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FY24 AppExchange Partner Program Overview

AppExchange Partner Program Overview Deliver Market-leading Innovations with AI+Data+CRM

The Ecosystem Table of Contents Opportunity for ISVs Program Design.............................................03 AppExchange is the leading enterprise marketplace in the world. AppExchange Partner Benefits................05 Customers trust AppExchange partners to deliver innovative solutions that extend the power of the platform and drive Partner App Distribution Models............06 efficient growth. As an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner, you can leverage market-leading technology to power Program Economic Model.........................08 the future of business on the #1 AI CRM. Through the Salesforce Partner Program, ISV Partners are empowered to bring game-changing technology to market while building profitable Resources........................................................09 and sustainable businesses. AppExchange partners support customers in every country, cloud, and industry. Now more than ever, Salesforce partners have a tremendous opportunity to accelerate their businesses with Salesforce. Did you know that 100% of Fortune 100, 90% of the Fortune 500, and 91% of all Salesforce customers are using an AppExchange app.With AI driving demand for digital transformation, it’s never been a better time to partner with Salesforce. AppExchange Partner Program Overview 2

Program Design Partner Success Drives Customer Success The four key pillars of the AppExchange Partner Program — customer success, innovation, growth and impact — drive success for our customers and your business. These pillars are also the basis for how we measure your performance as a partner in our program, which gives you the visibility you need to grow your AppExchange business successfully. The AppExchange Partner Trailblazer Score and Tiers The AppExchange Partner Trailblazer Score is designed to measure and evaluate a partner’s performance and reward additional benefits as your performance improves. Our key pillars of customer success, innovation, growth and impact represent categories of metrics we use as part of the AppExchange Partner Trailblazer Score. Each pillar is made up of two metrics, and a total allocation of 1,000 points, which you can see in the image on the next page. AppExchange Partner Program Overview 33

Understanding the Partner Trailblazer Score The total AppExchange Partner Trailblazer Score determines which benefits partners enjoy. These benefits are based 100% on what you achieve in the program. Partners can earn higher benefits when they drive more success in a programmatic and predictable way. The tier structure includes: 1. Base (starting tier) 2. Ridge 3. Crest 4. Summit. AppExchange Partner Program Overview 44

ISV Partner Benefits Practical resources to power your success at every stage. Check out the full list of benefits by Program Tier > Plan Build Distribute Learn the Salesforce platform Develop and test your app to Package your solution, and list and create a roadmap for your power performance and it on AppExchange. success on Trailhead customer success Resources: Trailhead: Skill up on AppExchange Use the Second-Generation Managed Access your Partner Business Org to the fun way with Trailhead. Packaging Guide to drive app track opportunities and sales development The Partner Community: unlock Click the Publishing tab in Partner always-on access to product blueprints, Leverage Salesforce DX, an integrated Community to tap into the Partner webinars, program news, and support environment designed for Console, to create and manage high-performance Agile development AppExchange listings. Salesforce DX Developer Guide: comprehensive developer guide on Code Analyzer: a unified tool for source App Analytics: a feature that provides DX tools and second-generation code analysis that analyzes multiple subscriber usage data about your managed packaging languages. Use the results to review managed packages and packaged and improve your code. components The ISVforce Guide: an in-depth user guide to AppExchange partner tools Consultation with a Platform Expert and technology Pro tip: Log a case to activate your Partner Get to Know the Partner Business Org Business Org after executing your Partner in Partner Learning Camp Application Distribution Agreement AppExchange Partner Program Overview 5

ISV Partner Benefits Practical resources to power your success at every stage. Check out the full list of benefits by Program Tier > Market Sell Support Drive demand for your app Turn leads into customers Implement updates and provide technical support to help customers. Use easy-to-follow guides to supercharge Trialforce, a tool for creating immersive AppExchange performance trial experiences for prospective Push Upgrades, a feature that lets you customers push patches and major upgrades to Download the Partner Marketing Center existing customers for free, marketing and sales resources Leverage Accelerate Launch to help you get your first sale Subscriber Support Console, a tool that, Enhance visibility, generate demand with customer approval, lets you log in and drive customer success with the Demo Orgs, use fully-functional demo to orgs where your solution is installed to AppExchange Marketing Program environments to test your app help troubleshoot issues Gain access to sponsorship opportunities, License Management App, a tool for AppExchange App Analytics, a feature guest blog & social media, and press tracking leads and managing licenses for that provides subscriber usage data about release templates your offering your managed packages and packaged components Sales Kit, resources and templates to build your sales collateral Partner Developer Support, get expert help developing your app AppExchange Partner Program Overview 6

Partner App Distribution Models What it Means to Partner in Success AppExchange ISV Partners develop and go-to-market with software solutions built on or integrated with the Salesforce Platform. The AppExchange ISV Track is designed with a fair and transparent partnership model to create a thriving and connected ecosystem where it is easier for partners to collaborate and do business with Salesforce. ISV partners create and sell applications that run on the Salesforce platform or are connected to Salesforce products or Clouds, to solve for customer needs. ISV partners pay Salesforce a share of their revenue generated from AppExchange sales. Revenue sharing directly correlates to a partner’s growth in the program and alignment with Salesforce, this covers the ISVForce services granted to partners in the program. AppExchange Partner Program Overview 77

Partner App Distribution Model Types ISVFORCE OEM 15% net revenue 25% net revenue App with dependency on Salesforce Deliver a customized app experience Technology (ie. Sales or Service Cloud) using tech of your choice. Can sell to: Can sell to: • Existing Salesforce customers only • Existing Salesforce customers and non-Salesforce customers Ability to: • Create custom fields on objects Ability to: • Access to CRM objects • Create custom fields on ISV objects • Access to Sales/Service Cloud features and up to 10 new custom objects • Use Deduplication feature that extend partner application only • Custom objects • Can resell community licenses and other add-ons like Einstein capabilities, platform capabilities, storage, and API calls Salesforce provides all core features and technologies ISV and OEM partners need to build, distribute, sell, and support enterprise solutions. AppExchange Partner Program Overview 8

Program Let’s Partner in Success | The AppExchange Revenue Sharing Model Economic AppExchange offers a standard revenue sharing model called percentage net revenue or PNR. AppExchange has 2 PNR models Model for partners, which is dependent on technology leveraged in their ISV solution and distributed through the program. The PNR that will be implemented, depends on which app distribution model supports the distribution of their technology. Click here to learn more about the app distribution models offered on AppExchange. Partners will execute a Partner Application Distribution Agreement that will reflect the partners’ application description and revenue share based on their distribution model. Partners are bound to revenue sharing requirements only after their first AppExchange sale. This ensures the mutual success of AppExchange ISV Partners and Salesforce Marginal Royalty — Increase Profitability in a Whole New Way The AppExchange Marginal PNR Model, a partner program benefit, enables partners to expand profit margins as their business scales. Enrolled partners become eligible for lower marginal royalty rates on future and add-on bookings when they generate $1,000,000 USD or more in Annual Order Value. AppExchange Partner Program Overview 99

Resources Learn more on the road to becoming a partner. Explore Trailhead to unlock free resources to power your learning AppExchange Learning Modules Partner Console Guide Continue learning more The ISV Onboarding Guide Join ISV-Specific Groups in Partner Community AppExchange & ISV Technical Enablement Chatter Group ISV Business Enablement Chatter Group AppExchange Partner Program Overview 10