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[Silverline - HLS] - Industry Ebook for Demand Gen

Learn how our partner Silverline can help customers in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry.

Here’s how Silverline helps healthcare and life HEALTHCARE AND LIFE SCIENCES sciences organizations like yours. Industry Insider Enhance patient acquisition. Implement strategies that intensify revenue generation from targeted patients and minimize the rate of potential patient attrition or churn. Drive patient satisfaction and retention. Deliver personalized experiences to patients that build trust and engagement to yield best-in-class outcomes. Connect data for a uni昀椀ed patient pro昀椀le. Foster positive patient interactions and proactive interventions from the initial contact to post- See how our partner Silverline tackles challenges in engagement, allowing for a continuum of care. the healthcare and life sciences industries. From big-picture problems to the specific needs of Engage your patient with AI. the patient experience, Silverline has it covered. Drive personalized care and optimize healthcare From evolving healthcare and life sciences trends operations, resulting in improved patient experiences and to emerging innovation in technology, Silverline is a health outcomes. leader in transforming both internal employee and external customer experiences. Keep reading to learn how Silverline could help a patient experience o昀케cer deliver personalized experiences that build trust, improve outcomes, and increase patient satisfaction.

The Solution Silverline maps out a solution using Marketing Cloud to help launch relevant campaigns targeting the appropriate user base through the proper channels. Patient Retention The Challenge: Difficulty in providing personalized experiences to patients can cause undesirable outcomes, a breach of trust, and low levels of satisfaction. Patient Aquisition The Solution: Silverline uses industry expertise The Challenge: Patients want to have to enhance the pre- and post-patient journey experiences where they are seen, heard, with targeted outreach specific to your patient. and known. Patients prefer organizations With real-time engagement and the power of that continue to innovate in understanding analytics, Marketing Cloud enables the their customer. improvement of your content strategy by communicating the right message, through the The Solution: Silverline helps identify right channel, every time. patient interactions based on a patient’s interests and needs. This customization improves engagement, increases the likelihood of conversions, and leads to a seamless user experience. Automate with AI 360-View of Patients The Challenge: AI is not yet proven in today’s The Challenge: When your current tech stack healthcare market with providers. Much is consists of siloed systems that don’t speak to one unknown and there are many experiences to be another, a patient’s overall experience is fragmented. learned, so how should you incorporate AI? Whether it is ambulatory care, acute care, or The Solution: Einstein AI’s potential in healthcare post-acute care, a patient, their household, and care lies in its ability to foresee disease risks, helping to in delivery should always remain consistent. facilitate early intervention and preventive The Solution: Silverline positions Data Cloud to measures by analyzing patient data and identifying create a unified patient record that fosters patterns that signal health risks. This empowers personalized care, informed decision-making, and healthcare providers to tailor personalized improved collaboration. The platform helps approaches to disease prevention and streamline providers facilitate proactive interventions and patient management. enhance patient engagement, paving the way for better health outcomes and more efficient operations.

The Scenario Silverline solves Autumn’s In this example, let’s imagine how a patient challenges by helping her: Manage and integrate data sets. experience o昀케cer could use Silverline to Silverline leverages its healthcare and life sciences industry expertise leverage the power of AI, data, and CRM to to enable Autumn’s team to identify Sunstone Health’s target transform patient engagement, save time, population and engage them through the appropriate campaigns. reduce costs, and grow revenue. Users are enrolled in a speci昀椀c journey based on their interaction and preferences, and the team has a visual analysis of the campaign trends. Deliver dynamic emails with individualized messaging. Silverline guides Autumn’s team in setting up personalized patient emails from potential partner clinics with recommendations on Autumn Lief clinicians near a patient based on their availability. By adding a Patient Experience O昀케cer, segmented audience to a curated engagement journey, Sunstone Sunstone Health Hospital Health sees an uptick in scheduling and overall patient satisfaction. Enable a full lifecycle patient experience. Autumn is responsible for the overall Silverline provides a personalized experience by leveraging Data marketing strategy to acquire and retain Cloud to build a comprehensive view of a patient’s health history and patients for Sunstone Health Hospital. interactions, o昀昀ering a range of bene昀椀ts for healthcare providers and patients alike. Data Cloud enables tailored care plans and Her Goals: Her Challenges: personalized treatment options to present a holistic understanding of • Shift data from siloed systems into • Information for contacts is disconnected from existing engagement a patient’s medical journey. a uni昀椀ed view applications, and the disparate systems cause discrepancies in contact Deepen engagement with Einstein AI • Increase patient retention by records. This has led to an in昀氀ux of inconsistencies, decreased employee Sunstone Health provides a personalized experience by leveraging improving outcomes and satisfaction scores, and lower-than-desired patient satisfaction surveys. satisfaction • The infamous “swivel-chair” syndrome from working among several Einstein AI to communicate with patients through their preferred channels with relevant content to ensure satisfaction from the time of • Advance engagement by providing di昀昀erent engagement tools and not being able to track appropriate metrics more personalized patient has resulted in lost referrals, volume leakage, and extended response times acquisition to post-visit engagement. Einstein’s predictive analytics experiences for patients. revolutionize healthcare and life sciences by fostering early disease • Patients expect 24/7 access to their health history through a variety of prevention, personalized treatment plans, and optimized operations channels. They want to be known and have prompted actions based on for improved patient experiences and health outcomes. their interactions and history, but Sunstone’s existing tech stack and legacy applications lack this ability. Learn more about Silverline.