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6 Partners Share How They're Giving Back

eBook | 11 pages | Highlights six examples of our partners philanthropic work

6 partners share how they're giving back Use these stories to inspire your own efforts!

03_ INTRODUCTION Six Inspired Stories 04_ CLASSY Staff funding initiative 05_ DOCUSIGN Table of Contents Harnessing their people, products, and profits to make a difference 06_ ENXOO Supporting their local communities with their product 07_ SAGE Investing their time, money, expertise and technology 08_ SALESFIX Integrating philanthropy into their day- to-day business 09_ SPRINGCM Giving back to their community through targeted events 10_ RESOURCES APPEXCHANGE: 6 Partners Share How They're Giving Back

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INTRODUCTION Six Inspired Stories The AppExchange team recently sought examples of how Salesforce partners are giving back to their communities, whether it be through product, equity, or the gift of time – and we were thrilled by the amount of creative and inspiring stories that were submitted! This e-book highlights just six examples of our partners' philanthropic work, but we'd like to acknowledge that it's just a drop in the bucket. Many of these partners addressed Pledge 1%, a movement to change the world through inspiring early-stage corporate philanthropy. We hope that these stories will inspire you to bring new life to your organization's philanthropic efforts! APPEXCHANGE: 6 Partners Share How They're Giving Back

Classy "When you let your 1% of Time | 1% of Product employees lead the way you don't have to look far Classy is a social enterprise that creates world-class online fundraising tools for nonprofits – so serving to find a cause that's the nonprofit community is at the core of everything they do. However, each year, Classy seeks to meaningful to your staff." elevate that promise through their 1% pledge – by putting their platform to the test. As they approached the year-end giving season, Classy once again kicked off their staff fundraising initiative, - Dina Rulli called Classy Gives (#ClassyGives), where they rally around a previous Classy Award winner and execute Classy a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign on their behalf, using the Classy platform. VP, People Operations As of mid-November 2017, they were fundraising for 'Days for Girls,' a movement dedicated to strengthening women and girls' sense of dignity and self-esteem by making sustainable feminine LEARN MORE hygiene solutions and health education available around the world. Once fundraising is complete, they'll send their top Classy staff fundraisers to Uganda to distribute kits on behalf of Days for Girls. APPEXCHANGE: 6 Partners Share How They're Giving Back

DocuSign 1% of Time | 1% of Product | 1% of Equity Taking the 1% Pledge in 2015 was a simple decision for DocuSign, as it aligned closely with their values. DocuSign IMPACT is based on the concept that their responsibility as a corporation requires more than simply donating funds. In the words of DocuSign’s Chairman Keith Krach, their goal is to transform lives by transforming charitable causes. EMPLOYEE VOLUNTEERISM DocuSign believes in promoting a culture of giving back and community support throughout their organization. DocuSign employees are encouraged to take action in their own communities by volunteering with organizations and causes they believe in. And DocuSign is proud to support that action by providing up to 24 hours paid time off a year for these pursuits. DOCUSIGN FOR NONPROFITS By embracing DocuSign’s fully digital electronic signature solution, nonprofits are not only improving productivity and efficiency, they are ensuring more value gets to the communities they serve — where every dollar and minute is more important than ever. DocuSign enables nonprofits to have measurable impacts on their businesses, such as improved ROI and customer satisfaction. DocuSign offers an industry-leading eSignature solution to qualifying nonprofit organizations at a discount, and donates designated web products to organizations with more limited budgets through their partnership with TechSoup. THE DOCUSIGN IMPACT FOUNDATION The DocuSign IMPACT Foundation matches employee donations to qualifying 501(c)(3) organizations and global equivalents. Their Foundation is advised by DocuSign’s Chairman Keith Krach, Founder Tom Gonser, and General Counsel Reggie Davis, as well as a board of senior business and nonprofit executives. Learn More IMPACT on the DocuSign Blog > LEARN MORE

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Enxoo 1% of Time | 1% of Product | 1% of Profit The past five years have been an exciting journey for the Enxoo team. They managed to grow from a small consulting company with ten employees to a Platinum Salesforce partner. This progress wouldn't have been possible without well-motivated and engaged employees devoted to the company's vision. Enxoo knew their strength was in world-class customer service and extensive experience. They were ready to share it with local communities to support their vibrant ideas. Enxoo decided to build solutions on the Salesforce platform designed to help non-profits streamline operating activities. With many NGOs, Enxoo leads long-term cooperation which brings a diverse array of challenges and opportunities. The company developed a country- specific integration with banks to create a fundraising framework, which is offered to NGOs using Salesforce free of charge. In addition to that, Enxoo participates in many projects initiated by employees or cooperating foundations, like Christmas postcards, where the money, which used to be spent on gifts is donated, or sales of homemade cakes prepared by the employees. Enxoo has been able to support numerous foundations by now. One of them is the Empowering Children Foundation focused on protecting children from abuse. Helping others is contagious. So the team is looking out for new chances to share good vibes. LEARN MORE Watch them in action > APPEXCHANGE: 6 Partners Share How They're Giving Back

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Sage 2% of Time | 2% of Product | 2% of Profit Sage Foundation's mission is to build a workforce fit for tomorrow, by providing more routes into education, work, and entrepreneurship for young people, women, and military veterans. Through their 2+2+2 model, Sage Foundation make 2% of They believe that by supporting those who are unable to colleague time available for volunteering (5 days, per access the opportunities many of us take for granted, we 13,500 colleagues), aim to give up to 2% of our Free Cash can build a more compassionate capitalism that works for Flow in funding and donate 2 product licenses, so everyone, is more inclusive and fit for tomorrow. For Sage, nonprofit partners can do even more good in Sage's local this is the right way to do business. communities. LEARN MORE APPEXCHANGE: Place the title of the e-book in this space APPEXCHANGE: 6 Partners Share How They're Giving Back

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SalesFix 1% of Time | 1% of Product | 1% of Profit SalesFix's philanthropic values have become an integral piece of their day-to-day business, driven by management and serving as a core piece of their annual business planning days. It is at their annual conference that they put a dollar figure beside the 1% Pledge items of profit, services and time. Then they strategize how they are best able to fulfill these targets. Every year is different. 2016-2017 included a week in Cambodia for a team of 11 (out of 13). They packed hampers for the Foodbank, ran up and down the beautiful Sunshine Coast for Cancer, and supported their colleague Maria as she cycled the mountains of New Zealand for the Smiddy Challenge Days for Girls – to name just a few. It’s not always fun-packed days, though. As a Salesforce partner, SalesFix is well positioned to provide valuable support to the administration of their Australia-based Not for Profits. This can include Salesforce implementation, Salesforce support and Health Checks, along with pro- bono sessions supporting their general NFP community. SalesFix CEO Jason Lawrence actively promotes a workplace culture of respect and equality, and is at the forefront of their philanthropic endeavors. He sleeps under the stars every year for the CEO Sleepout (supporting the homeless community), sponsors all individual charitable efforts by donation matching, and more. LEARN MORE

"Get creative with what you have! Fundraising campaigns don’t always require a huge budget or team. We recently ran a grassroots social media campaign (#BenioffMeetJames) which raised $10,000 for UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital." - Kristi Cox SpringCM - Partner Marketing Manager SpringCM 1% of Time SpringCM gives back to their hometown of Chicago by spotlighting two or more organizations each quarter through at least four events. Since starting their initiative earlier this year, they've worked with many wonderful Chicago organizations including Alliance for the Great Lakes, Cradles to Crayons, Chicago Greater Food Authority, The CARA Program, I.C. Stars, and Junior Achievement. SpringCM contributes to these organizations by donating their time, money and goods. For example, they were able to generate a significant amount of books and clothing for Cradles to Crayons, as well as funds and adult clothing for The CARA Program. Springers have also contributed personal funds to the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation and the National Hemophilia Foundation in support of co-workers whose family members are affected by these diseases. Pledge 1% has truly sparked a company culture of giving back at SpringCM. They're honored to be part of such a fantastic organization and feel even more connected to the Salesforce Ohana. LEARN MORE APPEXCHANGE: 6 Partners Share How They're Giving Back APPEXCHANGE: Place the title of the e-book in this space

LEARN MORE Want to learn more about how to start your own corporate philanthropy initiative? Check out these resources: WATCH Ways for ISVs to Give Back in the New Year - Classy > Integrating Philanthropy Through Strategic Events - Salesforce > How to Leverage Community - Vidyard > READ 3 Reasons Every Business Should Prioritize Giving Back > Tips For Building An Effective Cause-Marketing Strategy > LISTEN Craft and Execute an Impactful Giving Back Strategy > APPEXCHANGE: 6 Partners Share How They're Giving Back

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