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Salesforce Consumer Goods App Guide

Check out 50+ solutions on the AppExchange to help with common consumer goods pain points.

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INTRO The world of consumer goods has unique needs and challenges. Use this guide to quickly ifnd AppExchange apps that can help Welcome to your business thrive. Here’s how to use the guide: First, explore best practices on how our guide to ifnd an app that ifts your business challenge. Next, check out our answers to four common questions consumer goods for consumer customers like you have about how to move their business forward faster. Then read the app descriptions and customer goods apps. recommendations. Along the way, be sure to read Appy’s tips. Solutions selected for app guides start with you: customer favorites. We look at reviews and ratings to make sure apps are recommended by customers. We also partner with the Salesforce industries teams to identify strategic partners that address common industry challenges for inclusion in the app guide. With over 4,000 solutions in inventory, we hope this guide helps you zero in on the ones that are right for your business. Happy exploring.

THE STEPS GUIDE YOUR SEARCH How to find 1• What business challenges do you want to solve? • What is your time frame? the right consumer • What is your budget? goods apps for • What business process will be impacted? DISCOVER AND EVALUATE your business. 2• Browse consumer goods apps on AppExchange. • Read customer reviews. • Test drive the app or install into a sandbox. MAKE YOUR DECISION 3• Involve your stakeholders in the process. • Check price, security, and compatibility with your Salesforce edition and other apps. • Install and conifgure based on your needs.

CONSUMER GOODS QUESTION #1 How do I connect to consumers in a whole new way? Drive consumer engagement. Keep your consumers front and center with consumer-scale marketing, service, and loyalty programs at each point along their journey.

Marketing Voice of the Consumer PROOF MARKETING PLANNER REPUTATION STUDIO | CUSTOMER REVIEWS (FORMERLY MUSQOT) – SURVEYS – CUSTOMER INSIGHTS 5.0 5.0 “ This multifaceted application provides a “ Reputation Studio offers improved consumer comprehensive record of all of our marketing experience, operational eiffciencies, and objectives, plans, and campaigns.” monitoring and responding to reviews.” NANCY FRANKLIN FAISAL RANGWALA Find out more > Find out more > SITECORE CONNECT FOR MEDALLIA SALES & SERVICE MARKETING CLOUD EXPERIENCE FOR SALESFORCE Sitecore Content Hub is a digital asset management solution The Medallia Experience Cloud is a comprehensive that stores and manages all your marketing assets. customer experience management platform for voice-of-customer feedback. Find out more > Find out more >

Personalization VUDOO – INTERACTIVE VIDEO REVTRAX OFFER MANAGEMENT PLATFORM FOR MARKETING CLOUD The RevTrax Offer Management Platform helps Vudoo enables you to create interactive video brands drive more value from existing marketing experiences. Personalized interactions drive efforts via mobile messaging. engagement and uncover insights. Find out more > Find out more > PHRASEE MOVABLE INK PLATFORM Phrasee enables global marketers to seamlessly Movable Ink automates personalized email content integrate AI-powered copywriting throughout their based on consumer behavior, third-party insights, email marketing channels. and business logic. Find out more > Find out more > BOUNCEX BounceX increases onsite identiifcation by giving website visitors a logged-in experience across devices. . Find out more >

Loyalty Management Returns Management CLUTCH LOYALTY ZENKRAFT FOR SALESFORCE ORDER MANAGEMENT Clutch powers personalized, scalable loyalty programs Zenkraft integrates directly with 60+ carriers to that leverage real-time data from Salesforce and automate shipping, returns, and tracking tasks. third-party systems. Find out more > Find out more > “All listings go through security review before being listed on AppExchange. Customers DEFACTO LOYALTY ENGINE are recommended to review the solutions based on their DEFACTO Loyalty Engine is a lfexible, innovative, unique requirements.” and scalable Salesforce application to run and manage loyalty programs. Find out more > ANTAVO LOYALTY MANAGEMENT PLATFORM FOR SALESFORCE Antavo is a leading SaaS technology that manages innovative customer loyalty programs right within Salesforce. Find out more >

CONSUMER GOODS QUESTION #2 How do I accelerate my B2B business? Integrate your route to market. Streamline your channel interactions, from trade promotion planning through ifeld sales and retail execution, on a single uniifed platform.

Trade Promotion Conifguration, Pricing, Quoting CPGTOOLBOX TRADE PLANNER ZILLIANT PRICE IQ 4.5 “ CPGToolBox took us from endless spreadsheets to Zilliant Price IQ uses AI to deliver customer-speciifc, optimized real-time info for planning, forecasting, deduction pricing for every product in every customer account. management, and more.” Find out more > POPCHIPS ADMIN Find out more > APTTUS CPQ (CONFIGURE PRICE QUOTE) FOR COMPLETE QUOTE-TO-CASH 5.0 ACCENTURE CLOUD RETAIL EXECUTION “ CPQ accelerated our quote and proposal management AND TRADE PROMOTION MANAGEMENT processes by eliminating repetitive tasks.” Accenture helps you plan and develop winning ABHINAV SHARMA campaigns with an overview of trade investments, Find out more > spending, and proiftability. Find out more > “AppExchange solutions PROS SMART CPQ can automate complex 4.6 tasks — letting you focus “ PROS Smart CPQ has signiifcantly reduced the time it on ensuring the best takes our sales teams to generate prices and quotes.” customer experience.” MARK HOEFING Find out more >

Retail Execution PITCHER INSTORE | PLAN – EXECUTE – REPORT AXSY RETAIL EXECUTION MOBILE APP IN THE FIELD – ONLINE/OFFLINE 5.0 Axsy boosts ifeld-force eiffciency with a mobile app for “ Pitcher lets our sales people review customer information, Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud that enables full make updates, and ifll out visit reports in one app.” functionality while olffine. PAVEL GORELOV Find out more > Find out more > YOUREKA | SMART MOBILE & OFFLINE FORMS, SURVEYS & CHECKLISTS FOR SALESFORCE 4.7 IVY MOBILITY RETAIL EXECUTION “ We have implemented Youreka forms for various business Ivy Mobility Retail Execution provides a 360-degree view of requirements, and have found it to be a very versatile tool.” your customers with an easy-to-use app that works anywhere. ROBERT TAYLOR Find out more > Find out more > GREATVINES SALES EXECUTION, CT MOBILE – OFFLINE SOLUTION ANALYTICS, SURVEYS, TRADE SPEND, FOR FIELD SALES REPS AND AND GOAL MANAGEMENT AGENTS WITH REMOTE DETAILING 5.0 5.0 “ GreatVines helps assign value to every action sales reps take, “ CT Mobile is an excellent app to work olffine in areas with while team leaders track progress and develop plans.” poor internet connection or while on a plane or train.” CHRIS STERBANK NADEZDA LUKOSHKINA Find out more > Find out more >

Retail Execution Helpers Contract Management AUGMENT FOR SALESFORCE DOCUSIGN ESIGNATURE FOR SALESFORCE 5.0 4.6 Augment lets reps, customers, or consumers “ DocuSign gives us an advantage over our competition by smoothing visualize your products in AR (augmented reality) out the sales, customer service, and compliance processes.” with a smartphone or tablet. WILL JOHNSON Find out more > Find out more > IMAGES APP BY SHARINPIX CONGA SIGN 4.7 4.8 “ I really enjoy Conga Sign; it is easy to use and I love the setup. “ Images has it all. From upload to edit, and more, Conga Sign setup is all in Salesforce, which means you don't right on the record. It's saved hours of work in have to go to other systems, and makes reviewing the existing our operations process.” setup easy.” WARREN HERSHKOWITZ RICH ENGLHARD Find out more > Find out more > OPTI-TIME OPTIM: MAP, ROUTE, ICERTIS CONTRACT MANAGEMENT: GEO-SCHEDULING, FIELD SERVICE, ACCELERATE, PROTECT, OPTIMIZE TERRITORY MANAGEMENT 5.0 Opti-Time Optim improves productivity by “ Icertis is extremely robust, very lfexible, and links easily optimizing your scheduling of sales appointments. to Salesforce. No hunting for ifles.” Find out more > VALERIE LEONARD Find out more >

B2B Commerce Loyalty Management FIELO LOYALTY & INCENTIVE AUTOMATION CONEXIOM FOR B2B COMMERCE 5.0 Conexiom Sales Order Automation automates the “ Fielo helped us develop and launch a branded loyalty processing of emailed purchase orders with complete program resulting in record-breaking revenue generation.” visibility in Salesforce. CARLOS PATSIOS Find out more > Find out more > PUNCHOUT2GO | PUNCHOUT INTEGRATION PunchOut2Go enables B2B PunchOut Catalog and order automation capabilities for B2B buyers with any procurement system. Find out more > FUJITSU GLOVIA® OM ORDER MANAGEMENT SOLUTION 5.0 “ Glovia OM is a great tool to integrate processes, from customer contact to fulifllment and accounting documentation.” MARCIA REED Find out more >

CONSUMER GOODS QUESTION #3 How can operations become more agile? Connect your value chain on one platform. From planning all the way through the extended supply chain, get critical data to the people who need it, when they need it.

Planning JEDOX PLANNING | SMARTER BUDGETING, ANAPLAN FOR SALES FORECASTING & QUOTA SETTING Anaplan for Sales helps sales organizations design and Jedox Planning is a powerful app to speed up budgeting, execute a complete strategy, including sales incentives forecasting, and quota setting right in Salesforce Lightning. and insights. Find out more > Find out more > Product Development and Operations PROPEL – CLOUD PLM, COMMERCIALIZATION, AND QMS SOLUTION SPECRIGHT – SPECIFICATION 4.8 MANAGEMENT PLATFORM “ Propel has been great, giving us a lfexible PLM foundation Specright illuminates the blind spots goods-producing companies in the cloud that will scale as our business grows.” have about packaging and helps them take back their data. MATT VERMINSKI Find out more > Find out more > ROOTSTOCK CLOUD ERP | MANUFACTURING, INVENTORY, COMPLIANCEQUEST | ENTERPRISE QUALITY DISTRIBUTION, AND SUPPLY CHAIN AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT (EQMS AND EHS) 5.0 5.0 “ Rootstock integrates inventory, purchasing, MRP, “ The software is very well designed and will help and WCP to make our back oiffce a success.” any organization satisfy QMS requirements.” STEPHEN SIMONS ANDI XIE Find out more > Find out more >

Supply Chain Integration VIGIENCE OVERCAST ICIX – SUPPLY CHAIN SOLUTIONS REAL-TIME SAP INTEGRATION 5.0 4.6 ICIX offers retail and consumer goods solutions for trading “ Thanks to Overcast we can immediately generate partner collaboration, supply chain transparency, and more. mistake-free sales orders with opportunity information.” Find out more > UELI STRICKER Find out more > NEURORED – SUPPLY CHAIN AND TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT SOLUTION ENOSIX SURFACE | SAP DATA AND PRICING 5.0 “ Neurored was a very good ift for us to streamline our end-to-end business processes and increase eiffciency.” “ Enosix is exactly what we needed. A cost-effective way to SEBASTIEN LAMBERT do real-time integration between Salesforce and SAP.” Find out more > GARY HESS Find out more > KETTEQ – SUPPLY CHAIN CONTROL TOWER Improve operational eiffciencies and reduce costs to drive higher revenue with ketteQ Supply Chain Control Tower. Find out more >

CONSUMER GOODS QUESTION #4 How do I engage employees throughout their lifecycle? It’s all about the right tools. Give HR and employees enterprise tools with consumer-grade experiences that are fast, mobile, and intuitive.

Recruiting and Workforce Intranet BULLHORN JOBSCIENCE | SIMPPLR EMPLOYEE INTRANET: CONNECT, TALENT ACQUISITION ALIGN, AND ENGAGE YOUR WORKFORCE 4.4 4.9 “ Great solution for recruiting and applicant management. “ Our list of 'must have' features and wish-list items matched There are many features that simplify the whole process.” up perfectly with what Simpplr could deliver.” TIM MURPHY STEVE WYLIE Find out more > Find out more > COVEO – AI-POWERED SEARCH AND SAGE BUSINESS CLOUD PEOPLE RECOMMENDATIONS FOR SALESFORCE 4.8 5.0 “ As an HR coordinator, I ifnd Sage People really user- “ Coveo provides integration with both Salesforce and our self- friendly, from the recruitment stage to onboarding.” service content with powerful search and facet capabilities.” BERNADETTE LAWLESS JESSE RICHARDSON Find out more > Find out more > SIRENUM WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE 5.0 “ This simple and easy-to-use system has given our staff a sense of independence, which is a brilliant moral boost!” MARYAM HUSSAIN Find out more >

Risk Management and Loss Prevention ITSM FUSION FRAMEWORK® SYSTEM BMC HELIX REMEDYFORCE 5.0 IT SERVICE MANAGEMENT AND HELP DESK 4.4 “ Fusion maee it easy to transition to an automated process that “ Our organization has had BMC Remedyforce implemented will allow us to better manage risk and the overall program.” for around seven years as our service management tool.” KARYN SPANIER DAN BONTRAGER Find out more > Find out more > RISKONNECT GOVERNANCE, RISK, AND COMPLIANCE (GRC) SOLUTION 5.0 “ Riskonnect GRC provides us with many customizable features to ift the needs of our company.” LINDSEY SLOANE Find out more > THINKLP – LOSS PREVENTION MANAGEMENT 5.0 “ ThinkLP has become critical to the department, allowing us to address issues and reduce losses by $2 million annually.” ROSS CAMPBELL Find out more >

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