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SUMO Scheduler: Industry Ebook - Retail and Manufacturing

Learn about how our partner SUMO Scheduler can help customers in both the Retail and Manufacturing industries.

Here’s how SUMO Scheduler helps retail and RETAIL AND MANUFACTURING manufacturing sales organizations like yours. Industry Insider Self-Service SUMO Scheduler makes it easy for prospects and customers to schedule virtual, phone, or in-person appointments with your sales team. Travel Time Accuracy SUMO Scheduler helps you account for travel time for 昀椀eld appointments, maximizing your reps’ territory plans, preventing con昀氀icts, and ensuring on-time arrival. Follow-up Scheduling See how our partner SUMO Scheduler tackles SUMO Scheduler empowers reps to 昀椀ll gaps in their challenges in the retail and manufacturing industry. calendars and arrange follow-up sales appointments that From big-picture problems to the speci昀椀c needs of an work with their territory and schedule. EVP of Sales, SUMO Scheduler has it covered. SUMO Scheduler, a Salesforce native app, provides automated appointment, event, and 昀椀eld sales scheduling tools to Salesforce users. Keep reading to learn how SUMO Scheduler could help an EVP of Sales.

The Solution SUMO Scheduler’s powerful features help companies increase appointment volume, employee productivity, and customer satisfaction. Fill your sales team’s Calculate travel time. calendars. The Challenge: Accurately projecting travel time can be a huge struggle for field reps — The Challenge: Sales representatives encounter forcing them to choose between maximizing challenges in maintaining a full sales calendar, their call plan and running the risk of arriving including the need to consistently prospect for late or even missing an appointment. new leads and secure appointments. The Solution: SUMO Scheduler provides The Solution: SUMO’s online scheduling tools keep automated travel time calculations during the sales reps’ days full by offering customers a quick appointment booking process, ensuring reps and easy way to book virtual, phone, or in-person arrive to meetings on time every time. appointments directly on their calendars. Scheduling processes can be customized and placed on any website, social media page, text, or Salesforce Community page. Leads and contacts are automatically created in Salesforce to reduce admin time and data errors. Schedule follow-ups immediately. Preplan your territory The Challenge: Sales reps want to get their clients call schedule. to commit to a next meeting so they can keep their sales momentum going. Using their calendars can The Challenge: Sales reps must effectively lead to scheduling errors and travel conflicts. manage their time spent in the field, balancing The Solution: SUMO's Invite Manager allows reps competing priorities, and continuously engaging to book follow-up meetings in real time and capture with potential clients to ensure a steady flow of the event directly in Salesforce. For field meetings and opportunities for closing sales. appointments, a travel buffer is automatically The Solution: Define your daily availability in calculated and added to your calendar alignment with your territory travel plan. Send to avoid conflicts. out custom emails or texts to customers inviting them to book an appointment with you at their location when you’ll be in their area next.

The Scenario SUMO Scheduler solves Sally’s challenges by helping her to: In this example, let’s imagine how an EVP of Sales could use SUMO Scheduler to help teams achieve their sales goals. Schedule 昀椀eld calls e昀케ciently. With the combined Salesforce native self-scheduling tools and powerful 昀椀eld sales territory execution tools, Sally’s reps can now book appointments much faster. Protect client data. SUMO leverages military grade security and Salesforce platform architecture so Sally can feel con昀椀dent that client Sally Selling data is safe. EVP, Sales Solve multiple use cases. With SUMO Scheduler, Sally’s team can o昀昀er virtual, phone, or in-person appointments. She can now accommodate Sally needs to help her sales inside and outside sales use cases. SUMO is an enterprise reps better manage their tool native to all Salesforce clouds, so Sally’s team can use it schedules so they can keep across multiple verticals. a full calendar, be on time, Her Goals: Her Challenges: Update metrics in real time. and e昀케ciently follow up. • Help her team surpass sales goals • Reps often use their calendars Sally drives and manages strategy using SUMO’s native • Ensure her reps arrive for all when scheduling appointments, reporting and dashboard tools that empower users and appointments on time which leads to late shows and missed appointments leaders with real-time metric updates. • Empower customers to make their • Reps lack the tools to quickly own appointments with their schedule follow-ups territory reps • Without a full sales calendar, reps struggle to meet sales goals Learn more about SUMO