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Small and Medium Business App Guide

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INTRO Welcome to our SMBs need to be innovative and agile to stay on top of competition and navigate change. This guide is designed to help. It’s a quick read, filled guide for small with curated recommendations of AppExchange and medium apps that solve common challenges for SMBs. Here’s how to use the guide: First, explore best practices on business (SMB) how to ifnd an app that ifts your business challenge. Next, check out ifve common questions SMBs have about how to move their business forward faster. Then, read the app descriptions and apps. customer recommendations. Solutions selected for this app guide start with you: customer favorites. We look at reviews and ratings to make sure they are recommended by customers seeking similar solutions. We also partner with the Salesforce SMB team to identify strategic partners that address common challenges for SMBs to include in the app guide. Along the way, be sure to read Appy’s tips. With thousands of solutions to choose from, this guide is designed to help you zero in on the ones that are right for your business. Happy exploring.

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THE STEPS Guide your search 1• What business challenges do you want to solve? How to find the right • What is your time frame? • What is your budget? SMB apps. • What business process will be impacted? Discover and evaluate 2• Browse small or medium business apps on AppExchange • Read customer reviews • Test drive the app or install into a sandbox Make your decision 3• Involve your stakeholders in the process • Check price, security, and compatibility with your Salesforce edition and other apps • Install and conifgure based on your needs

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SMB PAIN POINT #1 How do I save time on manual business processes? Increase productivity while saving time. Improve the eiffciency of your operations by automating and optimizing proposals, billing, contract management, and more.

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DocuSign eSignature ProposalForce (free) 4.6 “ The DocuSign integration with Salesforce has With ProposalForce, users can search and made it so much easier to send, execute, and iflter trusted knowledge articles, grab the most track contracts that dont normally require edits.” applicable text, customize it for a particular ERIC SCALES question, and link it to a question. Find out more > Find out more > Zapier Salesforce CPQ & Billing 4.7 4.7 “With Zapier’s huge list of integrations, we can now funnel all “This is a phenomenal app and CPQ system that allows cus- of our information into Salesforce for total transparency and tomers the lfexibility to quote quickly and easily even data insights.” with the most complex quoting processes.” MELISSA HEDGE BRENDYN IATRIDIS Find out more > Find out more > PandaDoc 4.3 “Writing proposals used to take us hours. By using PandaDoc, we can create proposals in as little as ifve minutes.” TIM HEBEL Find out more >

Mission Control: Project Management Kimble for Salesforce (PSA) 4.8 4.9 “For our project tracking, consulting productivity, “Kimble has enabled us to have greater visibility to and metrics, Mission Control has revolutionized manage our business in real-time in a much more our business and the way that the professional effective way.” services team operates.” MATTHEW JOYNES EMILY FALK Find out more > Find out more > Conga Sign FinancialForce 4.8 4.6 “Dynamic and eiffcient. We have been using Conga for “We’ve been running our company on FinancialForce PSA around 10 years to create forms and contracts. It still works and Accounting for ifve years. The amount of real time without any problems.” information about the health of our company has been LIEN THUY TRANG NGUYEN invaluable.” Find out more > TOM LAGARDE Find out more > There are more than 80,000 customer reviews on the AppExchange.

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SMB PAIN POINT #2 How do I become more data-driven? Provide tools that enhance data-based insights to drive results. Make strategic decisions based on data analysis and interpretation to better serve customers and consumers.

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Dashboard Pal (free) Gainsight 4.2 4.7 “This has saved my customers so much time, by “Gainsight made it possible for us to organize our being able to quickly navigate to their dashboards customer information for the customer success all on the home page without having to go to the team so it could be consumable and actionable.” dashboards object.” TRAVIS FLOYD KADEJH NAEBZADEH Find out more > Find out more > Salesforce CRM Dashboards (free) Dun & Bradstreet Optimizer 4.5 4.9 “Easy to install. I use this as a base dashboard and modiifed “We are mostly using this for Account data enrichment and with our custom ifelds. Awesome.” duplicate identiifcation. Its a very useful tool, and helps to � SOPHIE CHAN keep our data updated and cleaner.” Find out more > LAURA ROIS Find out more >

SMB PAINPOINT #3 How do I enable employee collaboration? Make collaboration effortless. Enable your teams to share knowledge, information, and resources to increase productivity and workplace satisfaction.

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OrgChart for Salesforce Lightning Image Slider 5.0 4.3 “OrgChart provides all the functions we were “This app works very well, and very fast on the looking for in an organizational relationship tool.” Lightning record page. I love all the customization SHAUN BOYNTON features.” Find out more > REID BROWN Find out more > JabberJaw (free) 5.0 “This app iflls the gaps and in fact provides more features to take it to the Chatter post along with encryption in place.” SACHIN CHAUDHARI Find out more > If you’re looking for more information, you can ask questions, get tips, and share knowledge with the rest of the AppExchange trailblazer community.

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Box for Salesforce (free) Agile Accelerator (free) 3.9 4.0 “This tool is far superior to the many document “Its rich UI and user-friendly function for managing management systems I investigated. I can’t say aspects of scrum is awesome. You just need to enough about how happy we are with it.” know how agile works and this app will help you to MISTY WHITNEY capture and process information.” Find out more > AMIT KUMAR GIRI Find out more > Cloud Coach Fundamentals 4.9 “This app is fully integrated and really simple to learn and use. I love the fact there is a knowledge base and videos. That signiifcantly helps with change management and training.” AUSTIN WALSWICK Find out more > There are over 4,000 solutions on the AppExchange that can help extend Salesforce into any department or industry.

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SMB PAIN POINT #4 What tools can help employees work more effectively from anywhere? Solutions make it easy. Keeping your team focused, connected, and motivated while working from anywhere will help make your business agile and strategically focused.

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Xactly Incent Express Magic Mover (free) 4.7 3.5 “We use Incent to comp 1,600+ individuals. The tool’s “Follow the guide and you’ll be converting all notes, lfexibility and ability to customize is a huge plus.” attachments, and related lists in a matter of minutes.” NITIN BATHIJA VIRSYS12 CONSULTING Find out more > Find out more > Trail Tracker (free) Distribution Engine 3.3 5.0 “Trail Tracker is a must for every end user within “Distribution Engine has been integral to our their organisation to track the user adoption company’s ability to route our inbound funnel and analyse how well their users are learning quickly and eiffciently.” Salesforce.” TAYLOR DALTON AKASH MISHRA Find out more > Find out more > Customisable Flow Header & Footer (free) 4.3 “This is a great, easy-to-use product that adds much needed functionality to screen lfows.” DANIEL NEWBY Find out more >

SMB PAIN POINT #5 How can I create more personalized customer experiences? Create unique customer journeys for unique customers. Delivering a unique and personalized customer experience is an essential part of improving your relationships with customers.

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Salesforce Pardot Campaign Monitor 4.5 for Salesforce (free) 5.0 “I highly recommend to anyone using Salesforce to “Campaign Monitor for Salesforce integrates adapt Pardot for your marketing. As a busy chief smoothly with Salesforce, allowing fast and easy marketing oiffcer, this was a very eiffcient solution.” access to all of the Campaign Monitor features ROBERT SCHILLERY and reporting without leaving the system.” Find out more > TRAVIS ORAMS Find out more > GetFeedback 4.9 “We have set up GetFeedback to gather feedback on our training courses. We have been able to integrate with salesforce and automatically trigger cases and other actions which are very beneifcial to our business.” CHRIS P Find out more > AppExchange solutions are built to address critical needs for functionality. If your organization has a need, AppExchange has a solution.

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Happy Exploring. All these solutions can help your small or medium business thrive. Follow the link below to learn more. See the entire collection at