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App Guide | eBook | 16 pages | Find marketing app recommendations that solve common pain points in the field of marketing

PGUIDE # AP 6 As recommended by our customers and us.

THE INTRO Extend the power of your marketing team with apps from Welcome AppExchange. Now you can market to your customers effectively and efficiently — anytime and anywhere. This guide to our incorporates marketing app recommendations that solve common pain points in the field of marketing. guide to Here’s how to use the guide: First, explore best practices on how to find an app that fits your business challenge. marketing apps. Next, explore a particular pain point. Then read customer recommendations of marketing apps that worked the best for them. Along the way, check out Appy’s marketing apps tips. With over 5,000 solutions in inventory, we hope this guide helps you zero in on the ones that are right for your business. Happy exploring. “ Want all the details about an app? Just click Appy Find out more.” is your guide to the partner ecosystem.

THE STEPS GUIDE YOUR SEARCH How to find 1• What business challenges do you want to solve? • What is your time frame? the right • What is your budget? marketing app • What business process will be impacted? DISCOVER AND EVALUATE for your 2• Browse the Marketing category on • Check out a Marketing Demo Jam to learn about apps business. in three minutes • Test drive the app or install into a sandbox • Look for Marketing Cloud by clicking on “Apps” under Listings by Type on MAKE YOUR DECISION 3• Involve your stakeholders in the process • Check price, security, and compatibility with your Salesforce edition and other apps • Install and configure based on your needs

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MARKETING PAIN POINT #1 How can I create real-time, personalized content without hiring more marketers?

CUSTOMER RECOMMENDATIONS Pixlee Easy. Try an 5.0 AppExchange solution. “ Pixlee gives us a swath of high-quality, shoppable content from customers, and makes it easy to Any of these apps deliver existing content, publish into email templates within Salesforce.” combined with real-time data, to the right ANDREW HIGGINS person at the right time. Find out more > Movable Ink Platform Persado Connect Marketers love how it creates unique email experiences You’ll like its AI-generated language: words, phrases, with real-time content like live pricing and inventory, and images that drive customers to act — and boost polls, loyalty reward balances, and more. response and engagement. Find out more > Find out more > “ Why reinvent the wheel with Invoca for Marketing Cloud each email? Your team has a wealth of data already.” Improve email conversions and provide a better customer journey as you integrate insights on call outcomes and customer demographics into data extensions. Find out more >

MARKETING PAIN POINT #2 Is there a way to better connect with customers across their entire journey?

CUSTOMER RECOMMENDATIONS BounceX Yes. Take advantage of your data. Increase your onsite identification and make email a top digital revenue channel when you collect emails You’ll better understand when and what from highest-intent prospects. content to use to engage with prospects Find out more > and customers. PFL Lifecycle Manager by Rubikloud 5.0 “ PFL revolutionized the way we print and fulfill our Transform your company into a modern, data-driven marketing communications. Now the process is business with machine-learning algorithms to ingest, more efficient and cost-effective. PFL, you rock.” process, and model data. ANGELA DUNBAR Find out more > Find out more > Fielo Loyalty and Incentive Cloud “Usedatatofigureout 5.0 where customers prefer to interact with you.” “ Fielo boosted the pace and volume of new partner memberships, deal registration, and channel engagement. Result? Record revenue.” CHARLES P. Find out more >

MARKETING PAIN POINT #3 Can I better leverage mobile technologies to market to my customers?

CUSTOMER RECOMMENDATIONS Bluedot for Marketing Cloud Totally — with mobile marketing apps. Use geofencing to lift conversions and sales via location-based mobile content, payments, and analytics. These apps help deliver communications Find out more > the moment someone is ready to buy. Localytics Swrve Mobile Marketing Enables brands to create more effective campaigns Adds mobile marketing automation to Salesforce and with better targeting, advanced push capabilities, uses AI to send the right message at the right time to and in-app messaging. the right device. Find out more > Find out more > “Considerdescribingtocustomers WeChat Marketing thebenefitsofallowinglocation permissions.” Offers businesses that target Chinese audiences the ability to personalize the experiences you deliver on WeChat. Find out more >

MARKETING PAIN POINT #4 How can I increase the productivity of my marketing team?

CUSTOMER RECOMMENDATIONS Lead Scoring Give them the right tools. 3.9 They’ll do their jobs more efficiently when “ Lead Scoring gave me real-time scoring of inbound you remove repetitive, manual tasks. web-to-lead forms in dashboards and reports, and the ability to score all current leads.” DAVE EWART Find out more > FormTitan 5.0 Adds simple, powerful diagramming capability “ FormTitan builds any sort of web-to-lead forms, for Quip users to collaborate in real time, directly standard object forms, custom object forms and within documents. integrates seamlessly with Salesforce.” Find out more > HARSHA B R Find out more > “ Remove manual data entry from Marketing Cloud Quip Live App employees’ jobs and they’ll think morestrategically.” Connect the right people to deliver the perfect marketing campaign, preview assets, and get immediate feedback on any device. Find out more >

MARKETING PAINT POINT #5 Is there a way to track ROI of my marketing spend?

CUSTOMER RECOMMENDATIONS Vidyard for Salesforce Sure. Use AppExchange 5.0 dashboards. “ Vidyard’s integration with Salesforce is the icing on the cake, as it closes the loop on holistic results and You’ll better understand how your prospects revenue generated from our video content.” move through the funnel in relation to your JULIA STEAD marketing spend. Find out more > AppExchange Dashboard Pack Musqot Marketing Planner for Sales, Marketing and Service 5.0 4.9 “ The AppExchange Dashboard Pack offers great insights “ Musqot provides a comprehensive record of all our into what type of lead data by industry you have.” marketing objectives, plans, campaigns, and activities BUYAN THYAGARAJAN associated with each campaign.” Find out more > NANCY FRANKLIN Find out more > “ Use our dashboards within ROI Customer Lifecycle Management Salesforce for the data you need toproveyourcampaignROI.” 5.0 “ ROI CLM’s integration is important for our automated campaigns. Its adaptability is a lifesaver when it comes to our reporting needs.” NICK GOLDSBERRY. Find out more >

MARKETING PAIN POINT #6 How can I better manage my events?

CUSTOMER RECOMMENDATIONS Arlo Training and Event Management Try this and 5.0 see what happens. “ Arlo enables our sales team to see more information on course attendees, with the results of each attendee Connect your event management into in Salesforce.” Salesforce to track registration, attendance, PAIGE WILLIAMS and logistics — all in one place. Find out more > Fonteva Events Events 4.8 3.7 “ Fonteva Events helps manage the entire lifecycle of “ Events fulfills our specific requirements, including the events, including attendee, venue, vendor, and exhibition fundamentals of event management, plus we can management.” customize it.” LAURA CRUZ JULIAN S. Find out more > Find out more > “UseAppExchangesolutions— Click & Pledge Event Management reusable templates for turnkey eventplanningandfollow-up.” 4.7 “ Click & Pledge lets us run and advertise several events at once, with ticket sales and RSVPs going into Salesforce without us doing data entry.” LUKE WEST Find out more >

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