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[Adyen]: Industry Ebook - Retail

Learn how our partner Adyen can support customers in the retail space.

Here’s how Adyen drives value for retailers like you. RETAIL Industry Insider Connect online and in-person payments. Customers expect a seamless shopping experience across all digital and in-person channels, presenting retailers with an opportunity to facilitate critical buying journeys like Buy Online Return In Store (which only 23% of businesses 1 enable today). Capture new customer journeys. Ease checkout frustrations and impress shoppers with the convenience of self-checkout kiosks with Adyen’s unattended terminals and mobile checkout functionality. See how our partner Adyen tackles challenges Create e昀케ciency without sacri昀椀cing in the retail industry. From big-picture problems, customer experiences. to the speci昀椀c needs of an IT director, Adyen helps retailers get the most value out of their Adyen has it covered. payments stack by improving payments performance, reducing fraud, and using transaction data to attract more customers with relevant o昀昀ers. Adyen integrates global payment methods with Commerce Cloud, giving enterprise retailers instant insights into online or in-store payment data. Keep reading to learn how Adyen could help an IT director support her company’s growth into new markets.

The Solution Adyen delivers frictionless payments across online, mobile, and in-store channels. Easily integrate with your point of sale. The Challenge: Ecommerce, payments, and point of Impress shoppers sale each are integral parts of the unified commerce with unified commerce. journey. Customers want a seamless experience across them all, leaving retailers with the difficult task of The Challenge: Adyen’s global study found that implementing solutions across multiple vendors. 67% of shoppers would be more loyal to The Solution: Adyen and Salesforce offer an extensive businesses that allow online purchases to be joint ecosystem and out-of-the-box integrations with returned in-store. Yet, only 23% of surveyed point of sale partners and system integrators, including businesses enable this.1 NewStore, PredictSpring, and Teamwork Commerce, The Solution: Allowing shoppers flexibility to allowing retailers to easily implement Adyen into their browse, purchase, and return how they prefer is current tech stack. key to increasing loyalty. Adyen found a 16% revenue boost for U.S. retailers that connected online and offline payments to enable these 1 essential customer journeys. Worry less with reliable payments infrastructure. The Challenge: Shoppers bristle when store systems lag or crash due to updates or system Take payments issues. Retailers need to be able to scale and anywhere in-store. make updates quickly to avoid customer The Challenge: Long lines and slow registers frustration. are a prime reason shoppers abandon their The Solution: With reliable and carts, and even avoid shopping at certain stores. enterprise-tested infrastructure, Adyen offers The Solution: Kiosks, compact mobile terminals, maximum uptime and offline payments, and and QR code payments (Pay by Link) help bust it boasts processing speed under lines for shoppers in a rush, giving retailers the one second. ability to alleviate the associate experience.

The Scenario Adyen solves So昀椀e’s challenges by helping her to: In this example, let’s imagine how a Director of IT could use Adyen to create a reliable and best-in-class store infrastructure as her brand evolves to meet customer needs. Expand into new markets. Adyen’s global reach has enabled So昀椀e’s company to acquire more local business in new markets and reduce its bank declines by 21%. Meet customer expectations for 昀氀exibility. Adyen’s access to major and local payment methods help So昀椀e’s company increase customer conversion by letting So昀椀e Scalable it pay how it’s comfortable, whether it’s Cash App, Visa, Director of IT or PayPal. Integrate easily. Adyen’s out-of-the-box integration with Commerce Cloud So昀椀e needs an innovative and allowed So昀椀e’s team to access its full capabilities and stable payment solution that will ecosystem of point-of-sale partners right away. support her company’s new Innovate together, without downtime. e昀昀orts to meet shopper needs. Her Goals: Her Challenges: So昀椀e’s team relies on Adyen for its track record of system • Provide stores with a scalable and • A legacy payment system that is stability in addition to new solutions and the most recent reliable infrastructure slow and lacks technical support industry research. • Add value for customers and the • Di昀昀erent payment services company through vendor selection providers and methods for each market 1 According to Adyen’s US Retail Report 2023. • Pick the best payments services provider for the brand’s needs • No uni昀椀ed customer view • Perceived di昀케culty and cost of switching providers Learn more about Adyen