with Experience Cloud, and uses a client-side con昀椀guration from page setup, so you can debug and decision engine that can compile and evaluate any customize with ease. con昀椀gured Boolean expression to show and hide 昀椀elds. Elevate your dynamic forms. This solution equips you with a variety of di昀昀erent tools Salesforce Labs is always bringing new innovation to AppExchange. To stay updated on its newest solutions, follow @AppExchange on X and keep an eye on the hashtag #Salesforcelabs. 9

DOING GOOD THE EXCHANGE Winter 2024 Eight nonpro昀椀ts dedicated to making Achieve Tahoe was founded in a formalized program that helped snow sports more accessible. Achieve 1967 by Jim Winthers, a World War more people. II veteran and director of the Soda Tahoe Today, Achieve Tahoe provides year- Springs Ski School. Jim brought round outdoor recreation activities together a group of Vietnam for people with cognitive, sensory, veterans with disabilities and taught and physical disabilities. They them how to ski. At the time, focus on health, con昀椀dence, and adaptive sports equipment didn’t independence for an experience exist, so they had to adapt their that carries over into the rest of own equipment. The experience participants’ lives. was so positive that Jim felt the Shredding community could bene昀椀t from Adaptive The Adaptive Sports Foundation skiing programs with adaptive Sports (ASF) is a nonpro昀椀t organization in equipment and certi昀椀ed instructors. Windham, NY, that provides adaptive In addition to hosting events, they Foundation sports instruction and equipment have inspiring success stories, such to people with disabilities. Their as that of Evan Strong, a former mission is to help individuals attendee who earned a gold medal enjoy winter sports and gain in snowboarding at the 2014 Barriers independence. ASF o昀昀ers skiing, Paralympic Games. snowboarding, and cross-country With snow season upon us in the northern hemisphere, many of us Emily Coombs founded the Doug a chance to play, try new things, and Coombs Coombs Foundation in 2012 to are getting outside and hitting the slopes. But winter sports like skiing get comfortable in the outdoors. provide all Jackson Hole youth with and snowboarding aren’t easily accessible to everyone. They involve Outdoors For older children, programs o昀昀er the chance to ski and participate in an escape from problems at school other outdoor activities that their a lot of gear, pricey passes, transportation, and often lodging. There are or home, time away from screens, peers enjoy, regardless of their and opportunities to develop new also physical barriers for many when adaptive equipment, specialized family’s circumstances. For the skills and even work an internship in youngest participants, programs are training, and properly trained instructors aren’t available. Luckily, there the outdoor industry. are lots of fabulous nonpro昀椀ts out there on a mission to make mountains accessible to all, regardless of their ability or socioeconomic status. Here are just a few. 10

DOING GOOD THIS MONTH THE EXCHANGE Winter 2024 EDGE Outdoors is a Black woman- SOS Outreach helps underserved instruction, as well as summer EDGE slopes, and compete professionally SOS founded and led organization that’s youth develop life skills through adventure programs. They also in skiing and snowboarding. Their Outdoors working to close the gap between programming and scholarships outdoor adventure programs. provide mentorship and leadership Outreach Black, Indigenous, women of Their mission is to inspire positive training. are designed to make up for past color (cis, trans, queer), and snow change in young people and help discriminatory practices at the local, SOS Outreach has helped sports. The organization’s goal them develop life skills through state, and federal levels that were thousands of underserved youth is to increase participation of outdoor activities. intentionally designed to exclude develop con昀椀dence, leadership BIWOC in snowsports and provide Black, Indigenous, and other people The organization o昀昀ers a variety of skills, and a love of the outdoors. opportunities for women of color of color from mountain spaces. programs for underserved youth, to recreate, become leaders on the including snowboarding and skiing Share The High Fives Foundation helps Share Winter is a grant-making grant funding for rehabilitation programs, and coaching programs. people who have su昀昀ered life- and equipment. They also host High Fives organization that helps break down Winter Share Winter also provides DEI changing injuries while participating several events throughout the Foundation barriers so more youth can get on training programs to their grantees in winter sports. They provide Foundation the snow. It support 24 di昀昀erent year, including ski and snowboard to help promote a more inclusive resources, support, and education organizations in the U.S., including camps. The organization was ski community nationwide. to help these individuals recover, nonpro昀椀t ski resorts, youth founded by Roy Tuscany, who rehabilitate, and return to the su昀昀ered a life-changing spinal activities they love. High Fives o昀昀ers cord injury while skiing. Tuscany a variety of programs, including continues to ski today with the help injury prevention education, of adaptive equipment. adaptive sports instruction, and In 2009, Hoods to Woods was founded Hoods to snowboarding. The organization on the belief that everyone deserves provides free programming, access to the great outdoors. Woods equipment, and mentorship to Co-Founders Brian Paupaw and communities in the New York City Omar Diaz grew up in underserved tri-state area to help create more communities and set out to share diversity in winter sports. Shredding their passion for the outdoors with inner city youth through Barriers 11

SALESFORCE BEN THE EXCHANGE Looking Forward Winter 2024 on since its founding in 1999. This is why in June But of course, with any new technology that is 2023 at its AI Day event, Salesforce announced set to transform the world of work as we know it (and bringing a pretty hefty $15.7 trillion boost to the Einstein Trust Layer, which acts as a protective barrier against large language models and the data the global economy), we have many challenges to in your Salesforce org. work through. One of the immediate challenges that arose was how schools, colleges, and other educational institutions would allow their students to use these tools (if at all). This is a far cry from my And how can we be days at school, when a quick copy-and-paste from Wikipedia into my homework was revolutionary. sure they won’t use How will we allow our our proprietary data to employees to use train their models? these tools? Clara Shih, CEO of Salesforce AI, and her team have seen into the future and have But for the technology industry , the word created a tool that will be imperative on everyone’s mind has been “trust.” for all projects that involve AI and How will we allow our employees customer/proprietary data. Trust and AI to use these tools? Can we trust Trust and AI the output of these large language models? And how can we be sure they In a nutshell, the Einstein Trust Layer won’t use our proprietary data to train will ensure that no private data enters their models? these large language models, and therefore, can’t be trained on your data, unlike the situation the New York Times finds Salesforce Ben shares his advice. Can we trust the itself in. It will also ensure that the outputs are output of these large ethical with their toxicity detection, flagging toxic content such as hate speech and negative stereotypes. It’s pretty amazing to consider that ChatGPT generation to become more creative — the language models? was only released just over a year ago and impact has been immediate. We’re still very much in the infancy phase of generative AI, and it’s very hard to predict how this has already had a profound impact not In a study by Harvard, respondents reported will evolve in the coming months, let alone the Some of these questions may soon be answered only on the technology industry, but the 12.2% more tasks completed, 25% via a groundbreaking lawsuit that the New York next few years. But the fact that Salesforce has put whole world. I’ m sure many reading this can faster, and 40% higher-quality results. As a trust first is encouraging for Salesforce customers, Times has launched against OpenAI and Microsoft, relate — whether you are a developer using who will no doubt have trust as their number member of the Salesforce ecosystem, you claiming that OpenAI has used millions of its auto-complete tools to help write code one priority when implementing any AI-powered published articles to train GPT-3 and GPT-4, the are at the forefront of this new movement. solutions. faster, or a graphic designer using AI image large language models behind ChatGPT, without any sort of compensation or agreement. Trust is one of Salesforce’s five core values, and has been a north star for every endeavor it embarks 12

SALESFORCE BEN THE EXCHANGE Looking Forward Winter 2024 Instructions: Final Design: Template: Snowflakes with Character It’s snowing Astros! We’d love to see how you add some winter wonder to your windows and walls. Post pics and tag us with #AppExchange.

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