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[Foxit - FINSERV] - Industry Ebook for Demand Gen

Learn how our partner Foxit helps customers in the Financial Services industry.

Foxit helps financial organizations like yours. FINANCIAL SERVICES Industry Insider Easily generate legally binding documents. Create invoices, quotes, and agreements within your Salesforce CRM cloud. Access documents anywhere, any time. Manage sending, signing, and tracking documents directly in Salesforce. See how our partner Foxit tackles challenges in Automate tasks. the financial services industry. From big-picture Map document fields and merge data in Salesforce to problems, to the specific needs of an IT systems automate document creation and action completion. administrator, Foxit has it covered. Foxit eSign for Salesforce is a seamless solution for creating, editing, automating, and electronically signing PDF documents for highly regulated industries like financial services. Keep reading to learn how Foxit could help a systems IT admin streamline workflows across departments to ensure accurate document tracking and follow-up.

The Solution Foxit automates and simplifies workflows so businesses can ensure signatures are legally binding. Eciently manage documents and agreements. The Challenge: Managing actions like tracking, reminding, and following up on the completion Streamline document and of important documents for signing can be agreement workflows. complex. The Challenge: Customizing and managing The Solution: Foxit makes it easy to send documents for e-signature, track documents, agreement templates is complex and inefficient, send reminders, download signed agreements, especially when dealing with different needs across teams and Salesforce clouds. and more, directly within Salesforce. The Solution: With Foxit, you can customize agreement templates and workflows to meet the needs of different teams and clouds with precision and ease. Get all the compliance Simplify data mapping for you need without your invoices and quotes. sacrificing security. The Challenge: Managing the security, The Challenge: Integrating Salesforce data with tables can be tricky. If the data isn’t properly compliance, and signer authentication of formatted, it can become truncated or overflow. documents can be challenging, and it often requires multiple steps and departments The Solution: Using Foxit, you can easily generate to complete. documents and populate tables with data from The Solution: Foxit is fully compliant with Salesforce, including custom objects and clouds. industry security standards and offers a variety of authentication options, including 2FA, MFA, and KBA.

The Scenario Foxit solves Johnny’s challenges by helping him to: In this example, let’s imagine how Simplify workflows. a systems IT admin could use Foxit to Foxit eSign for Salesforce lets Johnny tailor agreement simplify document workflows across templates and workflows to accommodate diverse needs multiple departments. across his various departments — even if they’re working in different Salesforce clouds. This saves time because he’s confident that all agreements are coming back into Salesforce in a unified fashion. Streamline the follow-up process. Foxit eSign for Salesforce helps Johnny and his teams send documents for e-signature, manage documents in one Johnny Fox place, and set up automated reminders. Johnny can also Systems IT Admin download signed agreements directly within Salesforce. Johnny’s team is more organized and can follow up on pending agreements more easily. Johnny must make sure that the Map data. intake, credit, and recovery With Foxit eSign for Salesforce, Johnny’s teams can easily departments have obtained populate Salesforce data into invoices and quotes with ease signed financial agreements that His Goals: His Challenges: and proper formatting. This saves Johnny time by contain all the data required for • Identify and adopt a digital • Different teams handling eliminating the need to create separate templates for legal and compliance purposes. document solution that works agreement collection in different agreement types across all departments. for all departments various ways, including mail, Maintain compliance. • Consolidate and simplify email, phone, and paper trials workflows • No clear follow-up process for Johnny can rest assured that his documents are compliant, pending agreements secure, and easy to share. Foxit eSign for Salesforce offers • Streamline follow-up a variety of authentication options, including 2FA, MFA, processes • Manual tasks lead to errors and KBA, so that Johnny can easily provide the necessary and oversights documentation to any department or auditor with just a few clicks. Learn more about Foxit

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