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[SharinPix - FinServ: Real Estate] - Industry Ebook

Learn how our partner SharinPix can help FinServ customers and Real Estate customers solve their problems.

Here’s how SharinPix helps lenders simplify the loan FINANCIAL SERVICES, REAL ESTATE approval process. Industry Insider Easily Gather and Transform Provide your customers with a clear online form that lists all the documents they need to submit. Automatically transform scanned documents and images into PDFs. Quickly Validate Make initial document-level validations without leaving Salesforce. Categorize, edit, comment, mark up, and sign documents so they are ready for the next party to review. See how our partner SharinPix tackles challenges in the Organize and Package real estate financial services industry. From big-picture Automatically generate a PDF or zip file that meets problems to the specific needs of a loan servicing the requirements of the department that will be using agent, SharinPix has it covered. the information. SharinPix makes it easy to gather, validate, transform, and package critical documents as PDFs without leaving Salesforce. SharinPix can help a loan servicing agent cut down on back-and-forths and keep the loan approval process running smoothly.

The Solution SharinPix helps you meet all your PDF management needs in Salesforce. Collect scanned documents quickly and easily. The Challenge: Customers don’t always know what documentation is needed or how to submit Validate scanned the correct forms. documents within The Solution: The SharinPix PDF App allows Salesforce. loan agents to send out an online form, created in Salesforce, that lists the documents that need The Challenge: Documents needing review to be included or scanned in by the customer. by multiple parties must be checked for accuracy. Reviewing documents manually outside Salesforce can be time-consuming. The Solution: The SharinPix PDF App allows loan agents to identify missing documents, annotate documents that need to be revised, reorder and combine files into one PDF, and package it all into a zip file to share via Salesforce with the next reviewer. Upload any size/format of PDF, scan, or image. The Challenge: A loan servicer may get client photos in a format that can’t be easily viewed in a browser. This can slow down operations. The Solution: SharinPix lets users upload any size file, including PDFs, without restrictions. It also supports all image file types, including HEIC and RAW, so there’s no need to worry about file upload errors.

The Scenario SharinPix solves Monty’s challenges by helping him to: In this example, let’s imagine how a loan servicing agent can use SharinPix to help customers breeze through the loan approval process. Prevent missing documentation. By providing customers with a simple form, Monty is able to collect the documents he needs faster. Save time reviewing documents. Monty Mortgage With the PDF App by SharinPix, Monty can check documents for accuracy, make comments, reorganize, Loan Servicing Agent and package them into a zip file to share with the next party, all right in Salesforce. Avoid unreadable information. Monty uses Salesforce to manage With SharinPix, Monty can work with any PDF or image loan applications. He wants to get file format or size, without fear of traditional limitations. customers through the process as No upload errors, no blank screens due to unknown formats quickly as possible, which can be His Goals: His Challenges: — SharinPix simplifies both the upload and reading of difficult when dealing with lots of • Provide a smooth • It’s time-consuming to customer-provided information. documents in different formats. customer experience collect customer documents • Gather, validate, and send • Customers often upload file required documents in formats that are difficult to a timely manner work with like HEICs or very • Improve workflows for large TIFFs all departments involved • Opening and reviewing in the process documents outside Salesforce adds unnecessary Learn more about SharinPix and complex steps