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[FormAssembly] Industry Ebook FormAssembly 2024

Learn how our partner FormAssembly can support Healtcare customers.

In Real Life From industry to individual, a closer look at how our partners are problem-solving powerhouses. FormAssembly is a powerful web form and data collection platform that helps healthcare organizations take control of the data collection process. See how a healthcare administrator uses FormAssembly to quickly launch an initiative to collect and manage data around COVID-19 vaccinations.

The Basics Automate work昀氀ows. What exactly is FormAssembly and what can it do for you? Easily implement project steps and track work昀氀ow progress. Create forms. Quickly build reliable forms for patient portals and interactions. Upload 昀椀les securely. Gather and protect patient data and e-signatures. Maintain HIPAA compliance. Avoid breaches and 昀椀nes and preserve public trust. Connect data. Integrate with Salesforce and eliminate manual inputs. FormAssembly can streamline your outdated data collection processes. Empower your team with integrations like Salesforce to increase e昀케ciency organization-wide, and feel con昀椀dent in FormAssembly’s ingrained security and quality customer service.

The Big Picture FormAssembly helps you quickly build and launch web forms that are secure enough to collect protected health information. Safe and Secure The Challenge: Organizations need a HIPAA- compliant data collection solution to safely collect PHI related to healthcare projects. The Solution: FormAssembly’s Enterprise plan is HIPAA compliant, and all FormAssembly plans offer encryption at rest and in transit. Companies can have confidence that data is being handled securely and compliantly. Connected and Centralized The Challenge: Organizations need to be able to centralize their data collection. The Solution: FormAssembly allows users to connect their data collection activities with systems like Salesforce, Stripe, and Google Sheets, overlap and redundancy Quick and Easy can be avoided. Connected and The Challenge: Organizations need to launch centralized data processes help organizations avoid confusion and forms without requiring a lot of time, effort, or keep records up to date. IT assistance. The Solution: FormAssembly helps users build simple and complex forms in minutes without using any code. With multiple ready-made templates specifically designed for vaccine and healthcare management, form building is fast and convenient.

The Close-up How FormAssembly See how a healthcare administrator Delivers a Solution uses FormAssembly. Seamless User Experience FormAssembly’s fully customizable forms are ready to share in a matter of minutes and easy to use. After making the switch to digital forms, patients can 昀椀ll out a medical history form in less than 昀椀ve minutes. Secure Data Digitization Drive collaboration by implementing a single source of truth for all customer information that trusted team members can access. By implementing 昀椀eld and text veri昀椀cation, departments can ensure that respondents provide correct WILL JOHNSON health information to avoid processing delays. Healthcare Administrator, Public Health Services for Green County, WA Internal Process Optimization Will’s got a lot to juggle. Connected and centralized data processes help organizations He works with healthcare managers and upper-level health o昀케cials to confront public health emergencies like COVID-19. Day-to-day he is also handling keep records up to date. In the case of Continuum Clinical, FormAssembly helped sta昀昀 members trim workload by 20% administrative duties related to spending, communication, sta昀케ng and and cleanse a massive backlog of data at one time. personnel, and media relations. His Goals: His Challenges: - A simpli昀椀ed UX for a more organized - Rapidly changing initiatives user experience (such as vaccination needs) - Time-saving forms that are easy for - Administrative overlap and redundancy patients to use - Data backlogs - Secure and HIPAA compliant data collection LEARN MORE ABOUT FORMASSEMBLY

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