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B2C Commerce ISV Partner Onboarding Guide

B2C COMMERCE ISV Partner Onboarding Guide

Learn about the AppExchange 1 Partner Program and B2C Introduction Commerce ISV Partnership 2 Join the AppExchange Welcome to the B2C Commerce ISV partner Partner Program onboarding guide. You’ve come to the right place to embark on your Salesforce journey. We’re excited about your interest in joining the 3 Access Your B2C Commerce Salesforce ecosystem. We’ll guide you through On-Demand Sandbox each step to become an o昀케cial partner and publish your AppExchange listing. The onboarding journey consists of these 4 Develop Your Cartridge 昀椀ve steps. or Headless Integration 5 Publish an AppExchange Listing 2 B2C COMMERCE ISV PARTNER ONBOARDING GUIDE

The roles indicated are: Alliances + Ops: Relevant partner roles in Manage your organization’s partnership with Salesforce. (i.e., Alliances Director/Manager, Sales, Partner Account Manager, the onboarding journey Practice Lead, Strategic Alliances) Business Leader: Because each step of the onboarding journey Oversee company strategy and your relationship with Salesforce and drive revenue growth (i.e., Managing Partner, covers di昀昀erent parts of the business, we CXO, President, Sales) recommend di昀昀erent individuals at your company get involved throughout the process. Marketing: Below are the relevant roles we recommend Build brand awareness and drive demand through marketing for engaging in each step of the onboarding activities. (i.e., Marketing Director/Manager, CMO, Partner journey. We understand that the responsibilities Marketing) for each role across companies may di昀昀er, however Technical: you may refer to the table below as a guide. Drive customer success by building software solutions on the Salesforce Platform. (i.e., Architect, Developer, Solution Engineer) Onboarding Journey Applicable Roles If at any point in the process you are experiencing delays, contact your Salesforce business representative or log a case Learn about the AppExchange Business Leader, on the Partner Community Help Portal: Partner Program and B2C Technical Commerce ISV Partnership 1. Select your Partner Org from the Select an Org button. Business Leader, 2. Select Create a Case. Join the AppExchange Alliances + Ops, Legal Partner Program 3. Fill out Subject and Description. 4. (After waiting a few seconds) Select Pick a Di昀昀erent Product/Topic. Access Your B2C Commerce Technical 5. In the Product 昀椀eld, select Partner Programs & Bene昀椀ts. On-Demand Sandbox 6. In the Topic 昀椀eld, select B2C Commerce ISV Partners. Develop Your Cartridge or Technical 7. Select Create Case. Headless Integration Note: In case you are asked to create a Trailblazer.Me Pro昀椀le Publish an AppExchange Listing Marketing please get some help in this article. 3 B2C COMMERCE ISV PARTNER ONBOARDING GUIDE

1 What is a B2C Commerce Cartridge? A cartridge is a container for packaging and deploying program Learn about the code and data. It’s structured in folders and subfolders for maximum e昀케ciency. A storefront needs at least one cartridge, AppExchange but typically it has multiple cartridges. You can use a cartridge to extend business functionality or to integrate with external systems. Partner Program It can contain generic or application-speci昀椀c functionality. Generic cartridges contain reusable business functionality you can deploy and B2C Commerce to many sites. Application-speci昀椀c cartridges contain merchant- speci昀椀c and site-speci昀椀c functionality. B2C Commerce Cartridges provide third-party functionality such as tax calculation or credit ISV Partnership card processing. What is Headless Integration? By joining the AppExchange Partner Program, you are enabling B2C Commerce customers to A Headless Integration is an API-昀椀rst implementation pattern deliver di昀昀erentiated commerce solutions in that decouples an e-commerce frontend and backend, which payment, fraud prevention, social commerce, gives developers more 昀氀exibility to create an extraordinary loyalty, and more with your pre-built solutions. user experience with their storefront and UI layer. We see B2C The AppExchange Partner Program is committed Commerce customers leveraging APIs to assemble their entire to maintaining an ecosystem of trust. Later in this commerce technology stack. They use Commerce APIs, a PWA guide, we share partner requirements to deliver Kit/Composable Storefront, and the Managed Runtime (MRT). the security and value that customers expect. Nothing is more important than the trust of our You have options to create either of the following Headless customers—and all stakeholders. Integrations: 1. Headless Integration (API-only) expanding backend functionality with API logic and/or data synchronization. 2. Composable Storefront / PWA Kit expansion with new PWA Kit components to run on Salesforce Managed Runtime. More details on the integration patterns can be found in this doc. 4 B2C COMMERCE ISV PARTNER ONBOARDING GUIDE

Why develop a B2C Commerce Cartridge What options should I consider for building or a Headless Integration for B2C Commerce? a B2C Commerce solution? Motivated buyers: B2C Commerce customers are motivated to When developing a B2C Commerce solution, partners have the option to hire a Certi昀椀ed Commerce Consulting Partner or build continuously innovate to build pro昀椀table and lasting customer relationships—creating an active, vibrant marketplace for B2C the solution in-house with a B2C Commerce Developer. Commerce ISV partners. Certi昀椀ed Commerce Consulting Partners: Faster time to value: Providing pre-built integrations between If you are interested in working with a consultant to build B2C Commerce ISV partner products and B2C Commerce has your B2C Commerce solution, check out the Certi昀椀ed proven to signi昀椀cantly reduce deployment times, creating more Commerce Consulting Partners on the AppExchange (昀椀lter commerce value and innovation for customers. by B2C Commerce). You can also connect with our internal Easier business justi昀椀cation: Signi昀椀cantly reduce implementation partner teams for recommendations posting to our Partner cycles that often stall investment decisions with pre-built Community Group “O昀케cial: B2C Commerce ISV Partners” integrations. The AppExchange Partner Program makes it easier or requesting a Platform expert consultation. for customers to justify and approve licensing of value-added Note: Details for joining and accessing Partner Community is tools and applications. explained in Section 2). Integration advantage: B2C Commerce ISV partners can o昀昀er In-House Development: di昀昀erentiated and repeatable integrated solutions that expose their tools and applications to a broad market. For partners that choose to have an in-house B2C Commerce Developer build their solution, we recommend your developer get the B2C Commerce Developer certi昀椀cation by passing the Salesforce Certi昀椀ed B2C Commerce Developer exam. The exam consists of questions for developing with Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) and con昀椀guring the B2C Commerce storefront backend. 5 5 BB22CC C COOMMMMEERRCCEE I ISSVV P PAARRTTNNEERR O ONNBBOOAARRDDIINNGG G GUUIIDDEE

2 Join the AppExchange Create a Salesforce Username 1. From the Partner Community homepage select the Become a Partner button and follow the steps to create a Salesforce Partner Program username. • We recommend creating new Salesforce credentials. Using any existing Salesforce credentials may prohibit access to The 昀椀rst step to becoming a B2C Commerce necessary partner tools. ISV partner is joining the Partner Community, the Salesforce hub for prospective and existing 2. Once you have created your unique username you will receive an email con昀椀rmation to the email address that you partners. In the Partner Community, B2C provided. Commerce ISV partners learn, collaborate, and request support. You need Partner Community 3. Use the link within the email con昀椀rmation to create a access to explore developer tools, including a permanent password and verify your Salesforce account. trial B2C Commerce sandbox, and build your AppExchange listing. 4. You will be logged into a new Enterprise Edition of Salesforce known as your Partner Business Org (PBO). This is a 12 month trial edition of Salesforce with 2 free user licenses. Follow the steps to get started. • According to the partner program bene昀椀ts, all partners Note: More information on how to sign up for Partner get 2 Enterprise Edition user licenses to Sales & Service Community can be found in this article. Cloud - which we refer to as the PBO. The PBO is primarily for the Salesforce Lightning Platform. You can use the PBO to receive leads when customers interact with your AppExchange listing, and to learn who’s interested in your solution. Please see Enable Lead Collection. To develop integrations for B2C Commerce you can request Trial Sandboxes, On-Demand Sandboxes, and Managed Runtime (for Composable Storefront/PWA Kit integration) as explained further in this guide. 6 B2C COMMERCE ISV PARTNER ONBOARDING GUIDE

Log in to the Partner Community and Select Request a B2C Commerce Trial Sandbox Partner Type 1. Request a B2C Commerce Trial Sandbox. 1. Log in to Partner Community with your new Salesforce 2. The Trial Sandbox can ONLY be used for training/exposure credentials. to the B2C Commerce platform and must NOT be used to 2. Select Join Partner Program. develop your B2C Commerce solution. 3. The Trial Sandbox will be live for up to 90 days, and, after this Begin the Enrollment Process period, the environment will be de-provisioned and all data will be lost. 1. From your home screen, select Start to begin the enrollment process. Partner Community Access 2. Fill out the information requested to create your pro昀椀le. 3. Under Partnership Interest, select Commerce Cloud Partner. 1. Once your AppExchange application is approved, you’ll receive a welcome email con昀椀rming that you have access to the Partner Community, and an email from our sales team Accept the Salesforce Partner Program to follow up on your onboarding process. Agreement (SPPA) 2. You can now log support cases and collaborate with experts. Note: What is SPPA? In order to enroll in the partner program, partners must agree to and accept the policies that are subject Congratulations! You have successfully joined the to and made part of the Salesforce Partner Program Agreement AppExchange Partner Program and signed the SPPA. (SPPA). Submit Your Application for Joining the AppExchange Partner Program 7 B2C COMMERCE ISV PARTNER ONBOARDING GUIDE

3 Access Your B2C Commerce On-Demand How to request a B2C Commerce On-Demand Sandbox Sandbox (ODS) 1. Submit a case via the Partner Community Help page to obtain allocated usage credits. After successfully joining the AppExchange • Make sure you have selected your Partner Org or Manage All Orgs options in the top-right drop-down menu. Partner Program and signing the SPPA, it’s time • Select Create a Case > Inquiry Type: Partner Program to request access to your B2C Commerce On- Support. Demand Sandbox. This sandbox, which comes with 2. Subject: add B2C Commerce Partner On-Demand 600K usage credits per year, gives B2C Commerce Sandbox Request. partners access to services, APIs, and user interfaces to develop and test your integrated solution. After 3. Description • Partner Type: B2C Commerce ISV Partner the On-Demand Sandbox has been provisioned, • Company Name acquiring a new sandbox takes minutes and can be done from an API call or command line. • Mention at least two users to be added to “Account Manager” (name/email) with admin role. Note: “Account Manager” is a tool used to create and manage On-Demand Requirements: Sandboxes. • You must be enrolled and approved in the AppExchange • List who should receive the order form to sign via DocuSign Partner Program as a B2C Commerce ISV partner and (name/email). Make sure to mention if a PDF is required. maintain good standing at all times. 4. (After waiting a few seconds) Select Pick a Di昀昀erent • You must have access to Partner Community. Product/Topic. • B2C Commerce ISV partners are allowed to create up to 昀椀ve 5. In the Product 昀椀eld, select Partner Programs & Bene昀椀ts. sandboxes within their assigned realm - any additional sandbox 6. In the Topic 昀椀eld, select Demo & Partner Business Orgs. created without previous approval is subject to a charge. A usage- 7. For all other questions and information on requesting an based pricing model allows partners to create as many sandboxes On-Demand Sandbox for B2C Commerce partners, check as needed. B2C Commerce ISV partners receive 600K credits out this help article. (minutes) on an annual basis 8 B2C COMMERCE ISV PARTNER ONBOARDING GUIDE

Pricing Requirements: On-Demand Sandboxes are set up on a usage-based model. • You must be an active B2C Commerce ISV partner This gives you complete control over how many sandboxes • You must have access to Account Manager. you use and when you use them. You can use their credits to • You must complete this course in the Partner Learning Camp. keep just a few sandboxes running over an extended time, or you can run several sandboxes over short periods of time (i.e., Note: If you are planning to build Headless Integration (API- in a Continuous Integration (CI) use case). only) for B2C Commerce, you don’t need a Managed Runtime. On-Demand Sandbox Pricing Price Managed Runtime access can be provisioned by logging a support case via the Help Portal: 1. Select your Partner Org in the top-right drop-down menu. B2C Commerce ISV partner Free (Annually)* credits (600K credits/year) 2. Select Create a Case > Inquiry Type: Partner Program Support. $.0020 USD** Overage Rate/Credit 3. In Subject, add “B2C Commerce Partner Managed Runtime Request” Camp. * Sandbox credits auto-renew to 600K every year. Any unused credits will not roll over at renewal. 4. Fill out the case Description. ** If usage exceeds the allotted amount (i.e., if a B2C Commerce 5. (After waiting a few seconds) Select Pick a Di昀昀erent ISV partner goes over the allotted 600K free credits), a charge Product/Topic. of $.0020 USD per additional credit will be applied. This will be 6. In the Product 昀椀eld, select Partner Programs & Bene昀椀ts. calculated on the 昀椀rst day of the month and invoiced accordingly. 7. In the Topic 昀椀eld, select B2C Commerce ISV Partners. For more information, please check out the B2C Commerce • In the Description, add the URL for the Environment Partner On-Demand Sandbox Policy. in Managed Runtime where the bundles created during completion of the PLC Curriculum were deployed (format Request a Managed Runtime for a B2C Commerce should be https://-.mobify- Headless Integration 8. Provisioning will be completed in two business days. B2C Commerce ISV Partners building a B2C Commerce Headless Integration for B2C Commerce - Composable You will be responsible for adding users in “Account Manager” with Storefront/PWA Kit will need access to Managed Runtime. the Managed Runtime User role, which will allow you to log into Refer to B2C Commerce Headless Integration for ISV this link for access. Partners - Overview & FAQ. You now have access to your B2C Commerce On-Demand Sandbox and can begin developing your B2C Commerce Cartridge or Headless Integration. 9 B2C COMMERCE ISV PARTNER ONBOARDING GUIDE

4 Develop Your Cartridge Security requirements When building, please keep in mind that you’re responsible or Headless Integration for implementing and maintaining a comprehensive security program and maintaining the security of all applications that you list on AppExchange or distribute under the AppExchange Export a B2C Commerce Trial Sandbox to Partner Program. an On-Demand Sandbox • As a condition of your participation in the AppExchange Need to export data from a B2C Commerce Trial Sandbox Partner Program, you must adhere to the Security and import it to a dedicated On-Demand Sandbox? Requirements for AppExchange Partners and Solutions. • B2C Commerce Trial Sandboxes do not convert into • These are general requirements applicable to all On-Demand Sandboxes, so if you’d like to use what you AppExchange Partners and Partner applications, and have built in the trial version, you’ll need to export the contain additional requirements that are speci昀椀c to partner data over. applications that use or connect with B2C Commerce. • Please review this help article for step-by-step • When you create or edit an AppExchange listing, you’re instructions on how to do so after you have successfully required to con昀椀rm that you’ve complied with these requested an On-Demand Sandbox. requirements. Trailhead Modules: Building Your Cartridge Distributing your code to customers or Headless Integration Host your code on a secure code-sharing platform to share it with customers. Examples of secure platforms include your own If you’re building a B2C Commerce Cartridge, check out the Github, Bitbucket, or other code-hosting services. You may also following module on Trailhead to get to know the tools and provide the code to your users directly upon request. When technologies you’ll need to use to develop: “Salesforce B2C you create or edit an AppExchange listing, you will provide the Commerce for Developers”. URL where customers will go to access your solution from your AppExchange listing. If you’re building a B2C Commerce Headless Integration, check out the following Trailmix on Trailhead to learn You’ve completed the development of your B2C Commerce implementation strategies and the developer tools you’ll Cartridge or Headless Integration that adheres to the need: “Headless Commerce for ISVs”. AppExchange security requirements. You may now publish your AppExchange listing. 10 B2C COMMERCE ISV PARTNER ONBOARDING GUIDE

5 How to create a new B2C Commerce Listing 1. Access the AppExchange Partner Console from the Publish an Publishing tab in Partner Community. Once you are routed AppExchange Listing to the Partner Console, you don’t need to sign in again. 2. Head to the Listings tab via the top navigation bar on the Partner Console home page. An AppExchange listing is the storefront for your • There, you’ll see one or more of your company’s listings to solution and is the best way to close new business. manage (or none if you haven’t created a listing yet). Publishing your listing is the 昀椀rst step to acquiring • The primary view of the Listing Builder page allows you to new customers and generating user reviews. get a snapshot of your progress until your listing(s) is ready Publishing your listing is an easy, self-guided to be published. experience every step of the way. Let’s get started. • If you have several listings, you can also 昀椀lter your view by product and/or sort them by date created and date modi昀椀ed. Accessing the Partner Console & Listing Builder 3. To create a new listing, click on New Listing to open the The Listing Builder is where Salesforce partners go to build and Listing Builder and begin a new listing draft. edit their AppExchange listings. To get to the Listing Builder 4. Then, you’ll be prompted to choose a listing type: Package, API, you’ll need access to the Partner Console via the Partner or Consultant. Community. • If you are creating a listing for a B2C Commerce Cartridge, click • All team members who are responsible for creating and Package, then B2C Commerce Cartridge. managing your AppExchange listings will need Manage • If you are creating a listing for a Headless Integration, click Listings permission in the Partner Community. Please see API then B2C Commerce Headless Integration this guide for more information on how to get permission. 5. After selecting your listing type, you will move to the Fill In The Note: Bookmark the Partner Community to have easy Basics section to provide details about your company and solution. access to the Partner Console. • Please ensure to select B2C Commerce when you 昀椀ll out the Required Salesforce Products 昀椀eld, in addition to any other products that may apply. Watch this demo of the creation of a B2C Commerce Listing. 11 B2C COMMERCE ISV PARTNER ONBOARDING GUIDE

6. In the Add Details section, 昀椀ll out all required 昀椀elds about • Navigate back to Link Your Solution your solution and company that will be re昀氀ected on your AppExchange listing. • Under Linked Solutions, search for the name of the solution • For your listing title, it is recommended to use the following you intend to link to. format: Partner company name (and/or) partner product • For B2C Commerce ISV partners, under Installation Method, name, cartridge (or) Headless Integration (or) composable select Install from your website. storefront, for B2C Commerce. • Provide the URL where customers will go to access your solution. For Example: • Check the box to con昀椀rm that you reviewed and complied - Appy Enterprises Payment Cartridge for B2C Commerce [or] with all applicable requirements in the ISVforce Guide “Security - Appy Enterprises Payment Headless Integration for B2C Commerce [or] Requirements for AppExchange Partners and Solutions”. - Appy Enterprises Payment Composable Storefront for B2C Commerce • Under Highlights please make sure to avoid adding 9. The 昀椀nal step is to complete Grow Your Business. future roadmap features that might misguide customers. • This step allows you to enable o昀昀ers and free trials on your listing so customers can experience your solution up close. 7. In the Set Pricing section, you will select your pricing model • You can also enable lead collection when customers interact and get approved. with your listing to learn who’s interested in your solution. • Choose from 4 di昀昀erent pricing models: Free: Customers can fully use this solution without payment or Publish Your AppExchange Listing partner collecting fees of any kind. Once all Listing Builder steps are complete, you are able to Paid: Customer must pay to use this solution. publish your listing, making it publicly available on AppExchange. Paid Add-On Required: Customers must pay for a product or 1. Track your listing progress under Listing Status. It is the service that is external to Salesforce for this solution to work. central location within the Listing Builder to view all pending Freemium: Customers can use this limited solution for free, tasks required to be completed before a listing can get but must pay to increase usage, users, or features. published. 8. Continue building your listing, and Link Your Solution. 2. Once the Listing Status shows approved, and there are no pending tasks, click Publish to make your listing publicly • Navigate to the technologies tab in the Partner Console available on AppExchange. • Click connect technology +. Congratulations! You have successfully published your • From the list of solution types, select Package for B2C listing and completed the B2C Commerce ISV partner Commerce Cartridges, or API Solution for Headless Integrations. onboarding journey. • Provide the URL to the B2C Commerce solution and name your solution. 12 B2C COMMERCE ISV PARTNER ONBOARDING GUIDE

APPENDIX B2C Commerce ISV Partner Program Bene昀椀ts Salesforce o昀昀ers a wide array of bene昀椀ts to B2C Commerce Annual Program Fee = $0 ISV partners. The following chart outlines the general, = included * = eligible (subject to Salesforce approval)  technical, and go-to-market bene昀椀ts associated with the program. Please note that the majority of Partner Program $ = eligible (additional costs required) bene昀椀ts require Partner Community access. ** subject to charge in case of overages General bene昀椀ts General bene昀椀ts Partner Community Access  B2C Commerce Collaboration Sites Access  B2C Commerce On-Demand Sandboxes 600K Annual Usage Credits**  Access to B2C Commerce Account Manager  Training and support bene昀椀ts Training and support bene昀椀ts B2C Commerce Developer & Architect Certi昀椀cation $ B2C Commerce Learning Path  Technical Enablement ** Go-to-market activities bene昀椀ts Go-to-market activities Go-to-market activities bene昀椀ts bene昀椀ts Partner Pro昀椀le Listing & Contact Details on AppExchange ** 13 B2C COMMERCE ISV PARTNER ONBOARDING GUIDE

APPENDIX B2C Commerce ISV Partner General Bene昀椀ts Get Support Partner Community Access If you have development or architectural-related technical The Partner Community is the place for partners to collaborate, questions, contact the technical enablement team by opening learn, and stay up to date on the latest AppExchange Partner an expert consultation ticket via Salesforce Help: Program news. Inside the Partner Community, partners can ask questions and collaborate with peers in the Partner 1. Select your Partner Org from the Select an Org button. Community Group “O昀케cial: B2C Commerce ISV Partners” 2. Select Create a Case. in addition to having easy access to informational documents, 3. Fill out Subject and Description. webinars, and other educational content. See also the B2C Commerce ISV Partners Learn Page in the Partner 4. (After waiting a few seconds) Select Pick a Di昀昀erent Product/Topic. Community. 5. In the Product 昀椀eld, select Partner Programs & Bene昀椀ts. 6. In the Topic 昀椀eld, select B2C Commerce ISV Partners. B2C Commerce Collaboration Site Access 7. Select Create Case. The B2C Commerce Collaboration Sites are B2C Commerce portal(s) providing relevant documentation, developer forums, B2C Commerce Technical Enablement and other support resources. They include: All B2C Commerce ISV partners have self-service access to • B2C Commerce Release Notes Partner Community technical resources, product documentation, • B2C Commerce Community Forum ticketing system, learning paths, the Trailblazer Community, and the Commerce Cloud Developer Center. In addition, B2C Commerce partners have access to a dedicated Commerce platform expert team to help guide them through integration scoping, architectural overview, and development processes. 14 B2C COMMERCE ISV PARTNER ONBOARDING GUIDE

APPENDIX B2C Commerce and Architect Certi昀椀cation All B2C Commerce ISV partners are encouraged to take B2C Commerce training courses at a discounted rate to pass the exam and become a B2C Commerce Certi昀椀ed Developer. B2C Commerce Learning Path The B2C Commerce Learning Path is a self-guided learning path for partner practice and delivery resources. The learning path aims to help partners more successfully deliver B2C Commerce projects. It addresses managing projects, architecting and designing solutions, and driving adoption. From the Partner Learning Camp home page, follow the steps below: 1. Click on Browse Catalog 2. Select the tab Product on the left side 3. Select B2C Commerce Additional Resources • Use the Sandbox API to Manage On-Demand Sandboxes • B2C Commerce On-Demand Sandboxes FAQ • B2C Commerce Partner On-Demand Sandbox Policy • Set Up User Roles for On-Demand Sandboxes 15 B2C COMMERCE ISV PARTNER ONBOARDING GUIDE


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