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Solve It Story - Vidyard/Sophos

Learn how our partner Vidyard helps their customer Sophos create a site that served as a centralized location for quality content and allowed it to implement its own search engine.

Tales of Customer Succes猠⠀ from Our Partner: Solve†⠀ It Stories How Vidyard helped Sophos increase†⠀ its viewership by over 225%. The Challenge㨀਀ Sophos is leading global cybersecurity company that provides managed detection and response services and†⠀ a complete portfolio of endpoint, network, email, and other security solutions to defeat cyberattackers. The Sophos support team needed to provide a consistent location where customers could 昀椀nd accurate expert content on Sophos’ products਀㠀 The Opportunity㨀਀ Organizations often need a centralized location for customers to 昀椀nd high-quality video content they†⠀ Vidyard is an integral can trust਀㠀 tool in our video production strategy, as it How do they .. gives us the flexibility to Create a hub page with a custom search feature for customers implement our technical Gather analytics to help improve content requirements while Make it easy for customers to access both videos and being simple and well- other support content like blog posts and articles਀䤀 thought-out enough to not require code editing In the case of Sophos, it needed to create a site that served as a centralized location for quality content and for minor changes. allowed it to implement its own search engine. Florentino Sanche稠⠀ Sr. Director, Digital Customer Support ☀਀ Global Support Readiness

Tales of Customer Succes猠⠀ from Our Partner: Solve†⠀ It Stories The Successful Outcome㨀਀ Sophos now has a Sophos Techvids dedicated website allowing the company†⠀ to implement the Coveo search engine. This custom search engine caters†⠀ to what customers need when they search. It also gathers the analytics to help Sophos improve its content and provide a better experience for customers searching for solutions਀㠀 This has resulted in: Better†⠀ % Customer delight content creation 225 in easily found content created as a result of newly†⠀ increase and reviewed by Sophos identified content gaps in viewership Considerations for cyber security customers looking to centralize video content Once video content is made widely available, measure its impact on your business objectives. Track individual and aggregate video data to learn more about your audience, and turn views into tangible business results Individual video analytics give real-time insight into who’s watching your videos, when, and for how long, so you can plan your content creation to align with the needs and desires of your viewers and potential customers Viewers are more likely to stay engaged with content if it’s readily†⠀ available and o昀昀ered up to them immediately in a logical way. For example, after a deep dive on a product feature, guide viewers to more content on†⠀ that o昀昀ering At the end of your videos, create a clear call to action (learn more, download an asset, connect with sales, etc.) to ensure your hard-earned views turn customers into engaged brand advocates. Learn more about Vidyard on AppExchange. Learn more