Partner Order Errors & Revisions

Infographic | 1 page | By following the guidelines below, our operations team can correct most errors

Partner Order Errors & Revisions If you accidentally submitted an order in the Channel Order Application with a mistake, please log a case as soon as possible within Salesforce Help to alert SFDC. All orders submitted through the COA are non-cancellable. Any corrections are subject to SFDC approval. Oops! Partners have the ability to recall any Any errors discovered after the COA orders while the recall option is recall option is removed require What do I need to do? available for the particular order. manual intervention via a case and are subject to SFDC approval. I submitted an order with Price Quantity Product Future one or more of the following Date wrong information entered: What is needed to fix any order errors? Log a case in Salesforce Help Provide the incorrectly submitted 1 Inquiry Type: Partner Program Support 2 Service Order number Product: ISV Billing & Order Support Topic: Partner Order Errors and Revisions 3 Clearly identify the error in the order and the correct 4 A justification as to why this order change that you'd like to see within the order needs to be corrected. Edits are subject to SFDC approval