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THIS MONTH THE EXCHANGE WINTER 2023 10/11 Salesforce Labs 18/23 MVPs & Beaker Awards AppExchange: Raise your paws for this year’s winners. A Perfect Match Our community is sharing the love. 12/15 Celebrating Lunar New Year 25 Looking Get festive with the AppExchange team. Forward with Salesforce Ben Shape your strategy for 2023.

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LETTER FROM THIS MONTH THE EXCHANGE THE EDITOR WINTER 2023 Appy New Year. As we kick off 2023, I’m so grateful for you and the entire AppExchange community. We’re all going to face some challenges in this economy. Together, I’m confident we’ll not only make it through, but we’ll thrive. That’s why this issue is all about looking forward and how you can deliver success now. We’re here to help your business save money and create value fast. We hear from experts like Salesforce Cheers, Ben about projected trends, as well as our MVPs, who share the apps they love. We highlight free Salesforce Labs apps, and showcase the wins of our new and improved Appygail the Bobcat experience. As always, there’s also a healthy dose of fun in these digital pages. So kick back, take a little break with us, and get ready to look ahead at 2023.

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NEWS FROM OUR PARTNER THE EXCHANGE Highspot WINTER 2023 Measure Enablement ROI According to Highspot-commissioned research by GLG, fewer than one-third of firms that were surveyed report Do More that they can measure the impact of customer-facing employee training, and only half say they can measure With Less the impact of the content they produce. With the right tools such as Highspot that have advanced analytics, team leaders have visibility into rep performance to In order to drive revenue within the constraints of the guide reps and reinforce knowledge. You can also current environment, consider a revenue enablement measure content engagement and usage so that your platform that improves efficiency and streamlines sales and marketing teams know which content leads processes. The ideal enablement platform will unite to the best outcomes, driving more ROI from your and align your marketing, enablement, and sales strategic initiatives. The Power of functions to save valuable time that could be spent building customer relationships and driving strategic initiatives. With your company aligned and enabled Enablement around your most important strategic priorities, your business can drive more revenue with existing Next (or fewer) resources. During economic uncertainty, Steps a sales enablement platform is crucial to driving revenue. In today’s uncertain economic environment, companies are looking for ways to be more efficient. Manage & Find An enablement platform, integrated with your As we start the new calendar year, much of the world Salesforce CRM, can help your business get more is facing a challenging macroeconomy. Inflation is still Content Quickly out of your existing technology investments. We elevated in the United States (and other countries) recommend starting with a solid understanding of your while wages continue to increase and unemployment organization’s requirements, challenges, and strategic remains at historic lows. While more and more Developing and managing content in a single location objectives. That will position you well — regardless economists believe we are in a period of economic is a critical need for most organizations, but according of headwinds on the horizon — to evaluate the best to downturn, no one can predict how severe it will be. recent Highspot research, up to 70% of content enablement solution to drive productivity and revenue As a result, many sales, marketing, and enablement developed goes unused. Content governance strategy at your firm for years to come. teams are at maximum capacity and struggling to do is important, as it establishes rules around how content more without additional staff and resources. Firms that is published, maintained, and shared. By organizing are able to pivot quickly and take a proactive approach and managing content via a central platform that is to drive revenue will be in the best position to ride out integrated with Salesforce, such as Highspot, you can the economic storm. Our partner Highspot, integrated ensure reps always use the latest content that meets with Salesforce, is a sales enablement platform that brand guidelines and has up-to-date disclosures. This can improve the productivity of your existing client- type of tool with highly advanced search capabilities facing teams. Here’s how. also drives usage, since it helps users easily find and access the content they need from within their workflows. All of this can help you go to market faster and ensure messaging and execution is consistent across all your teams. Learn more about Highspot on AppExchange.

NEWS FROM OUR PARTNER THE EXCHANGE Revenue Grid WINTER 2023 Four steps to finding and fixing revenue leaks. Auto-capture all relevant 1 sales activities. Manual CRM data entry leads to errors, duplicates, and missing information, which leads to revenue leakage. An activity capture tool Repair Your auto-captures data from all touch points and keeps your Salesforce data complete. This means that even if your sales reps forget to add new contacts to opportunities, you won’t lose this data since it will be Leaky Pipeline automatically captured. Analyze data with AI. Revenue leaks often go unnoticed Below are two states of the same 2 When all sales data has been compiled into a shared source of truth, within the customer lifecycle. funnel: the before state with it is important to look through it to discover where and why leaks They are the hidden culprits that stop undiscovered revenue leaks and the may happen. With a revenue intelligence tool, you can leverage organizations from achieving revenue after state with leaks found and fixed. technology to analyze current and historical data and easily spot goals. Fixing these leaks has a strong In this example, improving conversion leaks and the reasons behind them. impact, from improved conversion rates rates by just 5% has increased revenue Implement changes into to reduced go-to-market costs and significantly, which means the leaky increased productivity. It’s not easy to pipeline was costing the company 3 the sales process. see when and where revenue leaks twice as much as it was earning. happen, but once you learn how to spot The next step is to eliminate revenue leaks by creating companywide them, you can stop them pretty easily. structural changes. Setting up custom triggers within your sales process, like a signal that alerts reps when they haven’t communicated with a decision maker in a while, ensures your team knows what needs to be done to prevent leaks. Leaky pipeline Fixed pipeline Measure the effectiveness Leads 30,000 30,000 4 of changes made. 19% Improved by 5% 20% Having real-time reports and signals can help you determine whether MQLs 5,700 6,000 your leak-fixing efforts paid off. Using revenue intelligence, you can 13% Improved by 5% 13.7% see how your pipeline and processes change after you plug the leaks. When your revenue is improving or meeting forecasts, you have fixed SQLs 741 840 Revenue Grid gives you full revenue intelligence the leaks. 12% Improved by 5% 17.6% capabilities, making it easy to find and fix leaks in Deals 89 | $22.2 M 109 | $27.3 M opened your sales process. 32% Improved by 5% 33.6% Deals $7.1 M $9.3 M won Learn more 115% Improved by 5% 125.8% Renewals $8.2 M Increased by 37% $11.2 M about Revenue Grid on AppExchange.

WINNING APPS THE EXCHANGE WINTER 2023 Salesforce Labs Astro’s Amity Award Giving back is essential to our Salesforce identity, and our builders love to show it. This year, we’re awarding this heartfelt prize to Plant a Tree by Riya Depala and Jonathan McNamee. 2O22 Beaker Both Riya and Jonathan work as technical evangelists here at Salesforce, and are no strangers to delivering commercial apps to the marketplace. Their app integrates with Digital Humani and enables sales managers to award high-performing Award Winners employees by planting a tree on their behalf. Admins can choose which reforestation project to support and configure thresholds to award employees. Raise your paws — it’s time to announce this year’s Beaker Award Winners. Get it now on AppExchange Every year we review all the Labs apps released, and recognize those that had an exceptionally positive impact on customers. 2022 was a big year for Labs, with several in-person appearances, a brand new app guide, and a flow-tastic Labs Day. With almost 60 new apps this year, selecting our winners was Pure Appy-ness Prize no easy feat. Keep reading to discover the winning apps. This award gives recognition to the highest-rated new Labs app. This year, it goes to the Smart Lists Component by Francois Medioni, Senior Manager for Technical Consulting. His LWC equips you with the ability to build custom lists in a matter of minutes with point-and-click configuration. It can be deployed in Lightning, your community pages, and even screen flows. Let’s give this LWC a round of app-lause. Einstein’s Excellence Award Get it now on AppExchange According to Albert Einstein, “Excellence is doing a common thing in an uncommon way.” Employees who participate in the Salesforce Labs program exemplify this. The Einstein’s Excellence Award (previously the Innovation Award) Appy’s List is given to new Labs apps that help customers in especially innovative ways. Finally, we would like to close by announcing the solutions that This year’s award goes to Vincent Finet’s Org Check which gives admins a full view made it to Appy’s List. This list, reviewed and approved by Get it now of their environment’s technical debt so they can start cleaning it up. Appy, of course, highlights apps that underwent significant Get it now on AppExchange enhancements in the past year. Whether it means bug fixes, a stunning update, or a relaunch, this category recognizes all the apps that wowed customers with their new upgrades. This year’s honorees are ... Most Paw-pular • Case Timer for Service Console: Craig Paterson • V2MOM App: Avinash Kotha This award goes to the a new Labs app with the most installs of the year. This year, • Content Standards Checklist: Devra Struzenberg, this prize goes to Alex Edelstein’s Flow Actions Base Pack. The solution actually Leon Kempers, and Carolina Larroque debuted on UnofficialSF, but it’s now approved for official distribution. This app provides admins with a variety of Apex classes that supercharge their flows. With the included components, you can accomplish things like displaying your Congratulations to all our winners. We are so excited to highlight the top apps from 2022. Have you tried record collections in flex cards, adding picklists to your flow screens, converting any of these award-winning apps? Be sure to leave your feedback by writing a review on AppExchange. records to CSV, and much more. No wonder admins love it so much. Salesforce Labs are free, employee-built apps on AppExchange, and our builders are always bringing new Get it now on AppExchange solutions to the market. Stay updated on the latest and greatest by following AppExchange on Twitter. 11

TEAM TRADITIONS THE EXCHANGE WINTER 2023 Yihan Cao Katie Gu Associate Partner Strategy Manager, AppExchange Product Designer, AppExchange Nationality: Chinese Nationality: Chinese What does the Lunar New Year mean to you? What does the Lunar New Year mean to you? Family reunion time (including lots of meals Family gathering, good food, fireworks togethers); celebrate the new year Can you tell us about some of the traditions? Can you tell us about some of the traditions? • Countdown to new year • We will wear red! • Fireworks at midnight • Family reunion meals together • Not sleeping on that day • Fireworks to celebrate the new year • Family making dumplings together • Red pocket money to receive (my family tradition • Wearing new clothes on first day of new year is that you can keep receiving red pocket money • Saying “happy new year” and getting red pocket until you start working) money from family • Visiting the elderly family members’ homes to wish Do you have any special dishes that you eat? them well in person • Must wear something new on the first day of Dumplings and roasted peking duck new year • Clean the house and decorate with Chun Lian (good wishes poems in red paper to glue on the windows or doors) • Get a haircut before the new year • On the fifth day of the new year, we celebrate Welcome Day for the God of Wealth • On the 10th day of the new year, we have another festival called Yuan Xiao Jie/Lantern Festival, where we will eat Tang Yuan Do you have any special dishes that you eat? I think each family has their own special Lunar New Year dish. My family’s is braised pork belly with bamboo shoot. Whether you bring in the Lunar time filled with traditions, family, and What makes you most proud of your heritage? New Year with a cheerful “Xīnnián lots of delicious food. We wanted to My heritage taught me to always be respectful to hăo,” “Chúc Mừng Năm Mới,” share what this holiday means to the others and appreciate “Saehae bok mani badeuseyo,” AppExchange team and how some of the family. or in one of the myriad other us celebrate. We hope you enjoy this languages and cultures that festive time of year with your family, mark the occasion, it’s a happy friends, and larger community. 13

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TEAM TRADITIONS THE EXCHANGE WINTER 2023 Judy Tang Ron Lim Associate Digital Marketing Manager, AppExchange Job Title: Associate Creative Director, AppExchange Nationality: Chinese Nationality: Chinese What does the Lunar New Year mean to you? What does the Lunar New Year mean to you? New years is an important holiday that my family celebrates. There Firecrackers, red envelopes, moon cake, rabbit candy are many traditions that we practice that make me think of my Can you tell us about some of the traditions? childhood and memories I had growing up. It’s the one holiday my Married people are supposed to give lucky red envelopes to single mom is people, but especially to kids. super strict about and making sure there’s positive energy and everyone is getting along. Do you have any special dishes that you eat? Can you tell us about some of the traditions? Yes, chicken, glass noodles, Chinese tamales (sticky rice, • Married couples give red envelopes with money inside for good mushrooms, nuts, salted eggs, or luck to kids and single people. Red symbolizes good luck and sausage), and shrimp chips fortune. Young people give their best wishes to their elders. • Clean house in preparation for New Year and add good luck scrolls. It’s bad luck to start the year with a messy house. • Family dinner to ensure the solidarity and cohesiveness of the family throughout the year. • Avoid washing hair and getting a haircut on New Year’s because hair is a homonym for “fortune” so if you wash/cut your hair it’s like “washing/cutting your fortune away” at the beginning of the new year. • Light firecrackers in front of your house or business to scare away unwanted spirits. Do you have any special dishes that you eat? On new years day my family doesn’t eat any meat. Meat comes from killing an animal so you don’t want to start the year by shedding blood. It’s important to eat a good meal with multiple dishes so that you will be eating well throughout the year. What makes you most proud of your heritage? I think it’s cool that these historic traditions have been passed down from generations of Chinese culture, and the fact that we still practice some of these traditions today as our ancestors did. It’s also nice to see the family togetherness and respect given to one another, especially elders. Is there anything else you would like to share? Many other Asian cultures celebrate Lunar New Year as well, and have similar and overlapping traditions — and a lot of the traditions may seem a little silly but it brings everyone together and it’s nice that everyone is always happy and in a good mood during Lunar New Year. 15

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NEWS FROM OUR PARTNER THE EXCHANGE Nespon WINTER 2023 The Benefits of Revenue Intelligence Revenue Intelligence gives your Revenue Intelligence can decrease Revenue Intelligence can help sales leaders total visibility in data. ramp time for new team members set big forecasts. Revenue Intelligence provides data for and accelerate sales cycles. With data all in one centralized area, both sellers and sales leaders giving a New team members are able to jump sellers and leaders can see in real time Rev up your sales teams with complete picture of the health of your right into the established workflow of that deals are in the right stage and take business. the team and quickly become top appropriate action. This trust in the Revenue Intelligence. performers. system can help decrease risk and keep deals moving forward. “Revenue intelligence is a data-driven way to sell. It uses AI and automation to create visibility across the revenue lifecycle — from marketing to sales to finance — and generate Implementing Revenue Intelligence insights you can act on. Sales leaders use revenue intelligence to monitor pipeline health, guide sellers to the best motions, and drive predictable revenue growth.” There are a number of ways to The organization you entrust to implement Revenue Intelligence. deliver revenue performance can’t Dave Borrelli, SVP, Sales at Salesforce The Quick Start program is a great way afford lengthy implementation, to seamlessly get the program in your complexity, or an approach that Salesforce setup. It has a predefined consumes essential resources. A great way to improve Sales Cloud service is Our partner Nespon, a consulting service scope, transparent upfront pricing, and Salesforce consulting partner Nespon through the addition of Salesforce’s Revenue that has helped customers implement a guaranteed timeline. Additionally, is one of a select group of consultants Intelligence. What is Revenue Intelligence? It’s a Revenue Intelligence, shares a few benefits of delivery teams immediately feel that are Revenue Intelligence Quick data-driven sales solution that unites CRM Revenue Intelligence and advice for the confident having a true out-of-the-box Start program-approved. Analytics dashboard and analytics with an best way to implement it. solution designed and packaged easy-to-visualize pipeline progress flow chart in upfront for rapid time to market. Pipeline Inspection, and more. Revenue Intelligence can be a game changer for organizations that see intelligent analytics as an opportunity to drive improved sales execution. Learn more about Nespon on AppExchange.



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Looking Forward with Salesforce Ben The Salesforce ecosystem moves at such a rate, that sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the latest and greatest innovations. But to stay competitive in the world we live in, it’s exactly these past innovations that will shape our strategy for 2023. While there has been much exciting deploy safer and faster, using modern automations but you do need that spark news to come out of the Salesforce DevOps best practices and tools. of inspiration, alongside some business ecosystem in 2022, there is also one Salesforce Flow is now at the top of the analysis, to come up with the perfect thought on everyone’s mind, the low-code game, enabling professionals solution for your business process. For economic downturn. Don’t let it scare to build sophisticated automation inspiration, check out AppExchange. you, this is the time to double down without using a line of code. on the attention you are giving to One of the best places to start is your CRM, ensuring effectiveness and The beauty of working with the Salesforce Labs. These are free, extracting every bit of efficiency from Salesforce Platform is that you have customizable apps directly released by your tech stack. one of the most powerful low-code Salesforce employees that really show automation platforms at your fingertips. off what is possible with AppExchange. Check out apps such as Over the past year, the Salesforce You can directly combat inefficiencies Round Robin landscape has changed significantly, in your company, utilizing tools such as Assigner for lead routing, Agile with some of the most interesting Flow, and ultimately contribute to the Accelerator for project management, developments setting organizations bottom line. and the prebuilt Salesforce adoption up perfectly for 2023. The Salesforce dashboard. DevOps Center released in December The Salesforce Platform provides a gives professionals the possibility to fantastic foundation to build your own 25

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