Reduction and Cancellation

Infographic | 1 page | Reduction orders only allow you to reduce the quantity of licenses

Reduction & Cancellation Order Effective Date If a customer decides they would like to reduce or remove a partner's application, then what needs to happen? If your end customer chooses to renew your product with a lower quantity of licenses or cancel their subscription all together, you will need to submit a reduction or cancellation order, respectively. Reduction orders only allow you to reduce the quantity of licenses, not lower the licensing pricing. Contract When to Submit What if I Miss Examples Renewal Date Reduction This Timeframe? Orders? The customer's contract Reduction orders must be Reduction and ISV OEM renewal date we have on file placed in accordance with cancellation orders will is determined by the service your partner agreement. In be processed during the start date of the initial order. most cases, this is 7+ days next renewal cycle 11/7/23 Renewal Date 12/15/23 Your customer is eligible for a prior to the renewal date reduction or cancellation on Prior to 11/1/23 Submit in COA Prior to 12/8/23 this anniversary date Reduction/Cancellation 11/7/23 Occurrence 12/15/23 After 11/1/23 Submit in COA After 12/8/23 12/7/23 Reduction/Cancellation 12/15/24 Occurrence