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App Guide | eBook | 16 pages | Find service app recommendations that solve common pain points in customer support


THE INTRO Extend the power of your customer service team with apps Welcome to from AppExchange. Now you can support every customer with ease — anytime and anywhere. This guide incorporates our guide service app recommendations that solve common pain points in customer support. to service apps. Here’s how to use the guide: First, check out best practices on how to find an app that fits your business challenge. Next, explore a particular pain point. Then read customer recommendations of service apps that worked the best for them. Along the way, check out Appy’s service apps tips. With over 3,000 apps in inventory, we hope this guide helps you zero in on the ones that are right for your business. Happy exploring. “ Want all the details about an app? Just click Appy Find out more.” is your guide to the partner ecosystem.

THE STEPS GUIDE YOUR SEARCH How to find 1• What business challenge do you want to solve? • What’s your budget? the service app • What’s your time frame? that’s right • What business processes will be impacted? DISCOVER AND EVALUATE for you. 2• Read customer reviews. • Browse the service categories on • Ask your peers via user groups, Trailblazer Community. • Check out Demo Jams to learn about apps in 3-minute pitches. • View the latest app trends on AppExchange Resources. • Test drive the app or install in the sandbox. MAKE YOUR DECISION 3• Involve your stakeholders in the process. • Check price, security, and compatibility with your Salesforce edition and other apps. • Install and configure based on your business needs.

SERVICE CUSTOMER PAIN POINT #1 Can I connect my call center to the rest of my company?

CUSTOMER RECOMMENDATIONS Talkdesk Yes. Create a single 5.0 source of truth. “ Talkdesk lets us manage our contact database more effectively while giving our reps quick access Give agents a 360-degree view so they know who to information they need to support our customers.” customers are when they call. SIMON BAIRD Find out more > Five9 NewVoiceMedia 4.3 5.0 “ Five9 took us almost off our work cell phones. “ NewVoiceMedia is an easy-to-use system that Now we call customers directly from their Salesforce — finally! — helps us track calls efficiently and leads and track their info from the same page.” effectively within Salesforce.” ANDREW FINCH CHLOE KOSMIDER Find out more > Find out more > inContact “ Make sure calls are 4.9 automatically attached to cases in Salesforce.” “ inContact helped drop our average handle time by a lot. It’s easy to train new hires because it’s so intuitive. And our reps are happy with the Salesforce integration.” ROBB PLEASANT Find out more > APPY TIP

SERVICE CUSTOMER PAIN POINT #2 How can I deliver omni-channel customer service?

CUSTOMER RECOMMENDATIONS Glance Meet customers 4.9 wherever they are. “ Glance has been my ‘go to’ app for 10 years, saving me thousands of dollars in unnecessary travel Provide service options across SMS, phone, expenses. Thanks for being there for me.” live chat, and more. SEAN THOMPSON Find out more > LiveMessage GeoFluent 5.0 5.0 “ LiveMessage makes communicating with customers “ GeoFluent helped us successfully roll out five languages easy and convenient. Gathering the information we via its real-time translator. The post-implementation need is efficient and enjoyable.” support is second to none.” NEAL SEYMOUR KEITH LODEWYK Find out more > Find out more > SMS-Magic 4.8 “Staffmoreagentswhen deployingomni-channel service.” “ SMS-Magic is magic! We send out automated SMSes to clients based on workflow rules and triggers, including time-dependent workflows.” DALE PURDON Find out more >

SERVICE CUSTOMER PAIN POINT #3 Is there a way to elevate my customer service?

CUSTOMER RECOMMENDATIONS Gainsight Explore new technology 4.7 and processes. “ Gainsight gives our teams better visibility into their accounts, prioritizes who to engage with, and helps standardize customer onboarding.” From AI to enhanced workflows, embrace new JEN MOLITOR ways of delivering service. Find out more > DigitalGenius UPS Shipping 5.0 4.9 “ DigitalGenius brings practical applications of deep “ UPS Shipping centralizes information and links it to learning and artificial intelligence into the customer customers. In the end, you’ll have a 360-degree view service operations of large companies.” and know in real time where to find the package.” T. BRETT CHISHOLM YOHANN LECORNET Find out more > Find out more > D&B Hoovers “L eave lots of time to train 4.6 agentsonnewprocesses andworkflows.” “ D&B Hoovers helps my sales team easily capture the data we want to have on our target accounts — like revenue, industry, and addresses.” JEFF ERNST Find out more > APPY TIP

SERVICE CUSTOMER PAIN POINT #4 Can I better manage and support my service agents?

CUSTOMER RECOMMENDATIONS In-Gage Understand 5.0 their satisfaction. “ In-Gage enables us to track and understand employee satisfaction — an essential part of Use tools to drive agent empowerment delivering great service to customers.” and happiness. JAMES FITTON Find out more > Hoopla Punch 4.9 5.0 “ We’re seeing productivity increase in the metrics “ Punch gave us an easy way for team members to and excited to see all the fruits of our investment share their current work status and whereabouts with Hoopla in the quarters to come.” from within Salesforce. Awesome app.” ANTHONY KENNADA MICHAEL NGUYEN Find out more > Find out more > “Surveysareagreatway tounderstandwhere employees need help.”

SERVICE CUSTOMER PAIN POINT #5 How can I help my service agents be more productive?

CUSTOMER RECOMMENDATIONS Swiftype Provide information 5.0 at their fingertips. “ Swiftype enables me to look at an account in Salesforce and see all my notes about where Help agents easily find information to make customers were before I reach out to them.” CHRIS CRANE solving cases more efficient. Find out more > Distribution Engine Q-assign 5.0 4.6 “ Distribution Engine offers automated case assignment. “ Q-assign helps us maintain changes to our round The teams get along better knowing there’s fairness and robin distributions and provides the flexibility even reasoning behind their case assignments.” with the most complex distributions.” COLLIN MARTIN BART KORZILIUS Find out more > Find out more > “UseSalesforcetogive agentsasinglesourceof truth around customers.” APPY TIP

SERVICE CUSTOMER PAIN POINT #6 Is there a better way to measure customer satisfaction?

CUSTOMER RECOMMENDATIONS SurveyMonkey Sure. Seek customer 3.9 feedback at every turn. “ SurveyMonkey lets us quickly report and analyze customer feedback, then communicate it to the Use survey tools to measure performance at right business unit for immediate response.” every customer touchpoint. THERESE KERFOOT Find out more > GetFeedback Qualtrics 4.9 4.0 “ GetFeedback sets up workflows to ensure bad “ Qualtrics integrates every use case by sending scores rout to a manager. Now we rest easy out survey requests, storing results in Salesforce, knowing we’ll tackle issues before they escalate.” or notifying managers based on feedback.” BETH CROSBIE JEFF PROVOST Find out more > Find out more > Clicktools “ Set surveys to automatically 4.7 track results back into Salesforce.” “ Clicktools gets customer feedback and connects it with our customer and reservation data stored in CRM. An easy and reliable process.” PAVEL RATH Find out more >

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