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Manufacturing Apps

App Guide | eBook | 16 pages | Find app recommendations that solve common manufacturing pain points

APPS APPGUIDE #5 As recommended by our customers As recommended by our customers

THE INTRO Every industry has its own specific needs. Now employ Welcome AppExchange apps to solve the business challenges you face in the manufacturing industry. This guide incorporates app to our recommendations that solve common manufacturing pain points in customer purchase, production, product delivery, guide to and more. Here’s how to use the guide: First, explore best practices on manufacturing how to find an app that fits your business challenge. Next, explore a particular pain point. Then read the customer apps. recommendations of manufacturing apps that worked the best for them. Along the way, check out Appy’s manufacturing apps tips. With over 5,000 solutions, we hope this guide helps you zero in on the ones that are right for your business. Happy exploring. “ Want all the details about an app? Just click Appy Find out more.” is your guide to the partner ecosystem.

THE STEPS GUIDE YOUR SEARCH How to 1• What business challenge do you want to solve? • What’s your time frame? find the right • What’s your budget? manufacturing • What business processes will be impacted? DISCOVER AND EVALUATE app for your 2• Browse the Manufacturing Industry collection on business. • Check out Manufacturing Demo Jam to learn about apps in three minutes • Test drive the app or install into a sandbox MAKE YOUR DECISION 3• Involve your stakeholders in the process • Check price, security, and compatibility with your Salesforce edition and other apps • Install and configure based on your needs

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MANUFACTURING PAIN POINT #1 How do I ensure my reps provide accurate, timely quotes?

CUSTOMER RECOMMENDATIONS Salesforce CPQ Easy. Show them 4.7 the pricing process. “ Salesforce CPQ drastically reduces the time that sales has to wait for answers about pricing and CPQ apps make it easy to create, send, build/calculation costs.” and manage contracts and orders. MARCUS SANDELOWSKY Find out more > SpringCM Contract Management Enosix 5.0 4.0 “ SpringCM reduced the number of programs and “ Enosix allows our customer service to view SAP data connections needed for contract creation. Now it’s linked with Accounts, Contact, Opportunities, and all in one place with version tracking.” Projects in Salesforce.” JONATHAN LAVIGNE CHLOE KOSMIDER Find out more > Find out more > “ Check out these UP AND COMING APPS rising star apps.” Tacton Enables configuration of products within Salesforce. KBMax Guides the configuration process with 3D price quotes. Zilliant Uses AI to calculate optimized pricing for your products.

MANUFACTURING PAIN POINT #2 How can I sell more effectively through my dealers and distributors?

CUSTOMER RECOMMENDATIONS Cornerstone LMS Offer personalized 4.7 incentives and training. “ Cornerstone is a great system to globally distribute and track eLearning, a tool we use both internally and Take your channel partner relationships externally toward partners.” to the next level with these apps. ROLF WAAGE Find out more > Fielo Almond Learning Management 5.0 4.0 “ Fielo boosted the pace and volume of our new partner “ Almond let us quickly roll out training, track user memberships, deal registrations, and channel progress, and train three call centers plus remote sales engagement — translating to record-breaking revenue.” teams for new product updates.” CHARLES PATSIOS ADAM HOOPER Find out more > Find out more > “ Here’s another UP AND COMING APP rising star app.” Tavant Streamline warranty management via the channel, reducing costs and increasing supplier recovery.

MANUFACTURING PAIN POINT #3 How can I drive better management of my products and services?

CUSTOMER RECOMMENDATIONS ComplianceQuest Keep the customer at the 5.0 center of everything. “ ComplianceQuest implementation includes document control, change order, personnel training, NC/CAPA, Drive collaboration across and equipment management — all on a single platform.” your products’ entire lifecycles. DONNA MATUIZEK Find out more > Propel PLM Flosum 4.8 5.0 “ Propel not only tracks product costs, schedules, and “ Flosum offers version control, change backups, snapshot bills of material more easily and accurately but also comparisons, sync/deploy configuration, metadata streamlines our quoting process.” between different orgs, and validation/testing functionality.” TONY OLIVO RICE EFREMOVA Find out more > Find out more > “ One more rising UP AND COMING APP star app.” Specright Manage packaging spec data with easy integration to your ERP and PLM software.

MANUFACTURING PAIN POINT #4 Is there a way to link the manufacturing process to my front office?

CUSTOMER RECOMMENDATIONS Rootstock Sure. Give customers 5.0 visibility into the process. “ Rootstock supports a manufacturing/distribution business as it grows from entrepreneurial beginnings Align people, processes, and information through all stages of growth.” into a single view. ALLISON PARK Find out more > AscentERP GLOVIA 4.9 5.0 “ AscentERP can handle all of our needs efficiently “ GLOVIA OM gives us 360-degree view of the sales while offering rich reporting ability. It’s also intuitive activity. It reduced a significant amount of time and and easy to use.” cost to start the system.” ELAINE NEYENS NORI FUNAMOTO Find out more > Find out more > “Y ou’ll move to a customer-centric Revenova business by aligning the front and back office.” 4.6 “ Revenova stands out as it’s designed for the operations people in mind, with cutting-edge tech to deliver every time to the customer.” ADAM HOOPER Find out more >

MANUFACTURING PAINT POINT #5 How do I ensure my projects are completed on a timely basis?

CUSTOMER RECOMMENDATIONS Cloud Coach Take complex projects 5.0 and simplify them. “ Cloud Coach offers seamless automation and easy customization, making it very simple for This way you’ll stay focused organizations to adopt.” and meet your deadlines. JARVIS HOWARD Find out more > Taskray Leankor 5.0 5.0 “ Taskray lets us collaborate across different departments “ Leankor streamlines setup of our cards and projects. on structured projects as well as day-to-day team/task Our clients make it their primary point of management.” communications during our implementation.” WILL TEICHMAN MIKE OLIVER Find out more > Find out more > “Using Ligh tning? Check out Task Component to view, edit, and update tasks.”

MANUFACTURING PAIN POINT #6 Can my HR systems be more accessible and collaborative?

CUSTOMER RECOMMENDATIONS Sage Business Cloud People Absolutely. Give your 4.8 employees the power. “ Sage Business Cloud People helps gain insight as to how employees work, how competent they are, and More visibility into compensation structures allows time to approach any situation.” and trainings creates happier employees. THERESE KERFOOT Find out more > Xactly Incent 4.7 “ Xactly Incent streamlined our process, eliminating a week-long task to calculate credits, commissions, and to distribute statements to sales.” RIMSHA HASSAN Find out more > “ Don’t forget to make your HR system accessible to Simpplr Intranet remote employees.” 4.9 “ Simpplr users find new ways to communicate, share ideas, and find information. Within 2 weeks of launch we had a 90% adoption rate.” STEVE WYLIE Find out more >

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