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Learn how our partner OpenText supports customers in the financial services industry.

Here’s how OpenText helps insurance companies INSURANCE improve data and document management. Industry Insider Accelerate operations and improve information flows. Bring all your insurance documents together in one place to make it easier to work more efficiently. A single, smarter view of quotes, proposals, and claims helps all your teams — from sales to customer service — access the information they need, when they need it. Improve document governance and controls. Automate, govern, and streamline your customer information to improve security, reduce errors, and meet industry regulatory and compliance standards. Delight prospects and customers with See how our partner OpenText tackles challenges memorable experiences. in the insurance industry. From big-picture problems, Deliver documents and personalized customer to the specific needs of a customer service agent, communications that build trust and brand loyalty. OpenText has it covered. Promote and protect your company brand with OpenText helps insurance companies connect people, consistent messaging throughout the onboarding, processes, and documents to gain an information advantage. policy, servicing, and renewal processes. Keep reading to learn how OpenText can help an insurance customer service agent streamline processes and create a more enjoyable experience for customers.

The Solution OpenText streamlines document-intensive workflows with AI and Securely manage automation, so you can capture, manage, and deliver documents information and documents and data together. This accelerates team productivity, improves customer experiences, and reduces risk by managing all to minimize risks. mission-critical documents in a secure and connected way. The Challenge: A disconnected ECM system can cause document mismanagement and data leaks, which can cost insurers money and damage Boost productivity, their reputation. streamline operations, and The Solution: OpenText helps insurers securely connect and share information automate information flows. with governance and user controls, external The Challenge: Disjointed documents and sharing, digital signatures, and integrations manual data entry can lead to delays, missed with popular applications. opportunities, and poor customer and employee experiences. The Solution: OpenText captures and integrates documents into Salesforce for a complete 360 view of customers, so you can see the whole picture and provide better service. Improve customer experiences at every step of their journey. The Challenge: Inconsistent messaging, One trusted, unscalable customer communications, and scalable document a lack of controls and approval steps can all management solution. hurt your sales and lead to frustration and disappointed customers. The Challenge: Manual document intake is slow The Solution: OpenText can automatically populate documents with Salesforce data and error-prone. Different systems can’t communicate with each other, creating silos that to create personalized and error-free communications. Easy-to-edit templates make it hard to move workflows forward. The Solution: OpenText helps you connect all support complex documents on a large scale, documents to Salesforce and across your entire across customer channels. business with a secure and scalable document solution.

The Scenario OpenText solves Casey’s challenges by helping her to: In this example, let’s imagine how an insurance customer service agent can use OpenText to help provide excellent customer experiences from onboarding Fuel collaboration across the business. to claims. OpenText gives the right teams the right information at the right time so they can better serve their customers. Protect sensitive customer information. With secure access controls, Casey’s company can make sure employees have access to the right information only when they need it. This security layer protects the company’s Casey Claims important data and documents, as well as customer Insurance Customer Service Agent documents from data leaks or misuse. Deliver personalized communications. With OpenText, Casey can build long-lasting relationships Casey helps new customers with customers by creating trust, brand preference, and with policy questions and memorable experiences. onboarding. She has to access Connect all internal and external documents a lot of information in different Her Goals: Her Challenges: to Salesforce. locations. To make onboarding • Provide a seamless • It’s time-consuming to collect OpenText’s comprehensive information management and policy opening as smooth onboarding and policy client onboarding documents empowers Casey and her team to capture, manage, as possible, she’s looking for opening experience • It can be difficult to find and deliver mission-critical documents for insurers to a way to streamline the process. • Standardize preapproved critical information and outperform their competition. letters of acceptance respond promptly to • Get everyone on the same customers when documents page with cross-departmental are stored in various places collaboration tools • Without Salesforce integration, accuracy and Learn more about OpenText error prevention are difficult

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